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Posted by Anonymous on 06/07/2011

Hello Ted,

I have been on the website earthclinic and noticed your posting for Parkinson's Disease. I was wondering if you had an updated treatment protocol for Parkinson's....I noticed the update for ALS in 2011 so I was just wondering if it was the same for Parkinson's. I am a little apprehensive to use Methylene Blue (MB).....I plan on getting it from a pet supply store. I am worried about mixing it and getting the dosage correct and how much of that mix to take. Could I just use the vitamins and not add the MB since it is the early onset of Parkinson's or is the MB essential to the protocol working? I do not want to do more harm then good. Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.

Also, I have a family member that is dealing with a cousin of Parkinson's called Dystonia. She has Cervical Dystonia it is where her muscles are competing against each other and the person suffering from the disease ends up with their head turning to one side and being stuck. Do you have any ideas on how to go about treating this disease?

Thank you again very much for any thoughts.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I have an update for that one already. The cause is a virus, so lysine, threonine, and a few antivirals are possible, andrographis paniculata, for example. The method of treatment is similar in that respect but Parkinson's varies because of different degrees of infection, and one particular treatment stands out, grape seed extract. As far as Dystonia, I have that posted, it has possibility of two causes viral and fungal, so it's a bit harder to treat, especially fungus, but as far as I know there are a couple that I may use, asafoetida (Devil's dung) and portulaca oleracea purslane, and andrographis paniculata, which deals more with fungal but also virus. If it is not posted I might as well retype sometimes they get lost in email which happens.


Replied by Anonymous

Hello Ted,

Thank you for keeping me in the loop for both of these diseases.
For the Parkinson's, I am getting ready to do the lysine with threonine. I am just waiting for the threonine to be sent in the mail. I will look to add the antivirals. I also went ahead and got the Methylene blue and I am thinking about adding it to the regimen for treatment of the Parkinson's. I will also add grape seed many times a day?

As for the Dystonia, I have had my Mom try the remedy by using the lysine and gluathimne. She did 2000mg lysine with 250mg of glutamine 7x daily for 7 days. And she is now on 500mg of lysine 3x a day. She said that her neck felt a little loser. Should I have her do another round of the high dose of lysine w/glutamine and should I add in some threonine also and maybe this time do it for longer than a week? I will look at getting the asafoetida (Devil's dung) and portulaca oleracea purslane, and andrographis paniculata. She goes to a TMC doctor so I am guessing he could put these herbs together for her.

I am also wondering what you think about kefir. I make my own kefir from milk kefir grains and I use raw milk. My understanding is that it helps to produce good bacteria in the stomach that helps to fight off viruses. We have been drinking about a cup of it a you think that would help with Parkinson's since it is a virus.

And one last thing what do you think of using human chorionic gonadotrophin (hcg) for weight loss. Any harm in it?

Thank you again for all your wonderful info. It is wonderful to know there are people like you in the world. Thank you again for your time.