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Thymoma Cancer (pancreatic Cancer) and High Blood Pressure

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 07/18/2011

Hello Ted, My 79 year-old father had his thymoma tumor removed in April 2011 and he was recovering well until 2 weeks ago, when he could not feel his legs. He went back to the same hospital and they are treating him right now for his erratic BP and will later do IVIG so that his nerve disorder can be fixed (GBS-like symptoms).

His white blood cells are very high and platelets very low. They thought it has something to do with steroids that he has been taking to cure his autoimmune problem with nerves (AIDP). They performed a CT Scan and found Stage IV metastatic thymic carcinoma (mass on the head of pancreas). They said he's got 2 to 3 months left to live and we refuse to accept that because he has been fighting real well.

Will you be able to help, please?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The erratic blood pressure can be normalized with a 10% solution of sodium sulfide, 5 drops in evening and 5 drops first thing in the morning. The mean (average) for a normal person for a 10% sodium sulfide solution is 10 drops in the evening and morning. There is a lack of sodium sulfide (H2S) that normalizes blood pressure. It works well if he takes a low dose of sodium bicarbonate 30 minutes after meals.

For the nerve disorder, you can try B2 50 mg, and B3 50, and some weekly or twice weekly B1 50 mg, and 5 to 15 mg of folic acid for only 10 days. Then we judge based how he responds based on his condition.

He needs 1000 mg x 6 of lysine at least 3 or 4 days first. The process will take 3 days under this regimen, and is easy to find. There are some herbs locally available, such as Clinacanthus nutans taken 3 times a day, and andrographis paniculata one time a day. Expect the body to fight against the infection on the first two days. The lysine is given 4 hourly doses in morning, and 2 hourly doses in evening. Vitamin C, 500 mg x 5 he will help him respond will also.

Bromelain will digest the cancer of the pancreas. This will get him through, initially.