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Dad Has Stage Iv Prostrate Cancer

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 10/16/2011

Dear Ted, My dad has Stage IV prostrate cancer. He was given the injection ELLIGARD 22.5 mg last week and is also taking Honvan 120. The doctor has said one of his kidney's has stopped functioning. My dad has trouble passing stools some days and some days he cannot control.

Please help with whatever advice you can give to make him feel better, prolong his life. Please help. Thank you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The best remedy is actually a combination of saw palmetto and progesterone cream applied on any part of the body, but it may work best to apply near the prostate area. The saw palmetto is taken four times a day 1000 mg, and progesterone cream is applied twice a day. It takes a while to get normal, about a week. And lysine and threonine to limit the cancer spread. Most prostate cancer is from an accumulation of cadmium mostly from chocolate, shellfish, and pollution from cars, therefore zinc acetate 10 to 15 mg is taken for a month, but selenium 200 mcg is taken twice a day, and lysine and threonine is taken about every hour for four hours in morning, about 1000 mg and every hours for 3 hours in evening. It has to be done this way at least for a month, but should improve within the third day.

Sugar control is absolutely a must by avoiding fruits (fructose) and sugar and artificial sugar, and one new remedy is added is reishi mushroom (ling zhi) tea or extract taken 3 times a day. It has germanium in the ling zhi, and its the same compound found in Lourdes water. If his blood sugar is high he must go on a ketogenic diet, carbs free diet if the fasting blood glucose is over 90 mg/dL.You may want to take B1 with metformin, and B3, and selenium. Selenium will displace the cadmium that accumulates in that particular organ causing cancer too. Most important of all NO MORPHINE, it will destroy the body's immune system, that is needed to kill cancer. If cancer pain, considering ozoning the blood instead, or hydrogen peroxide, and take some ginger tea without sugar 4 or 5 times a day.


Replied by Son

Regarding my father, I noticed after having morphine situation became more worst, lost control of everything start to pee and discharge on bed, cant even stand. whew.. why these doctors don't know cant understand, most of them said hopeless, none of them think out of the box..

Thank you so much!"

11/12/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Yes, every case of cancer I've treated, if they start morphine, all death (based on my experience) was traced to morphine, whether they be injected, patches, forced onto patient or patient wanted it, they all died within an hour to maximum of four days, on very mild dose to high dose, the morphine basically kills you. I don't know why the other cancer websites don't make mention of that.

The basic two rules I have are no sugar and no morphine. From that derives the fact that, you must get supplements that control the blood sugar first, and anti morphine supplements the second, such as low dose naltrexone. And third to stop the progression of tumor. The fourth rule, try to find what will shrink the tumor, although not necessary in most cases, if you can find one, make sure it doesn't kill you. We can live with the tumor if it doesn't bother you.

One of the areas of research in chemotherapy takes a totally different approach from my rules, which is basically to kill tumor at any costs, even if it means person's own life. So the industry can prove that they were successful and they can show in research it is successful. So collateral damage was really not considered at all in the development based on my past participation in these research studies.

However, I use the old Hippocratic oath, which says basically not to kill the patient first, and if there is tumor, if it doesn't bother you, keep it at bay and if you have time find the elements that will kill the tumor that doesn't do harm.

So far I have found a couple but I am limited due to the rule of non invasive. Those are butyric acid, DMSO, lugol solution, and cesium chloride, and to remove the inflammation, aloe vera oil, but wasn't entirely successful in all cases there.

Therefore my successes are basically skin cancer, and where cancer is near the skin, but not bone cancer, they take time. The one thing I have noticed is another element, cadmium and heavy metals if high in the blood are difficult to eliminate, but looking along the lines of homeopathic remedy, zinc and chelation there.

If I were able to do the injection, assuming, what chemo would I use? Simply digestive enzymes, that makes up of chymotrypsin, trypsin, cesium chloride, iodine, or even typhoid vaccines (without the thimerosal of course) at the tumor area.

It must be in low dose and gradual. The metastatic cancer is easy since lysine green tea protocol is used. It generally takes 3 days to control metastatic cancer.

If the blood sugar is within control, such as 80 to 90 mg/dL, then the killing cancer is nearly ensured, with just astralagus, reishi mushroom, bromelain and sabah snake grass. Provided you got the proper dose and frequency. However most cancer (nearly 97%) are above 90 mg/dL. Now you realize that the sugar is the main thing we want to focus on, but most cancer treatments do not.

In morphine, the patient usually loses control of everything, yes including uncontrolled peeing, walking, speaking, etc. But the most telling is complete loss control of the neck and that is too far gone. Basically any pain killers (most opiates do) and anesthesia, do leave some kind of imprint (damages) that last at least a week, this can be identified through a SPECT brain scan. When it does that, immune system damage is ensured, and almost guaranteed death, based on my experience. What it basically does is it shuts down the electricity in your entire body and it stops working altogether. Morphine is proven to shut down your immune system, the other is sugar, aspartame (which converts to methanol alcohol).