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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 10/10/2011 383 posts

The recent death of Steve Jobs, is to explore the cause of his cancer and the unexplained weight loss in cancer and how to prevent that. Steve Jobs actually was a raw foodist, one of his diet as a raw foodist is a fruit consumption, which contain a lot of fructose. So basically sweets are what the pancreatic cancers are most sensitive to, the other one I think cause the cancer was past exposure to nicotine, which during his childhood, he was basically exposed to smoke from this adopted parents. Nicotine does cause cancer in general literature, but if you look closely on pancreatic cancer there is literature that shows it does. The other thing during the development of computers, there is I found, thallium, which is extremely toxic metal that is known used as computer components that may have caused it, but there is an antidote, prussian blue, which removes these very toxic metals. The pancreas is extremely sensitive to sugar, especially fructose, for sure, but he also smoked weed, and it also contains many carcinogenic compound that, if you don't do proper detox, it may stay and accumulate for the rest of your life.

As to the unexplained weight loss before his death, he should also have lack of energy, as the body's immune system (it needs all that energy) to fight off the invading cancer, if he does not properly supplement with that, the body digests itself, it basically has a very high demand for glutamine, branched chain amino acid, and from my own findings, threonine, but this is needed with lysine, which increase the white blood cells too. The cancer also have the ability to turn off the immune system, since the limiting amino acid is tryptophan, so in fact the cancer may derive some of this by digesting the muscles so to get to proper organs, basically you need tryptophan and diindolemethane to prevent the disabling of the immune systems also.

Pancreatic cancer you die quickly, but by having taken more supplements that relate to pancreatic enzymes and baking soda, because you need support, since bicarbonates (baking soda) is the main reservoir for pancreatic functions, but they are especially prone to damage with fructose consumption, which of course must be avoided. In some cases of pancreatic cancer I see, it can lead to pancreatitis, which is traced to virus in the area, but in Steve Jobs, case, its more like past exposures to cadmium, thallium, nicotine, and carcinogen found in weed that is the cause. So that is my idea of the cause of Steve's Job's cancer and the resolving of some of the unexplained weight loss, if he were a client of mine.

Replied by Andoy
Boise, Id

Edgar Cayce said "Eat 3 almonds a day and you won't fear cancer."

Replied by Lon Di
Stanhope, Nj Usa

Dear Ted,

In reference to the following from your article about Steve Jobs, "... Threonine, but this is needed with lysine, which increase the white blood cells too. "... In the case of chronic lymphocytic leukemia, should these supplements be avoided because they increase white blood cells? I'm trying to follow your general guidelines for cancer. Are there any exeptions or changes in strategy for CLL compared to other cancers. I've read about Cesium Chloride, but can't afford the treatment.

Thank you immensly for your wonderful contibutions toward the relief of suffering from illness, which you so generously share with everyone. God bless you!


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Well, you just have to understand what causes leukemia, which has nothing to do with Steve Jobs, that's pancreatic cancer, generally. The human diet and animal diet patterns result in lysine deficiency so yes restrictions in lysine will result in decrease in numbers of white blood cells. Unfortunately, the cause is usually a virus, and the biggest threat to all viruses is lysine, as well as other well known antivirals, selenium, zinc, N acetyl cysteine, and vitamin C. But there are lesser known antivirals such as reservatrol, quercetin, which I call vegetable antivirals. There are also synthetic type antivirals, such as aspirin.

Now in cats with leukemia, the usual protocol is actually lysine being one of the main treatments, of course, they also have low red blood cells, which needs epogen, both cases have to do with viruses (mostly) attacking the bone marrow stem cells, which may cause abnormalities in production of red blood cells and white blood cells. So I'm not missing my mark here, but what I can say is for the general cancer therapies applies to leukemia too, but for a condition specifically relates to leukemia is also zinc, selenium, N acetyl Cysteine, vitamin C, reservatrol, quercetin, and green tea extract (with ECGC - epigallocatechin gallate) these are generally very broad spectrum antibacterials and antivirals. The green tea actually relates to tannins, and tannic acid maybe used to, you can picture tanning leather, so basically green tea and tannic acid just kill all invading bacteria and viruses or else you couldn't tan leathers! It just deactivates them. So you can modify the protocol specific to leukemia to include zinc acetate 15 mg for a month, selenium yeast 200 mcg x 2, N acetyl Cysteine 1/4 teaspoon 4 times a day, vitamin C, hourly 250 mg for 8 hours, resveratrol (any amount will do since they are expensive, you can try red wine extract), green tea extract with ECGC, 250 mg x 2, for example. I can go on, of course, there are antiviral plants, the most powerful that I know of, is andrographis paniculata, there's plenty in Thailand as it grows everywhere, if taken in powdered form 1/4 teaspoon twice a day, but is synergistic with lysine. It takes generally 3 to 4 days to get leukemia under control, and that's just from my experience, so everyone will have different experience, but if you want an idea of how long, you can use my experience or anyone experience who used that remedy as a way to measure your success.

Because red blood cells are effected in leukemia, you might concern specifically B6, B12, and folic acid, but you can take just B50 1 to 3 times a day depending on the seriousness of red blood count and weakness too.


10/10/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "There are lesser known antivirals such as lithium, in form of lithium carbonate, lithium citrate, lithium chloride, lithium hydroxide, which are also involved with the maturation of immature stem cells, if the person is deficient with it also, but the dose is low, 1 to 5 mg., or 2.5 mg. of that lithium may help too in leukemia cases, but you also have to avoid the things that make or cause leukemia from the external environment: exposure to x rays, aspartame intake, and chemical exposure (benzene), and others. For this you can detox with wet bentonite clay applied on the skin, wait until dry and do that again 3 times. Magnesium chloride is another lesser known antiviral but is most frequent one I use, since magnesium deficiency is a frequent problems, the typical sign of magnesium deficiency is muscle pain in the back, and may reach the neck.


Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

The loss of weight in cancer patients is calle Cachexia, which is the leading cause of death in cancer patients. There are some very interesting theories on how to stop that in the book: The Cancer Industry (a very interesting book anyone should read anyway! ). One option would be using Hydrazine Sulfate but of course.... this is not accepted by the main stream.

Replied by Elly
Topeka, Kansas, Usa

Yes but good luck getting truly raw almonds today. I was told its a illegal in the US to get truly raw almonds unless you get them from a farmer. I know in parts of California they can grow. They can send them to you but people are concerned about general mail irradiation. Some people who deal with jewlery complained of their pearls and certain other gem stones changing colors in the mail due to what seems irradiation. Someone's got it out for us - passing all these laws. I talked with soem of the California almond growers and they said almonds can go through some steam pasturization and also be spreayed with some chemical and can still be called raw legally. Most health food shops seem oblivious to any of this.

Despite Legal Setback, Raw Almond Fight Continues

Raw Almond Fight Continues Despite Legal Setback

Replied by Desertpunky
Socaldesert, Usa

Please, everyone-read Dr. Hulda Clark's books. She shows that parasites are the cause of cancer or basically are cancer. Parasites consuming what you eat as well as your body causes weight loss. Why would that make sense? A lot of doctors will tell you that parasites don't exist. Parasites cause all dis-eases and Dr.'s wouldn't have anything to treat if we parasite cleansed ourselves... Makes sense to me. Remember, as long as there is research, there will never be a cure... just no money in cures, unless it is lab created and drug companies can make money from them.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Usa
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The main point Hulda kept repeating is that the human body, once home to toxic chemicals, heavy metals, solvents, cannot rid a parasitic infection once exposed; and as the parasite takes strong-hold adjacent the xenobiotic, spews out toxic waste like bacteria, ammonia and others. Once the following scenario takes place, the immune system inevitably becomes severely compromised. With this entire disease process, the perfect environment for cancer has been created. Hulda says one MUST clear the xenobiotic, kill the parasites, and only then can the cancer be killed.