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Posted by R. (Caracas, Venezuela)

Methylene blue and parkinson's disease

Dear Ted, I read your comments on the theme above (I've been diagnosed with the disease here in Caracas-Venezuela) and I'm interested in the dose of mb that you recomend (2 to 3 drops of a 0,1% solution 2 to 3 times a day,right?). Do you know how soon one can see some result of this dose? Do you know about the posible negative effects of mb in larger doses on hemoglobin? It seems in larger doses mb affects the iron content in the blood. Also,do you have any information on the use of certain aminoacids to help the nervous system and the sinthesis of dopamine in the organism? and any other info of interest on this condition's cure.

Thanks in advance. Hope to hear from you soon.
Sincerely yours

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear R.

The improvement in symptoms of Parkinson's takes only a matter of days to a week to see that. However, I had two cases of Parkinson's. One was not really cured because it was misdiagnosed, the autopsy revealed lyme disease instead, hence the remedy is entirely different and was not cured. The second case was correctly diagnosed and is mostly cured. The surprising aspect about the second one that was cured, came from the lysine, which is involved with the immune system, and lysine is most well known (at least for me) against virus, that's the same case that's also confirmed and been significantly helped with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease - which is adenovirus). Both Parkinson's and ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - Lou Gehrig's disease) have symptoms very much similar in nature of polio, which is also viral in nature and can be treated with the same supplements accordingly. To get a significant improvement in Parkinson's, and I am talking about the kind where is a tough one, in Intensive Care Unit, the patient is dying, given up by doctors, the lysine is taken almost hourly for about 1-2 months and nearly all symptoms of Parkinson's are gone. However, it was not JUST the methylene blue, it was also the lysine anywhere between 600 mg - 1200 mg. The dose I used however was mostly 1000 mg. I am currently looking at L- Threonine which has similar efffects against virus along the nervous system too. It's possible that the brain and it's spinal column is very much related to immune system being compromised, effecting or the cerebellum and spinal cords thereby causing weakening control of the legs, then the arms, then finally once reaching the cerebellum, heart and breathing control. At least that's the general pattern. It varies from individual to individual, although the ALS is quite deadly. Most people may not need this kind of dose, and hence, but I think just 4 grams two or four or five times a day should be sufficient, but initially I think just start slowly first with just 1000 mg four times a day, hourly dose. Once a person is cured, the dose I like them to continue as a preventive is generally lysine 1000 mg three times a day. I am currently looking into threonine to get exact dose and frequency so that people may be cured faster. I haven't been getting much good luck lately, bad luck got to me as they were already cured with just methylene blue and lysine, before I really have a chance to test for threonine. In any case, I believe the dose can be lowered and the cure may be quicker if threonine was used also. In any case I hope to post this threonine update in a couple of weeks as to how well it has performed. It's important also that supporting supplemennt is seen as helpful also such as vitamin C, taurine and vitamin B complex.

Methylene blue is an antioxidant It helps cellular respiration by supporting the cycling of hydrogen, the major component of cellular currency in energy which increases overall cellular immunity. The dose that's use even in more drops has no effect on hemoglobin, as the dose in normal use (even four or five times more ) and concentration at that level has no efffect. I am likely to worry about the sleeplessness effect on methylene blue more than anything else, because that's where most of the problems are, although it is extremely valuable for sleepy drivers.


Replied by Linda

I just received Methylene Blue from Blue Brain Burst. 1 drop equals 0.5 mg MB. I put 1 drop into 2 cups of water with 1000 mg of vitamin C. Is this good to do twice a day or do I need to adjust? I am using it to treat Parkinson's. Thanks for your help.