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Vertigo, Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

Posted by June (Sheboygan Falls, WI) on 06/11/2008

Hello! Here's the quick rundown of my symptoms. 16 years ago, started experiencing hearing loss in right ear and tinnitus. Tinnitus nearly drove me insane, doc gave me a hearing aid with a tinnitus masker and it helped, but it is ALWAYS THERE. A few years later, hearing in my left ear started getting worse. I now wear 2 hearing aids. (Ironically, I can't wear them often as they interfere with my sense of balance.) Then 6 years ago, vertigo started. Doctors all have a different diagnosis. Tests, more tests, pills, none of it worked. I would have moderate to severe episodes quite regularly, several ended with a hospital visit and Valium. I hate drugs and am not very happy with doctors right now. I decided to take my health into my own hands.

Last March, I changed my diet to all Organic foods. Starting about 7 weeks ago, I take ACV & BS daily, 1-3 times. I take 250 mg Magnesium 5 days of the week. I take B Complex, 800 IU Vitamin E, 1000 mg Vitamin C, Ginko Biloba, all daily. I have been doing this for 7 weeks with no vertigo. I thought I had finally solved the mystery. It's back. I felt it coming for days, held it at bay by avoiding obvious triggers, but it eventually hit. Severe, just to the point of vomiting but I didn't (I have become quite experienced at not moving my head during episodes, which helps fend off vomiting to some degree). I even tried Epley Manuever, had no effect. What can I add to what I'm already doing? What should I change? PLEASE HELP! Thank you for this website, it has changed my life!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear June:

Quite often, supplements can't be taken everyday. I will backfire. For example, I prefer vitamin B complex such as once every 3 days. Certain elements in vitamin B complex is problematic, usually the hydrochloride found in either thiamine hydrochloride (which I preferred thiamine mononitrate), the other is the B6 pyridoxine hydrochloride, which I prefer pyridoxine phosphate. In practice, it's difficult to avoid the B6 but supplement company do have thiamine mononitrate which will lessen the effects of the acid problem that burns the nervous system.

In case there is this problem of coming back, the best thing I would do is to stop taking supplements for about a week. Then I will start taking one by one to see which supplements is causing the problem. Still I would not take it everyday, especially the b complex and vitamin A & E. B complex because it has acid, called hydrochloride. Vitamin E and vitamin A because it blocks the neural transmission or chemical messenger and is accumulative if taken too frequently. The vomiting is an usual one, so I would check the labels on magnesium whether it is magnesium gluconate or other forms. The most problem is the magnesium aspartate...which works like aspartame and destroys the nerves. Many children's supplement and adults supplements now contain aspartame which may aggravate the conditions as it degerates into formaldehyde. Its the same problem from excessive use of chemicals mostly benzene, kerosine, thinner etc.

The biggest problem I encountered in nerve damage comes from artificial sugars, such as aspartame which degrades to formaldehyde causing extreme metabolic acidosis. These destroy nerves cells, but so do fluoridated water and chlorinated water - which are negatively synergistic that means it effects you in a really bad way. So is immunizations, which has heavy metals, but so is amalgam fillings which contain mercury leading to tinnitis. Frequent antibiotic use increases tinnitus and hearing loss from over accumulation of heavy metals, but interestingly, the mycotoxin are also found in antibiotics, but it is also found in common foods just as well. For example, mycotoxin that destroy nerves are peanuts, peanut butter, frequent use of peppermint products (e.g. toothpaste), potatoes (they are grown underground), common table salt (they contain aluminum silicate), wheat products (they are a big problem molds grow easily and contain mycotoxin), mushooms (it's a fungus), yeast, dairy products, etc.

Vomiting is sometimes caused by excessive zinc, but I haven't seen this in taking other supplements except from taking too frequent dose of vitamin A.

Granulated lecithin may help rebuilding of myelin sheaths. A change in alkalizing remedy may also be needed. Instead of ACV and baking soda, I might consider 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda taken twice a day in 1/2 or preferably 1 glass of water. But it is best taken in the morning and early evening.

If sleeping problem is indicated, then the brain metabolic process is high level of acidosis. In which case I might consider carbicarb remedy, such as 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate (washing soda) in 1 glass of water taken twice a day. The 1 glass maybe too much for some people, so it can be taken slowly over the course of 1-2 hour for just one full glass.

One additional information is the lack of omega 3 can also initiate these conditions and hence fish oil that contains DHA and EPA might be taken usually once a day, to raise the level and after a couple of weeks, the dose is pared down to maybe once to three times a week.

What I do know is if I am well from tinnitus and other conditions, I would definitely pare down the dose by taking them less and less frequently or even stop taking them and will continue when they do come back. The body doesn't need constant barrage of daily dose of supplements. It is usually fine once it goes back to normal.

Fluoride, chlorine and artificial sweeteners especially aspartame is what I would look carefully to avoid. They are hidden in water from chlorine and fluorine, and artificial sweetners are now added in may foods and supplements. I would make a habit of reading labels. Companies now don't even need to put them in labels, in which case I would call the factory or simply just stop buying processed foods.

The four major things that helped my hearing loss was avoiding aspartame products, some vitamin B complex, and baking soda. When did get better I took b complex only once a week, but continued the baking soda. Magnesium usually helps tinnitus. Good sleep also helps.

What is missing appears to be taking supplements too frequently and not taking lecithin, and possibly just taking baking soda and leaving out ACV may help, as well as avoiding common toxins and food intolerances. There are other factors mentioned here such as lack of omega 3 from fish oils and perhaps once a week 1000 mg evening primrose oil.

Sometimes the hearing loss is due to excess heavy metals. In that case I just take a small amount of cilantro, once every other day, such as a tablespoonful of cilantro leaves. The heavy metals once reduced won't interfere with neural conduction.

Excessive acidity in the brain can be helped with the mentioned carbicarb remedy also deserves some mentioned. However, vertigo often is a sign of low blood pressure. In this case 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt in one glass of water should help, one SINGLE dose only. Usually no need to take any more. Electrolytes imbalances is a common problem of vertigo and sports drink WITHOUT ASPARTAME may help, which has some potassium in them. These are usually taken once also.

If the problem didn't improve, I might get myself a hair mineral analysis, which is a more expensive route.


Replied by June
Sheboyan Falls, WI

6/13/2008: Thank you Ted for your response! You certainly gave me a lot to consider. I will continue to do research until I figure this out. It's obvious from your reply you feel there is some nerve damage. Here are some more facts to shed more light on this. I only started taking supplements 7 weeks ago, but the symptoms started 16 years ago, so while the supplements may be harmful, they are not the original root of the symptoms.

The vomiting only happens with the severe vertigo episodes. I don't vomit otherwise. I don't use chemicals like benzene, kerosene, thinner, etc. I only put organic, whole natural things on and in my body. I absolutely avoid artificial sweetners, especially aspartame. I will look up the other names it is hidden under to help be sure. I do not eat or purchase processed foods at all, so I have few labels to read.

The only water I drink or cook with is Evian, absolutely no tap water.

You mention 'acidosis in the brain.' My latest PH test revealed levels in my body that were a bit acidic. What is the best way to ensure my PH levels stay alkaline? Are the PH levels in the body the same as the ones you refer to in the brain?

I do have many mercury fillings, I will look into getting those removed, I've wanted to for many years.

I do not use antibiotics. On the rare occasion I see a doctor and he prescribes antibiotics, I throw the prescription away.

I do use an all natural toothpaste that has peppermint as an ingredient. I will find a new one.

I will avoid mycotoxin in the foods you mention. It will be hard not to eat peanuts!

I have had low blood pressure my whole life. What can I do for this, if anything?

I do believe I have an issue of heavy metals. When the tinnitus is at its worst, I can feel in my body things like turning the computer off, the phone ringing, and lightning. I will try the cilantro. Are there other ways to reduce heavy metals?

I will try all the things you suggest. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!!"

6/16/2008: Ted from Bangkok replies, "Most of the vertigo problems appears to be the low blood pressure. A simple way to normalize the blood pressure is 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in on liter of drinking water, shake well before using. In event of a severe vertigo, a 1/16 teaspoon of sea salt in 1/2 glass of water is a quick an easy way to raise the blood pressure and stop the vertigo by temporary normalizing the blood pressure.

A vertigo can exist from two source I have found, one is gum damage, cavities which reaches deep into the the teeth and pathogens go into the bloodstream, causing vertigo by what I called low grade fever which is a weak from of septicemia. A remedy against a weak form of septicemia is the sea salt mentioned, but some aspirin may also help.

Brain pH is not the same as the other ones, unfortunately. The only pH we can check is the saliva pH which measures potassium in which potassium bicarbonate a or potassium citrate, or is used, and the urinary pH, which measures th sodium, in which sodium bicarbonate is used to alkalized that.

The brain is different. If the cavities, and other thing enters in the mouth, it goes to the brain as in case of infected wisdom teeth for example. This low grade fever or septicemia leads to vertigo too not just the heavy metals. The best way to know of oral problems where wounds are exposed and enters the blood system is a dentist. The mercury is obvious a big problem that suppresses the immune system.

As to other ways to reduce heavy metals, cilantro is one, not taken too much with plenty of breaks, is the EDTA, and chlorella. The chlorella may help some people, but I think should be taken with a 2 or 3 day breaks.

Alkalizing and generally Paleolithic diet is rich in bicarbonates that modern man is low in such diets anyway, including the lack of Omega 3 and excess eating of both grains food, sugars, mushrooms and dairy products.