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Posted by Hollie (Youngsville, North Carolina, Usa) on 01/15/2010

Ted, I absolutely was glued to your post on viral spinal infections and their remedies. I have been having weak legs (both of them), muscle twitches, and have "brisk" reflexes from what the neurologist told me. I would love to explain the order of events as to how all of this came about, but my main question is this: The remedy you mentioned to the man with a spinal infection, is all of it safe to consume while breastfeding? I was told by a naturalist that I am low in magnesium and he told me to take 6 or more red raspberry leaf capsules a day, since it has so much magnesium in it, but I have had no improvement. I know I need to take magnesium, but don't know the dosages that are safe while breastfeeding. I also avoided milk altogether while nursing, so I need some calcium dosages to take as well as magesium that are all safe for breastfeeding. I feel as if my body has this vibrating sensation inside, as if the nerve endings are tingling. Please help me in any way you can. I had a baby 5 months ago and have a three year old as well. I am really in need of a clean bill of health so that I may care for my little ones, as well as just wanting to feel better and not worry. Thank you so much!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The magnesium I always used that get results typically do not come from fruits such as raspberry. I basically used two forms, but I tend to use magnesium chloride. The dose is typically before meals 30 minutes, usually 100-250 mg in a half glass of water, or I can prepare a solution of magnesium chloride and prepared as a dropper.

For the last couple of weeks, I was not able to have time to answer earthclinic questions as I am currently dealing with ALS (Amylotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - or Lou Gehrig's disease), which is typically a virus (usually enterovirus, or adenovirus) that is found in most of the people who died from ALS, which is 15 out of 17 patients. They also have higher percentages of mycoplasma, but not along the spinal column, which typically lowers the immune system.

The viruses of the spinal column works like a polio viruses (I am referring to the ALS case) which effects the motor neurons, which is how they are infected. When I first got the case of a woman at a local Thai hospital, she was already in coma, non responsive to any stimuli. Therefore to get her out of the coma, clove oil was first applied near the lower neck, which is where the cerebellum is located. It's ideal to apply thinly clove oil, at least diluted, to the spinal column as it is antiviral.

As mentioned before BHT was taken at once a day. However, ALS is scary in that the patient has no energy to speak or even breathe, - that's the hard part. It works its way up the spinal column (the virus) and eats away the cerebellum, thus killing the patient by respiratory failure or heart failure.

The one I got had both, interestingly her relatives, who also live in the same house, two of them in fact also had the ALS, which is viral and has a relatively low infection rate, but is very high if the house is very old, musty, near a sewage, high in mycoplasma and fungus which lowers the immune system allowing either the enterovirus or adenovirus to enter the system.

As for the woman I have met, it started entering her system (the virus) through either the nose, or the mouth, and somehow showed up as a cyst on the shoulder or growth, before going into the spinal column, going down to lower back, causing a weakening of the legs the moving up the spinal column, affecting the breathing, heart and the speech (she has no control of the upper lips) and you can't hear her talk, there's not enough energy.

The supplements I used to kill the viruses in addition to those mentioned as she also had a fever, was an hourly dose of 600 mg of lysine for 24 hours, plus in addition L-threonine, which are both antiviral in nature. Methylene blue drops of 0.1% concentration 2 drops was given every four hours to get her out of the coma too. I overshot myself and the woman did wake up but was unable to sleep for the next 48 hours and hence the dose was lowered to just 2 drops twice a day, before increasing further to 2 drops three times a day when the condition did not improve.

The most interesting discoveries out of all this, which could potentially help other people with motor neuron disease such as those found in Stephen Hawkins, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, polio was the powdered humic acid, which I obtained from a certain Chinese supplier that I used as a cure for aspartame poisoning that caused urinary urgency in both men and woman from consumption of Sweet n' Low, Coke zero, pepsi max, and MSG consumption which tends to make ALS deadly.

What's so interesting is that the N Acetyl Cysteine sold in Thailand typically do not label that they added the aspartame in many of the effervescent medicines, but I found out because these products cause extreme urinary acid pH typically at a pH 5.5 or below, which is metabolic acidosis caused by aspartame broken down into methanol poisoning. Typically these virus breaks down the nerves by producing some sort of aspartate or glutamate which kills the neuron cells and for some reason or another the humic acid, which is 1/8 teaspoon of humic acid in 500 cc of water actually improved the conditions dramatically overnight.

Edgar Cayce once mentioned that the long term causes of MS, but this includes viruses along spinal column and ALS, also that certain nutrients, to be lacking due to digestive problems, incomplete, as in autism and ADD and ADHD, poisons the system and the humic acid helps digesting more complete thus neutralizing the aspartame and other excitotoxins via that pathway.

In any case, the client was most helped with humic acid, lysine, clove oil, l-threonine, which quickly improves day by day. The breathing also improves, but currently still need a respiratory whose frequency of breathing was initially 6 breaths per minute, increasing to second day to 8, then 10, 12, then it jumped to 16 with the humic acid. Hence humic acid can be safely used to detoxify but also help digestion more complete and is used relatively safe. I can't say for other sources of humic acid since I never tried, I only tried this particular one because it worked so well against urinary urgency (pee every 15 minutes) for both unknown reason or even from aspartame caused urinary urgency, but it helped tremendously improved ALS, and I am currently testing on Parkinson's disease. Interestingly all these motor neuron disease typically respond well to antiviral remedies such as lysine and l threonine, and both of these are involved in immune system.

One possible supplements to do against viral spinal column of course is the L arginine, but I believe the L citrulline may work better, but I can't obtain that one and currently looking for a complete cure against viral infected spinal column. Hence most amino acid mentioned here are considered natural supplements and I believe it can be safely used during pregnancy. As for magnesium, if it is normal dosage, and proper form this may also be taken safely also.


P.S. I am trying to get the woman out of the ICU right now. Her breathing now is 21 breath per minute. Tomorrow the hospital is going to remove the respirator machine to see if she can breathe on her own. Her two relatives already died of ALS, and I am hoping so far so good, that her ALS will be cured or at least extend her life considerably.

Replied by Patricia
Roxboro, Nc

My granddaughter, who is 7 months old, just had an MRI and was diagnosised with fluid around her spine. Please tell me what we can do to make it go away.