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Mother with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

Posted by O (India) on 06/17/2012

Dear Ted, I have been actively reading your write ups on the forum, have found them invaluable and would very much like to seek your guidance. I have been asked by a friend whose mother has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreas cancer to locate a hospital in India where his mother can go for treatment and would like to seek your guidance in identifying some options.

As I am not the patient nor able to influence the family (who I suspect have no exposure to the benefits of non direct medical solutions), I am hoping to secure a hospital which uses a combination of both medical and well researched alternative methods successfully and to justify my selection by the success rate of the combined therapy solutions at the facility. I am also secretly hoping you can recommend one which you work with directly.

I understand you are very busy, but if it is not too much trouble, please kindly advice on how we can make this happen as well as on any thing that can be done to support his mother till she gets there. Thanking you in advance for your support.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Pancreatic cancers are very deadly, and strict restrictions on carbohydrates and fruit intake is a must. Digestive enzymes are a must. This is the first line of treatment. The more digestive enzymes the better given throughout the day.

Baking soda must be taken after meals. Chemotherapy kills people, its that simple. It is not designed to prevent metastatic cancer, in fact encourages them by killing a healthy immune system.

As you cannot influence the family, I suggest strict carbohydrate and fat controls, and digestive enzymes as the first line of treatment. If there is time, monitoring the blood glucose to less then 90 mg/dL is ideal, but at least 100 mg/dL. You can do it two ways, gymnema slyvestre 400 mg at least twice a day, and rife frequency (with ray tube) to deactivate cancer in one session is the minimum to get blood glucose in control as well as strict dietary controls.

I have the opportunity to visit local alternative health practitioners and found them to be mostly incompetent or a scam, and doctors are no better because they have to abide by strict hospital rules even if it means killing the patient. You can tell if the alternative health to be a scam by asking innocent question, can I eat bananas during the treatment or eat rice, the answer is a strict no. The second question is can I eat anything or fried foods, the answer is no. Do you need a blood glucose meter the answer is yes. If they don't answer these and go on with their protocol that includes fruit such as bananas, longan, lychee, and other high sugar fruit juices they are putting you to an early grave! It is the same with chemo.


Replied by Southern Belle


My ex just passed away Nov 5 2017 of pancreatic cancer, a week before he passed they found the mass and cancer and dr said, as he wiped his forehead, "I am so sorry, there is no easy way to say this but it is cancer and unfortunately pancreatic cancer is rarely and I mean rarely diagnosed in the beginning, it's only caught at the end due to the fact that there are generally no symptoms until the end. the only thing we can do is make you as comfortable as possible"

Then he said that the entire medical staff was amazed that due to his toxicity levels that he was even coherent, most with half of the levels were in comas and they expected him to be in a coma "within a few days to a week", it blocks the liver and kidneys with fail, from the moment he called me to ask for advice nurse advice I already knew what it was, my friend passed away a few years before with pancreatic cancer. She barely made 3 months, my ex was admitted the 1st time on Sept 27 2017, they pumped his stomach gave him some medicine and sent him home, he died Nov 5, 2017. the hospital should of known, we could of had him for a little while longer!

You make them try everything if there's a chance for it to grant her more time! Good luck, god bless my prayers go out to her and her family & you!