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Psoriasis and Macrobiotic Diet

Posted by Anonymous (Libya) on 12/23/2011

Dear Ted, I have Psoriasis for over 6 years now (all over my legs/elbows). I started taking 1/2 tsp Baking Soda in 1/2 glass water for one week now with no visible improvements yet, from now on I will switch to the Baking Soda/lemon remedy hoping it will work at some point.

Ted, could you pls tell me if the Baking Soda remedy will cure my psoriasis at some point hopefully.

I read some posts where you thanked those who write more details, I thought to explain further. Anyways regarding my psoriasis, I wanted to share with you that I was almost cured, by following macrobiotics diet, not so strict; however it's philosophy in general. Unfortunately after I followed the diet for 2 months and all my psoriasis spots were smaller patches as if it's disappearing, however I was captured and jailed by the Qaddafi forces for some days and after that I was in the rebels camp where we eat whatever is available, and I started smoking as well, I guess it was the stress, and then my psoriasis started flaring again, this period is around 5 months of unhealthy food.

Then thanks God, the country was free from the Tyrant and his troops, so I returned to my house where I started weight training and tried the GOMAD diet, which is basically a gallon of Milk a day, and that's for high protein and calories in order to build muscles fast and put on mass quick, it worked, however the psoriasis went crazy and the spots multiplied by 3, the worst I've seen in 8 years, I had like 10 small patches on both legs and with so much milk consumption I have no like 40 spots different sizes, almost all of my legs are covered, terrible, so obviously it was a crazy thing to follow the GOMAD diet, now I know!!!

Now I am back with Macrobiotics as when I did it a year ago (I stopped smoking by the way), I eat Whole Wheat 150g boiled in the morning with 1 TBS of honey for flavor, otherwise it doesn't taste that good, also I have 2 meals of brown rice for lunch and dinner and that's with whole beans and veggies usually. Also on the days that I train (3 times per week) I have one can of Tuna and fresh organic eggs from my backyard hens. I also have oven cooked peanuts 200g everyday for protein and calories when I train.

This did work for me a while back as explained, I did follow it strictly, however sometimes I socially eat fast foods with friends, it took around 2-3 months to see very good progress last time, I don't know if psoriasis has anything to do with Candida, or maybe PH imbalance, or maybe something else, however from my experience I think it's definitely the PH and probably Candida, because 4 years ago I had a saliva PH test for fun and it was 6. 4, now I believe that's really acidic, however one could argue that it was done by a PH paper so it's not so accurate, and also I smoked back then which makes the mouth acidic anyways, however I believe in the PH theories and many other theories. My diet has no white pasta, no bread, no sugar, nothing processed and just natural whole food.

I know most of you would think if I already know the cure, why am I asking, well we keep learning in this life day by day, so I just wanted Ted to give us his input on psoriasis, also some encouragement now and then is good, and I wanted to know if Baking Soda makes the healing process quicker. Living with psoriasis is not a funny thing trust me.

Anyhow I hoped you could answer the following:
1. If I follow the diet mentioned above with Baking Soda and lemon remedy included, do you think this will cure psoriasis?
2. Can I take Whey protein supplements when weight training, or is it too acid forming or maybe bad for the kidneys?
3. Could you pls explain some more on Psoriasis and post a remedy on this site for others to follow as well?
4. I have been diagnosed with Varicocele and I am planning to have an operation, basically they would insert a catheter and obstruct the veins, should I go ahead and do it, or is there a cure for this as well?
5. What do you think of Macrobiotics?

Thanks really for the efforts put and hope all humanity will reach a point that they would be able or have the knowledge to cure themselves by themselves.

Peace from Libya.

Replied by Anonymous

Dear Ted, Thanks a lot for your reply! Some other earth clinic user, has said that she tried Syntol for three months (9 caps/day 1st month, 6 caps/day 2nd month, 3 caps/day 3rd month), also with not using sugar and eating healthy, she said that she cleared psoriasis completely. Which confirms as well that it's definitely a fungus.

What do you think of using Syntol for removing the fungus and treating psoriasis.? I am planning to try this, however I will still take the niacinamide 500mg, and 1/4 baking soda with water. It's worth mentioning here that I have already tried 1/2 tsp baking soda 3 times a day, and often lemon with water for alkalizing, however the only improvement I saw was the ease on the itching, but not any psoriasis withdrawal signs, which got me worried.

What's your thoughts on the above? Thanks again for all your help."

01/16/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Yes Syntol may also help, as it contains digestive enzymes, probiotics, etc. But you have to understand that digestive enzymes and prebiotics, rather than probiotics are useful. The prebiotics are giving the intestinal favorable to probiotics is more favorable for beneficial bacteria. The enzymes that will aid digestion can contain any elements, but the most important is the bromelain has been proven most useful, there might be others. So it doesn't have to be Syntol.

Hydrogen peroxide 3% one capful plus 1/4 teaspoon of borax in one liter to one point five of water drink as drinking water is also helpful too, sodium molybdate, also kills the psoriasis, as will copper chlorophyllin of any amount. What the hydrogen peroxide does do is it kills the fungus in the bloodstream but its effect is not long lasting and that's why it is drank throughout the day, or small sips every 30 minutes (preferably) to maximum of one hour. There's a lot you can do to kill it, such as MSM, 5 times a day will help also.

Whenever you have B3 niacinamide it kill them quietly, so there is no problems about any psoriasis withdrawal problems, and it can be taken throughout the day at 250 mg x 3 and night time 500 mg. Before you sleep is the simplest way, the other is hydrogen peroxide. I also found reishi mushroom is useful as is methylene blue 0.1% at 4 to 6 drops twice a day, on an empty stomach in morning and in evening. There are many ways to kill the psoriasis of fungus.


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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You posed several questions, they are as follows:
1. Yes, in a few cases it did, but that is without dairy products, sugar, white flour and processed foods. You also needed borax to bathe (or solutions of them) on the skin, or you can get B3 niacinamide 10% mixed in some water and apply to the skin. The psoriasis is almost always a fungus.

2. In healthy people it does not harm the kidneys by more protein, but it does harm if your urine pH is acidic, generally it was the sugar or artificial sugar added that was causing most of the harm in the kidneys.

3. The simplest remedy is to take B3 500 mg of niacinamide, taken at night, and if you don't get sleepy, 100 mg to 250 mg of niacinamide 3 times a day. Soap makes the condition of psoriasis much worse, and sugar you know that, so I replace soap with borax remedy to use as soap. If you don't have that, then some sea salt and baking soda used as soap will do. You have to alkalize with at least 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda twice a day after meals, mixed in one cup of water. It helps if sea salt is taken in morning 1/4 teaspoon. Do not substitute with table salt, it's not the same, they're acidic. A more advance remedy is sodium molybdate, ammonium chloride, potassium citrate, but most cannot find supplies locally.

4. The problems with that is lifelong replacement with catheter. You might clear the obstructions of the veins with bromelain 10% 1/2 teaspoon taken 3 times a day, in a glass of water. It takes between 1 to 2 months to clear the obstructed veins that way.

5. Its good, and I do see some results, the problem is cancer requires you to control blood sugar for both psoriasis and cancer too. The normal blood sugar, and I don't used today's standards, which are based on "averages" of healthy people at the same time that we have rampant obesity, so we have skewed averages, the only normal blood sugar is below 90 mg/dL. The averages being approximately 85 mg/dL.


Replied by Anonymous

Dear Ted, I believe now most of us psoriasis sufferers would understand more about the solutions to our problem.

However, there is only one more thing to ask, which is the cure time. I understand that everybody is different and that every person reacts different to different things philosophy, however the range wouldn't be that much out. For example, as I said the nice lady that suggested Syntol, said that 3 months would be enough to clear the problem for good, but of course after that you would need to be careful not to fall in the same trap again, by alkalizing and eating as healthy as possible.

So in your case, how long would you think would be a good time period to take the niacinamide 500mg option? I decided to give this a try first, (I mean before trying the Syntol option), since I feel niacinamide is more friendly than Syntol, I have this theory of mine that I don't like taking any medicine at all from drug stores, for example right now I am suffering from a cold/sinusitis (not severe), and usually modern medicine would suggest antibiotics, however for the last 4 years now, I only treat myself by taking sea salt with water orally + fresh lemon juice + lots of garlic, taking sea salt in water solution for nose mucus relief is beneficial as well, anyways I just wanted to mention this small story to say that for the past 15 years I was using antibiotics and that most probably is what caused psoriasis in the first place.

Therefore knowing some time frame would be good, to make us sufferers be patient., pls advise how long for niacinamide, would it be 2-3 months? Thanks in advance and hope to hear from you soonest."

01/24/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Two things will help the sinusitus, allergy, and psoriasis the most, niacinamide 500 mg in evening taken orally, but for psoriasis it may be applied topically. The sea salt is a common one, for that too, but the most effective is sodium thiosulfate to help the psoriasis, as it is usually a fungus, and as always is not helped much with soaps and shampoos, it actually worsens the problem. The use of borax is used as a soap instead to help as well as sodium thiosulfate too, I suspect a sodium molybdate deficiency in psoriasis, allergy sufferers, and this is a common addition to my remedy too, but its availability is limited in the States.


Replied by Spencer

I know the original post is pretty old, but as a chemist I can't let people get away with saying that a pH of 6.4 is acidic, it is actually very neutral.