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Methylene Blue - Recipe Dosage Requested

Posted by C. on 03/17/2009

Hi Ted,

I hope all is well. I just purchased Methylene Blue at my local aquarium supply store. I know you said the dilution method is 100cc of methylene blue to 900cc of water. I just want to make a small amount. Is it safe to say 1 part methylene blue for 9 parts water? or 1 drop of methylene blue and 9 drops of water?

Looking forward to your answer. Regards

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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If a small sample dilution. A methylene blue at 1% concentration is clearly labeled. Then a rough approximately but not necessarily precise is 1 drops methylene blue 9 drops water. Then this totals 10 drops. This means I will use just 3 drops of that, dissolved in water. it helps if B12 was taken. After long trial and error, methylene blue is synergistic with a b12. A precise calculation requires a different measurement, but for all practical purposes this is fine.