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Ted's Remedies for Vertigo?

Posted by Teresa (San Jose, CA) on 02/23/2007

I have had bouts of Vertigo but none so "consistantly" as currently. My first major episode was when I was pregnant with my son (my son will be 8 in March 2007). I usually take "Melclinize" (I think thats how you spell it), but try not to depend on it (plus it makes me very sleepy. I am so desperate to find relief. I have an Dr. appt on 02/27/07 but I know they are just going to give me more Melclinize. Do you have an Suggestions on what I can take naturally. I know you've mentioned a lot things to try, BUT can you tell me without giving too much as to why people have this Vertigo, a quick list of things. Thank you

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Teresa: The simplest natural therapy that I have found that worked better than doctor's meds for vertigo is peppermint oil. It doesn't have the side effects of sleepiness. Take 2-3 drops of peppermint oil and the dizziness will go away in seconds. Cayenne peppers is my second choice. Eat them fresh and hot. It takes slighly longer with cayenne peppers, like about a minute.

Replied by Lisa
Copenhagen, Denmark

Vertigo from Menopause is usually a form of Benign Proximal vertigo. It occurs when the small calcium deposits (oticonia) fall out of the gelatinous mass in the utrical and into the semicircular canals. Normally the body washes away these stray deposits but in some people they build up- think kidney stones. The cure for this is through movement. The fluid in the semicircular canals need to move to wash away the deposits. The sequence of movements- called an epley's manuver The manuever starts sitting upright then you have to briskly lie on your back with your head turned to the symptomatic side at a 45 degree angle. Your head should be kept in this position for 30 to 60 seconds, based on the duration of the vertigo (when I treat I measure by observation of your eye movements (for nystagmus). You will probably be dizzy for the first 10 seconds.Next turn your head to the other side, and keep it in that position for another 30 to 60 seconds. You may be dizzy again. Then roll in the same direction onto your side, carrying your head along so that it is pointed about 45 degrees, nose down. This position is also maintained for 30 seconds, and another burst of dizziness may occur. Finally, return to sitting. It is common to be very dizzy at this point for about 15 seconds. Remain with the head tilted a bit down for one minute. Usually I am concerned that people will get dizzy and fall. It is important to let yourself get dizzy and it is a side effect you cannot stop. I always recommend you have someone with you. When I treat, I often need to hold a person in the correct position, and it usually takes all my strength to do so since they fight me. If the maneuver is not done entirely or correctly, it will still work but will take significantly longer. When done correctly, vertigo can be cured after one or two times.

Other things that also work well are rolling your head in a circle. Remember that dizzy is not a bad thing. If you hold your head in one position so that you do not get dizzy, then you will likely not be able to get rid of the dizziness if it is caused by BPPV. Think of a sprained ankle, if you want to cure it, the cure is to walk gently on it. Yes it hurts but the pain is longer and no less intense if you coddle it.