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Posted by E (Anonymous) on 06/17/2012

Dear Ted, I came through Earthclinic website by chance and really appreciate the wonderful work that you are doing saving people's lives, as well as contributions from the community. The website has got a wealth of information.

My father (age: 79) suffers from Metastasis Prostate cancer, which was diagnosed in Feb 12 following the TURP procedure and has spread to bone, liver and lungs and also likely to bladder neck. He is currently on hormonal therapy. He is also diabetic (medication: Metformin and Sitagliptin), his blood sugar level is: 7 to 8 fasting and between 9 to 9.5 after food)), cholesterol (medication: Simvastatin). His PSA level was 65 in Feb 12 before the TURP, 12.9 after the hormonal therapy in April 2012 and currently it is 27 following the urine infection with bleeding. He is also in incontinence following TURP and he's taking Oxybutynin and Finasteride medications. At the moment he has no bone pain. He did have some dry coughing issue couple of weeks back but it appears that it has subsided since he was prescribed antibiotics for the urine infection. He does not take any sugary food (only occasionally). He uses coconut oil daily. I learnt from the Earthclinic website and therefore takes green apple in the fruit and soya milk. I would like to start herbal medication and therefore will be grateful if you could kindly help us how he can improve his current physical condition in terms of his prostate cancer. Can we contain the cancer or can we stabilize his health condition from further deterioration. Also pls advise whether there will be any interference between herbal and allopathic medications. Your early response will be much obliged.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Yes we can contain prostate cancer for sure and improve the survival times, but there is something that he cannot do. Morphine lowers your immune system, causing cancer overgrowth, the one that does not is tramadol, which is easy to find should he have any form of pain.

All chemotherapy that I know of at the present time causes more death than cancer itself and does not significantly improve chances of survival, in fact in one hospital that I visited, they all died within three months, the one that survived did not do chemo, among those dead even included people who are MISDIAGNOSED for cancer. The chemotherapy is intended to reduce existing tumors, but no form of chemotherapy prevents metastasis, it actually increases the likelihood of metastatic cancer outcome within the first two to three weeks of treatment. This includes the use of radiation, chemotherapy, and even surgery. And to make the matter worse, they give you fruits high in fructoses, which fuels the fire. In fact, doctors do knowingly give them in a few cases because the protocol has to be strictly followed. So no conventional medicine such as chemo, or chemical, or any drugs is going to help.

It must be stressed that strict a no carbs diet is a priority, that includes flour, especially wheat, except for a few that that has a blood glucose lowering such as raw broccoli juice, raw papaya (in Thailand we used them as salads, "somtom"). I cannot stress this more. The only thing that significantly reduces the blood glucose is gymnema slyvestre, a 2000 year old ayurvedic medicine to work on cancer. It must be stressed that getting the sugar (blood glucose) down is a priority. Gymnema lasts in the bloodstream about 12 hours, in semi diabetes, 400 mg dose, but more can be taken, such as every 4 to 6 hours. It needs to be controlled, none of the drugs in the hospitals reduces any blood glucose, I have tried them all, including glucophage (metformin). It must be stressed that getting gymnema is a priority.

To control the blood glucose the best, I also find through 24 hour blood glucose every hour, that the best times to eat are between 12.30 pm to 5.30 pm. The other times the blood glucose goes crazy, both in evening hours and in the morning hours, especially before 12.30 pm regardless of what you are eating! Drinking plenty of water, especially mineral water such as Ocean Deep, has favorable effects, mostly due to trace lanthanum chlorides, found in only deep ocean water. To further get your blood sugar under control, it is most important to control it at night with 3 supplements: DHEA at least 25 mg (non timed release!), melatonin at least 10 mg, and the gymnema sylvestre. These can be also taken throughout the day also as it helps blood glucose.

Much of our society is polluted with three substances, mercury, lead, and especially cadmium that causes cancer by promotion of inflammatory cytokines. Cytokines promote cancer by causing insulin resistance, then blood glucose goes up, then cancer feeds on it, resulting in tremendous growth. The one substances that causes prostate cancer, singled out is cadmium. Cadmium accumulates along the kidneys, bladder, and prostate, obviously causing cancer. Cadmium rich foods are primarily found in chocolates (I found a few brands that exceed the legal limits), cacao, shellfish, and cigarette smoking (primarily found in cigarettes paper that are purposely added, on the fact that it causes them to be easily lit! There's plenty of other chemicals that does that but why cadmium?). Even if you quit years ago, the cadmium is still there!

The other thing I found is cancer cells protect themselves from dying and produce insulin resistance by promoting inflammatory cytokines, with calcification of fats surrounding them. I haven't resolved quite yet the fats, but a couple things will help: orange oil, 15 to 20 cc a day, spread over the day, lemongrass oil, and citral (is similar to lemongrass). The thing that will reduce calcification, or calcium deposits I know is tetrasodium EDTA, in a 30% powdered form. You mix in 70% water, and use as droppers, 20 drops twice a day in the afternoon and before sleep.

The number one supplement to get rid of the cadmium is zinc chloride. A saturated zinc chloride solution is prepared, and is taken maybe 10 drops a day minimum, but if too much you can reduce if it shows signs of causing vomiting, which is too much zinc. 65% of all cancers prove to be zinc deficient, and with presence of cadmium you need more to replace by competitive inhibition by zinc. I am quite certain that zinc is even more deficient in prostate cancer. Zinc reduces cytokines, inflammation, lipid peroxidation, C reactive protein and is used for a long time, over 100 years in prevention of cancer, the other one that is used over 100 years is lithium chloride, or lithium containing mineral water too. But to make them work you also need some magnesium and iodine (lugols), if possible.

The vitamin B complex is needed especially for loss of appetite, particularly the B12, 1000 mcg dose given at night. It improves intestinal absorption. The other Bs are just as important, but it seems that B12 is most important, especially for energy and sleep.

If things get worse, expect to use Rife machines, the proper ones!!! I saw one South African coming to see me after getting worse with Rife frequency because she used the wrong rife devices, as they are many fake ones. The proper ones that separate the fake from the real ones must have all three things: hand electrodes, foot pads, and most important is the ray tubes. Always start with some frequency that uses general cleansing, diabetes and virus program before directly doing the "cancer" programs! The South African woman has since got the proper machines and is now happy with it.

How do I know if the Rife device deactivates the cancer cells after one or two sessions? Assuming the proper frequency and machine is used, the blood glucose effect is most telling. The blood glucose should become normal 2 hours after meals, if the cancer is somehow activated, the blood glucose rises!! Two things I found to cause this to occur (there are more), not taking zinc supplements or frequent travel (by plane) due to gamma radiation on the plane, (is approximately 700 counts per minute, while safety level is below 100 counts per minute), and inflammation promoted by certain foods that are radioactive due to Fukushima fallout, (yes is now affecting the food supply) if you don't have your personal dosimeter (geiger counter) with you to check your food supplies! And I thought the food supplies were tightly controlled. It is not, neither is the cadmium tightly controlled found in chocolates, cigarettes paper, and pots and pans!

Borax is very important for prostate cancer about 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon a day, because it is shown to reduce PSA by up to 80%, I have one Thailand army general who reduced PSA from 181 to 8 in 1 1/2 months (he says it's 1 month I say its 2 months), but he has since said controlling that diet is bothersome, and he can get free medical care and decided to go conventional with no diet control because his doctors say he can eat anything! So in three months with surgery, etc, he's dead. I can't blame him, he want the easy way (sabai sabai is the Thai expression) and most Thais are killed by cancer therapies that way, they like to eat! There are food stalls everywhere in Thailand!

Finally I believe the progesterone cream applied to the groin area, significantly reduces the prostate pain and inflammation in the area by one week. This may help reduce the inflammation associated with cancer, cancer depends on inflammation. These are the main elements in prostate cancer, but there are others including bromeliad, digestive enzymes, and selenium that also help, but is not as important as the above mentioned.


06/21/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "The last email has to do with the prostate cancer. Meanwhile, the metastasis is prevented by blood glucose control, lysine and threonine and if possible a rife machine device (with the ray tube) in my last email.

The lysine and threonine are at least taken 1000 mg each every hour for four hours, if possible for an entire month, but has symptomatic improvement within three days. The first two days may cause chills and sweating, as the body tries to attack the spreading cancer cells, mostly due to a virus, and things will be better on the third day. The rife device is effective in deactivating the cancer after one session so the blood glucose effect is noticed within one session and measured within two hours after eating. You compare before treatment and after treatment to know. The ray tube is focused on the prostate area, while electricity goes through by hand and foot. It simply works this way, a small bit of electricity is needed for a virus cancer to prevent them from attaching to healthy cells and it only takes 1 to 3 minutes if you have the right frequency. There are frequency sets which take total treatment time 3 hours on the average. Once they no longer attach to healthy cells the metastatic cancer cannot grow.

The person needs to measure the blood glucose and is a major requirement to measure every day. Should they get "activated" you do the rife again.

Again no carbs, such as honey, flour, fruits, fructose, as these causes cancer to grow within two hours. The one thing is you must keep them below 90 mg/dL, at least 100 mg/dL. if below 90 mg/dL the cancer regresses, if below 100 mg/dL, the cancer remains the same size, if above 100 mg/dL the cancer cells grow. It is a priority to get them under control, and there are two restrictions, carbohydrate and fats (from fried foods). Nothing messes your triglycerides and cholesterol better than fats from vegetable oils, but our present day and age, we are consuming way too much carbohydrates, especially fructose, sucrose, but certain excitotoxins can cause problems.

It helps to alkalize after meals and help support digestion before meals such as with hydrochloride acid. pH of 6.5 to 7.0 urine is considered acceptable, or inflammation will start if below that, and that can trigger inflammation necessary for cancer to grow.


Replied by Sofia

hello. thanks for earth clinic I treated my self and cure many things with the advice. thanks.

Theres so many supplemets on this list. my uncle metastasid on hip and spine. is there a way to give this via iv. we giving him vit c this way. also cbc rectally. and orally during day. just ordered all I could find. couldnt find zinc chloride. I found zinc sulfate iv. is thats ok?

he has renal failure, diabetis. insulin everyday. swollen ankles and wrist. we stopped oxy cause he halucinates.

thanks for any help.