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Ssg for Prostate Cancer?

Posted by Anonymous (Taiwan) on 10/04/2011

Dear Ted, l'm from Taiwan, and my father has stage 4 prostate cancer, now is on chemo. Does this herb work on this kind of cancer? Since my father can get lots of fresh SSG, we would like to try soon, we can blend it with lemon or other fruit, and want to know how to use lysine with it, can we mix both lysine power and SSG juice together?

Replied by Hannah
Dallas , Tx

Hello, Just wanted to add a comment. I am helping my best friend of many years fight late stage 4 cancer. We found Pancreatic enzymes at a web site called Bio-anue. My friend has to take large doses also. I agree that there is no 'best' or strong-enough brands, but these are helping my friend, who has out lived the prognosis of 1 to 2 weeks to live, now for several months with a decent quality of life. Really appreciate all the good info on here.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The most help is lysine, reishi mushroom, threonine, snake grass and bromelain enzymes for general cancer. For prostate, may need progesterone cream, apply 1/8 teaspoon on the skin anywhere you want twice a day for a week, zinc acetate or zinc gluconate 15 to 30 mg, to displace the cadmium that is usually found in these cases (not all), and NO SUGAR AND NO FRUIT, they are DEADLY, except carrots, green apples and lime juice to some extent.

There are two things deadly in cancer treatment (within a few days to 3 weeks) does it kill, morphine and sweet fruits (contains fructose). Yes, morphine kills people since their liver is weak, it's almost a certainty. What is best against pain at this stage is DMSO applied to the liver and pain area, or a better one DMSO plus castor oil.

The thing that helps is Low Dose Natrexone in the evening, lysine (1/4 teaspoon hourly for four hours in morning, along with threonine 1/8 teaspoon, and the same applies in evening). Some people will try Alpha Lipoic acid, from Dr. Berkson's treatment, but this is deadly at this stage. What you really need is some milk thistle 1/4 teaspoon, and others to detox the poisons, such as babbler's bill leaf or milk thistle or clove oil (couple drops) in a 1/2 liter shaken, and applied to the skin, or take internally, which helps the energy level, antioxidant level, and kills some cancer cells.

Also you wouldn't want to do "bicarbonate" at this stage since most patients have cachexia, what he needs is Betaine HCL, HCl 4 drops per glass. He doesn't need to consume all just what he needs, or digestive enzymes (lots!) and B50 vitamin B complex for 3 times a day for a 5 days, first and we then look at this symptoms, and treat it accordingly. Low Dose naltrexone is initially taken at 1.5 mg with 10 to 20 mg of melatonin. The best remedy for cachexia is actually a very simple one, vitamin C ascorbic acid only 500 mg every 30 minutes, for a couple of doses and do hourly thereafter at least for first few days.

As far as cayenne pepper, this may cause the condition to worsen (as a result of liver stress) more than the prostate cancer and it's usually not advisable, because studies were in test tubes, so it helps prostate, but patients don't die from that, they die because of liver toxicity.

As far as snake grass is concerned it is given 1/4 teaspoon twice a day first, then three times a day, it can be mixed with anything, and NO FRUITS.


10/05/2011: Anonymous from Taiwan replies: "Dear Ted , Can I give feedback in chinese, my english is poor! [Chinese ideograms omitted]"

10/06/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "I don't read Chinese, sorry. But I will try to google translate for that. Here is your translation:

Are powdered lysine, threonine okay? I can get solid ingot, if I can add it powdered to juice it's easier! Can I also use turmeric and black pepper?

Yes, lysine and threonine ok. The powdered form is best. You can use tumeric and black pepper, and yes you eat that. You cannot mix in any juice that contains any fruits, at the moment, no. Except possibly carrot juice freshly squeezed.


Replied by Anonymous

Dear Ted, I cannot find the powdered form of both lysine & threonine, can you suggest which brand that you know? Attached is the details of my father's daily regimen, can you kindly look at it, and hope we can get your suggestion soon?

6:00 : mix 500CC pure wafer + green barley + one lemon juice freshly squeezed, pin-swai kong (Qigong) one hour

7:30 : 300cc carrot juice freshly squeezed, can it mixed with apple?

8:00 : have turmeric and black pepper then breakfast ( Sweet potato + Brown rice porridge or soy milk)

9:00 : 300cc SSG juice freshly squeezed (1/2 one lemon ), now I plan to add lysine power directly, can you suggest how much of lysine power per time?

12:00 : have turmeric and black pepper then lunch (2~3 kind of vegetable, Tofu, mushroom + Brown rice, fish )

1:30 : 300cc SSG juice freshly squeezed (1/2 one lemon ) now I plan to add lysine power directly, can you suggest how much of lysine power per time?

have a nap

4:00 : 300cc carrot juice freshly squeezed + red beetroot (is it ok )? pin-swai kong (Qigong) one hour

6:00 : have tumeric and black pepper then dinner (2~3 kind of vegetable , Tofu , mushroom + Brown rice )

7:00 : 300cc SSG juice freshly squeezed (1/2 one lemon ) now I plan to add lysine power directly , can you suggest how much of lysine power per time ?

ps: 300cc SSG juice is squeezed from 200 leafs of fresh SSG , is it too much ?

can you also suggest the time to eat threonine, and how much per time? and how much of turmeric can eat per time ?

I do very much appreciate your kindly feedback again, doctor gives up his case, and he does his best to live all the time!"

10/08/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Beetroot, I don't know if it contains fructose, so don't try it for now. Maybe if he gets better you might try.

Thanks very much for your kindly help, we'll start the supply according to your instructions. By the way how to get the DMSO for my father 's pain release, where can I buy it? I also researched one case of baking soda which you mentioned. How about it, can we use the method in parallel?

You can obtain DMSO from the internet just look up DMSO, and baking soda is taken after meals 1/4 teaspoon 3 times a day, and start from there.

Thanks again! For the DMSO, no need to mix with cesium chloride right? For the baking soda, no need to mix with maple sugar right?

No need to add any sugar, not just maple syrup. DMSO if taken internally or applied where tumor is can be added with cesium.

Sorry to brother you again, my father's Hematopoietic function is suffer from chem, the value is about 8, can you suggest how to rapid recover it?

Chemo is hard to recover from if your hemo is low as it destroys the bone marrow, but a few things will help neutralize that such as sodium thiosulfate and antioxidants, in particular is clove oil, works particularly well in cancer as it reduces lipid peroxidation and antioxidants the best, with aloe vera oil and alpha lipoic acid for regeneration. The lithium 2.5 mg a day helps stem cells to differentiate into required cells. Sodium thiosulfate is around 1 grain x 6 times a day, clove oil maybe 2-5 drops per liter of drinking water, and aloe vera oil is 10 drops a day and alpha lipoic acid is 250 mg x 2, with alpha lipoic acid 250 x 2, would generally help. To support hemo synthesis lysine, glutamine and BCAA, at 1000 mg x 3 times a day, preferably hourly. But we're not talking here about cancer itself but synthesis for blood. The easiest of course is get blood from blood banks and eat blood soup, partially uncooked.


Replied by Anonymous

Dear Ted, Thanks for your feedback, I'll follow it soon... But the most bad new is the PSA becomes 2X than 2 months ago, so we suppose the chemo is not work again (120 to 250), we 're so sad now... how to fight cancer by ourself?"

10/23/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Get progesterone cream and apply to area topically once a day. This works the fastest. The heavy metals accumulate in the prostate and that's usually the prime cause, particularly is the cadmium, so zinc and taurine will help. These are the major remedy.

Chemo never works in most cases I see. I have as yet to see a successful one. But there is a much better chance with natural therapy. One particular one is saw palmetto, 1000 mg x 4 will get PSA count down, but you need to cut down on sugar, artificial sugar and simple carbohydrates. It is most important that you obtain saw palmetto and progesterone cream, it takes only 1 week to get the PSA count down, the other one is the borax (1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon in a liter of water) will get PSA count down by average of more than 50% or more, with sugar control also.


Replied by Anonymous

Dear Ted, You said, "The PSA can be down thru these ways, it's urgent to get it soon..." but my father's case is Hormone-resistant prostate cancer, it's still work, right?

He just tells me that he feels weak & no appetite use after the IVC , the situation will keep 1~2 day, then recovery to normal, do you know what happened, he does take calcium, b50, b12 daily now!

10/23/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "I don't want your father to take calcium, as it increases cancer. His weakness will be helped with CoQ10 100 mg x 6 times a day. His appetite will be helped with 250 mg milk thistle 3 times a day and B50 3 times a day, but may need to take that 1 or 2 weeks of B50. Selenium is needed at least initially 200 mcg x 4 for first day or so then is reduced to 200 mcg x 2.

The energy issue is serious, and focus on this. Zinc is helpful to drive out the cadmium, and if he is hormone resistant it comes from taking calcium supplements, where magnesium should be taken instead not calcium.


Replied by Anonymous

Dear Ted, His DR wants him to take calcium since after the Zometa injection monthly... how about D3, I remembered you ever mentioned D3, but need with magnesium?

By the way, he feel bad, weak after he take B50, the same like after IVC 's situation!"

11/01/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Calcium causes constipation and blocked urinary issues. I wouldn't try it Vitamin D3 is about 5000 iu, with magnesium citrate or magnesium chloride twice a day. Is better, together with lysine, which helped calcium, but not taken with calcium there's too much in diet and can't utilized it.


11/01/2011: Anonymous replies: "Dear Ted, My father did follow the things as below:

  1. SSG
  2. Mushroom: reishi
  3. lysine, threonine, glutamine, Vitamin C, N acetyl Cystiene, beta-1,3- glucan EGCG
  4. vitamin B50 x1, and extra B3, B12 X1 per day.
  5. IV vitC 30g 2~3 times/week ?

and the Minerals: Selenium, zine, magnesium choride will be added later .

as I told to you he is hormone resistant case, the saw palmettp & progesterone is still needed or not? he feels bone pain recently, the purchased DMSO is not shipping yet...

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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For bone pain, observe what decreased the bone pain. The common ones to relieved it are zinc, or selenium, or DMSO, and the lithium. Those decrease bone pain, but the most obvious ones are more increased anaerobic fermentation by the bone cancer and one way to decreased it is oxygenation, by hyperbaric, or a cheaper method of hydrogen peroxide 3% one cap per one liter of water as drinking water.

I use vitamin C orally every hour 500 mg without calcium, every hour, in severe cases of cancer. The B3 is given 250 mg every hour if the cases are severe too. The most help is lugol's iodine given at 5 drops x 6 times a day, at 2.5% iodine when there is pain, which usually responds also. I may try DMSO with iodine locally. But the most important fact is bromelain is missing in your diet, which is needed to digest the tumor. I cannot assess the severity of cancer just from this email however. What I can say is the bone is the area most difficult to reach, and topical DMSO with iodine is more suitable.

Under no cases may morphine be used, IT WILL SHUT DOWN THE IMMUNE SYSTEM, whether they be patches or injections, it is FATAL whether it takes a day or a week, in a severely immune compromised individual.

A Low dose naltrexone to get the immune system up, usually 1.5 mg for first week with melatonin 10 mg, then thereafter 3.0 mg of melatonin. It also helps, but it takes time, about a month. Ginger is now included in my regimen of cancer and you can take it 3 or more times a day, no sugar (in extract, oil, or pills)


Replied by Anonymous

Dear Ted, Thanks again... I really appreciate your kindly support, my father gets better recently after pending the chem and start your instructions as well as high dose C. I just worry about him, what can I do extra (besides theses thing supplyments) to fight his cancer with more powerful, confident..."

11/07/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Well the most important is chymotrypsin 50 mg and some trypsin, and other pancreatic enzymes. The reason why I didn't mention it earlier is that it is hard to find the chymotrypsin. Usually most of the supplements of digestive enzymes actually don't include the chymotrypsin. So therefore you must specifically look for it.

Under no conditions is he allowed morphine, because that suppresses your immune system and allows the spread of cancer. My experience is that morphine, whatever form, may it be injections or morphine patches, is fatal and regardless of the dose they usually will die within 6 hours to about 3 days, depending on dose. These are called opiates and they suppress the immune system. However there are some that do not suppress it and also help reduce pain, such as buprenorphine. The research is "Opioids and the immune system", by the author Sacerdote, P., and the University of Milan.

The one I usually use is B3 niacinamide 500 mg, with aspirin 500 mg for pain management, with topical application that is DMSO plus castor oil, 50/50, although I may add in Lugol's 2.5% iodine solution into the mix, at 10%. The Lugols also reduces it, but is given at 5 drops, orally if severe enough, and may be given more to about 6 times in a single day will also help. Apparently the iodine is taken up by the cancer cells mostly and it kills them that way.

The dose of vitamin C, is given hourly 500 mg, without calcium, preferably ascorbic acid. It helps to add Hydrochloric acid 2 to 4 drops per glass of water to help with the digestion and therefore nausea conditions.

The proper way to do Chemo, is to make sure the white blood cell count is within normal range, and blood sugar is also normal for non fasting blood sugar and should not to exceed 90 mg/dL or at least 100 mg/dL, or you are going to have trouble. The one secret I know is that chemo should be given where there is a tumor, at low doses (1/10) at the site of tumor. It can be injected preferably inside the tumor to reduce collateral damage of healthy tissues. In fact I prefer a chemotherapy of using just Lugol's solution with some DMSO be injected at 5 or 10 cc at least. And it helps if soy protein with whey protein is mixed with one drop of lugol's 2.5% in the drinks. The only bone cancer that seems to be responsive is cesium chloride and strontium chloride, at 100 mg x 5 but is expensive, but you also take aloe to help the burning and inflammation.

L-Histidine is needed in cancer therapies as it improves red blood cells, as the one of the major components of red blood cells is histidine, but it also improves thyroid functioning too in converting T3 to T4, as well as the immune system and also digestion system. It also lowers the inflammation which is typical of cancer. Typical doses I use are 250 mg x 4 or more. I believe that is starting dose and you also tweak that remedy for individual purposes.

Replied by Anonymous

Dear Ted, One product I found is with chymotrypsin & pancreatic enzymes. I may purchase it asap. As to L-HISTIDINE & ARGININE, can I also mix with lysine, threonine, glutamine, Vitamin C, N acetyl Cystiene since all are powder form, and how many times per day should be eat?

by the way, I comsider to combine B17 Iinject, is it ok as well as high dose vitamin C?"

11/08/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "It's fine you can take B17 with vitamin C. If it has arginine the lysine amount must always be more then the arginine, however, by at least about twice the amount, as arginine is helpful in large amounts therefore both may be taken small amounts.

If you are considering injections I am considering typhoid vaccines (without the mercury thimerosol) into the cancer cells. One of the greatest secrets in AHIT therapy for treatment of cancer is they added salmonella along with antioxidants to allow the immune system to see the cancer cells and they charge $10,000 per injections. You can do similar by typhoid vaccines, which immunize and allow immune system to see cancer cells, is preferred over any chemotherapy. And these will target cancer cells and had a better success then chemo in general.

By the look of things, you seem to be able to afford a lot of supplements, therefore, consider the AHCC you may purchase, and there are more exotic therapies that work but most people cannot afford, by that I mean if the prices are over $50 dollars a bottle. For some people they cannot afford that in cancer therapy, but if you can afford that, it helps. I consider the four supplements that are important sabah snake grass, reishi mushroom and bromelain to be of importance in secondary stage of cancer treatment. The primary ones is to prevent their spread which is lysine, threonine, selenium, zinc, vitamin C to be most important. The third part is immune enhancement and killing cancer, which is typhoid vaccines administered at tumor sites, or if not possible then just an injection (without the thimerosal of course), and the old fashion iodine and bromelain.

As to pancreatic enzymes that you may need to take quite a bit, something like 10 tablet ten times a day, because it is not enough, I think. The other things such as lysine, threonine, NAC at least is ideally 4 times in consecutive hourly in morning, and a least 3 times in evening before sleep also given hourly. That's my guess but some tweaking is needed. Strontium carbonate or preferably strontium chloride such as 1/8 teaspoon a day, and selenium is the thing required for bone cancer, but also zinc, selenium, vitamin C, especially low dose naltrexone.

Oh yes the fourth one (I mentioned 3) is the Low dose naltrexone. And to chelate out heavy metals, I suggest taking coriander.


Replied by Anonymous

Dear Ted, Really appreciate your kindly feedback, by the way, one more question for enzymes. The Bromelain enzymesI Can you help to suggest how may capsules does my father eat per day?

The pancreatic enzymes, do you know which brand may be enough and powerful for a cancer person?"

11/12/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "No brands are powerful enough. But you try to do experiments by taken between 2 to 10 capsules x 4 times a day. That's the best I can do. Here in Thailand I have to mixed my own bromelain at 10% concentration, because of this problem.

You usually get better (you will know) after taking it, but if no different keep taking more and more until it reaches therapeutic level and then you're done for the dosages. Then to find frequency, well if you are well, how long digestive enzymes remain in your body and divided by two, that is the time to take the digestive enzyme. So if you feel great after 12 hours, then it's downhill after that, the optimum is likely to be 6 hours.

That's my personal rules for optimum doses.


Replied by Ann

My friend has been diagnosed with high psa of 16 and has low back pain. The biopsy revealed 2 pieces on right scale of 9. Cancer. We are supposed to do bone and ct scan to stage. Where do l begin...Ted pl please...