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Posted by Pip (New Zealand) on 03/15/2012

Hi Ted, I've been combing through the posts on parkinsons on earth clinic and wondering about the fungal side of it. Also I felt quite sad for Jane from Fort Worth as when her dad died they discovered he didn't even have PD. My dad is 64 and I guess a lot of people assume he has Parkinsons, but mum and I have never been convinced. Despite that his health is declining so here is a brief outline:

- In 2006 a minor tremor started in right hand
- By 2012 this has progressed to mainly being his right arm (the other hand rarely shakes) and sometimes whole right side of body. His arm can ache at times. In high stress or tension I've seen his cheek tremoring.
- Since 2006 he has gone from being an ex-farmer (living in New Zealand) to solely doing office work. He has since 2006 been involuntarily drinking and showering in flouridated and chlorinated town water supply.
- He seems better when away from computer/electronics as he travels to Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Fiji from time to time.
- In the last year or so he looks an awful lot older, and more stooped.

More information which may or may not be relevant:

- Otherwise in good health, no heart problems, non-smoker, moderate alcohol/coffee intake, still driving, still learning reasonable quickly
- Mercury levels within range, doctors can't seem to find anything wrong
- His father died in his 40s suffering from motor-neurons
- During the 1990s suffered from regular migraines (rarely gets now), used to feel in feet first with sore patches in arches - mum would massage and this would help the migraine
- Ex-farmer with some use of sprays and cattle pour-ons (Ivomec), and sheep dip
- Played rugby in younger years
- Has had 30 years of disturbed sleep with jerking and jumping in his sleep (ongoing), in addition to suffering for a while from restless leg sydrome, though this doesn't seem to bother him now.
- Has struggled a bit with candida like symptoms from time to time
- Takes Ubiquinol (liquid Q10), limited magnesium (I've always been on him for this and have been for years), vitamin D (has levels checked), has B12 injections regularly for tiredness, and chlorophyll.

Sorry about the length but something small could be relevant. We want to try and help him before he gets much worse. Any information or insight you could give us is very gratefully received. Feel free to use on EC.

Replied by Cb

Hi, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer - German New Medicine has an article on the Dutch website: about Parkinsons about what causes it. According to him it is a 'mental conflict', probably it is triggered unconsciously (or in a dreamstate). Unfortunately it is written in Dutch and I can not find an English version of it on the Canadian website: Maybe people who have a relative with this disease can find more info on the website. What I did find you find here:

The conflict/event must have been 'traumatic' and has got to do with 'not being able to stop someone/something' or 'to prevent something', or 'to hold on to something'... I think it is worth to look into this as his explanation is very plausible!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Any neurological symptoms will be helped with granulated lecithin. Grape seed extract, pine bark extract and EDTA (30% tetrasodium EDTA on a dropper bottle or 50 to 100 mg of disodium EDTA, disodium may cause diarrhea if taken too much. That's what I will try for a developing Parkinson's condition. Grape seed extract is taken at least 4 times a day along with pine bark extract, 1000 mg each. Polyphenol plant source is known to improve on most neurological disorders from the myelin sheath damage (you can tell past symptoms of restless leg syndrome) by protecting the myelin sheath. If he benefits from ubiquinol, then it works synergistically with lots of quercetin. The quercetin increases mitochrondrial and helps neurological disorders also, it works like stem cells in that respect.

Most neurological issues are caused by a simple virus, such as herpes simplex, which can be started by excess sugar, chlorination, or even marijuana use, which allows the virus to enter deeper into the central nervous system. They can be helped with a simple lysine say 1000 mg tablet form (I prefer the powdered form at 1/4 teaspoon) every hour for four hours in morning and evening for at least 3 days, thereafter for a month every hour for four in morning or evening, your choice. That's the gist of the remedy, but it really helps if EDTA is given, before he takes some zinc acetate or zinc gluconate. Now farmers have a unique toxicity due to insecticide, and must get copper, zinc and manganese in balance, copper and manganese mostly and helps if foti is taken three times a day, as it helps raise the body's superoxide dismutase and also granulated lecithin, say 1 teaspoon twice a day, and perhaps coconut oil due to lauric acid content to kill oil soluble virus in the central nervous system, say 1 teaspoon twice a day also.