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Supplements for Pancreatic Cancer

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 11/14/2011

Hi Ted, Just sent a note to Earth Clinic requesting for your advice re the purchase of the various supplements mentioned by you. My mother has been diagnosed with having a malignant tumor at the body of her pancreas. She will be undergoing an operation next week for the removal of the tumor and as I understand it part of the pancreas (the portion from the neck of the pancreas will be removed - will the remaining part be able to generate sufficient enzyme to fight the cancerous cells? Taking of Pancreatic enzyme will be critical?). I am wondering if we could purchase the suggested supplements from you so that my mother can have the suggested alternative treatment after the surgery. It will be great if we could talk to you regarding this matter. Many thanks and we would be grateful if we could obtain a response from you ASAP.

BTW, many Chinese traditional doctors do not seem to have any approach with good effect to deal with cancer and yet they are against the use of say SSG owing to it's cooling effect which they said is not conducive to the Yang Qi of the patient. Appreciate your thoughts on this.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The pancreas function is always in need of sufficient pancreatic enzyme, in particular the chymotrypsin and trypsin. The lipid peroxidation issues are important but often ignored, which is dealt by ginger and acetyl l carnitine. The blood sugar shall be critical to get normal especially after meal one hour to get below 95 mg/dL That is actually more important than fasting blood sugar as cancer grows AFTER ONE HOUR. The supplements that reduce it most effectively is chromium chloride (1000 mcg to 2000 mcg) without calcium and some granulated powdered lecithin. You need after surgery beta sitosterol or at least aloe vera oil to help repair from surgery, as well as lysine, threonine, and glutamine. That's actually the minimum supplements. Yes, pancreatic enzyme is critical but also her appetite, then the constipation issues. There's many ways to fight cancerous cells, depending on type of cancer, but I know you need low dose naltrexone, but I required only 1.5 mg at night mixed with melatonin at least 10 mg (I still need to find optimal level here you actually may need more throughout the day), and B3 niacinamide 500 mg. And if the condition is serious, ascorbic acid every 2 hours, 250 to 500 mg. The digestive enzyme precursor you need to consider such as the vitamin B50, at least B50 for a week for sure, and Hydrochloric acid or Betaine hydrochloride to help convert pepsinogen to pepsin to help digestion and bloating issues. And after meal, you may need just a little green apples and carrots, but no fruits, as they are currently the biggest cause of cancer GROWTH, the fructose. It just makes it worse, especially the blood sugar.

As for cooling/warming issues in Chinese medicine, there are toxic substance and safe substance that are cooling and warming, so we cannot really use Chinese medicine on this basis. A person can get killed with "warming" substances such as sugar. Chinese medicine's big weakness is their attitude for sugar as the major killer and they don't handle this matter very well, they should consider blood sugar first. The Chinese and Ayurvedic systems need a serious upgrade, while modern medicine doesn't deal with basic issues in cancer, treatment such as how do you get SGOT, SGP, creatinine, BUN, and especially anemia in dietary program needed to resolved that, as proof, medical schools, the nutrition is actually an elective course, and even the topic they dealt with is inadequate.

You can use the sabah snake grass, but you have to deal with basic issues first, which is blood sugar control, energy level, lipid peroxidation, before we can deal with killing cancer, we have to limit their metastatic issues, such as lysine, green tea extract, and magnesium chloride to help constipation caused by green tea extract, at the very least! The sugar level alone is responsible of 97% death in cancer victims, so it is really simple if you make them simple enough, but the system artificially raised the death counts with morphine which suppresses your immune system. That's why I make just two rules in cancer treatment:1) No sugar, that includes fruits. and 2) No morphine.