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Cramps Throughout Body

Posted by Missy (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 03/04/2008

Hello, FIRSTLY, I THANK EACH & EVERY ONE OF YOU, ESPECIALLY TED for taking the time from your busy schedules or physical discomfort for sharing and helping all of us in need. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

My throat was not only like razors when swallowing, horrible coughing from chest with phlegm & fever, but my gums were very swollen especially on the right side of mouth behind the molars. They were seriously infected, sort of cut up, open lesions and extremely sensitive when I tried to eat. My Tinnitus was so loud my balance was affected. My head was pounding, sinuses all stuffed up and face puffy. I'm scheduled for nasal surgery on the 20th of this mth and needed to clear this up asap or no surgery. I need to avoid antibiotics now as I may need them later and less is more. Oh, and my lips were very cracked and dry. (I just threw out my toothpaste as per info re: fluoride poisoning on this site, using baking soda & H2o2 combo)

I read Ted's article about the ice cream and lo and behold....that is exactly what I had at my favourite Chinese Buffet two days prior and even had more of it since then. This seems to happen every time I eat the darn stuff, but NOT as bad as this time.

Ted's soooo smart and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for his compassion and knowledge. My body must have been very acidic due to over consumption of meat and starch from the buffet along with the poisonous chemical in the ice cream.

So I began to alkaline my body with the baking soda WITH NO ALUMINUM and 1/2 of a lemon in a glass of R/O water (reverse osmosis). The AVC just didn't do it for me.
I stepped up the Super Cal Mag Plus (Shaklee), Vitamin B Complex (which included zinc and Vitamin B2) as per Ted & took Emergen-C (best vitamin C around) 3% H2o2 spray, food grade CELL FOOD drops in drinking water vitamins.

I had not read as far as the cayenne cure as yet, so I made a Organic green tea with ORGANIC ginger (huge difference and very potent) and raw honey. Chewing on the ginger really burned, killed me to chew as gums were so sensitive. (even chewing on ORGANIC garlic did me in). I love spicy foods, but this was so unbearable....I quickly took a large spoon of Virgin Coconut Oil & swished it around my mouth. IMMEDIATE RELIEF! Better and quicker than bread or milk. I pushed a chunk of it onto the cut gums and just let it gradually melt, WOW, IMMEDIATE RELIEF. The cuts started to close up. Lips are a lot better too. I kept all this up over the past 4 days. BUT, I wondered why I was having such coughing jags, then I remembered that I turned down the humidifier in the basement furnace during our last cold snap as the windows were full of moisture. I just turned it back on at 3 am last night. Woke up with no coughing and no pain but also no voice. If you live in an apartment, remember, it may be to dry in there, get a humidifier, air moisture very important.

I quickly came back to this site and read more. I started chewing on the cloves (not garlic) and finally I can speak, not great yet, but I can speak.

Ted's remedy with Green Tea and Baking Soda combo was what got everything in my throat to finally settle down as of yesterday. I used Organic, no pesticide tea. This combo is the best, I even squeezed in 1/2 lemon juice. (Always remember to wash the outside of the lemon with some of your dish soap to remove pesticides and other germs before cutting into it.) Oh, and to aid the alkaline, I made a pot of Organic Black Turtle Bean Soup as per the Gout remedy (I do not have gout) but thought this would feed me and keep everything alkaline.

I forgot to mention, I also started taking New Chapters Holy Basil to reduce cortisol due to STRESS. Do not swallow. Just crack open the gel tab with teeth and let the God awful contents stay under the tongue for a few minutes and then swallow. You can spit out the gel tab after you get all the contents out. Really helps with the soar throat and stress. Take as often as needed. It really helps to calm everything down.

Ted, please help me on one more issue. I have tried everything on this site except for the cayenne. But I cannot stop the body cramps. It started a mth ago. (About the same time I started using high quality sea salt only) My boyfriend also was experiencing similar but his went away.) Sharp cramp in left knee. I wake up constantly in tears. Then, after a few days it started to jump in right shoulder then immediately jumps to right arch of foot, then jumps to outside of right big toe. NOT AT THE SAME TIME! It immediately moves from one spot to the other and then back again to the left knee then back to the right shoulder then down to the right foot and back to the left knee. It just keeps jumping and jabbing in a circle without stopping always in the same places. What is that? It just sound so ridiculous to describe. But it is real and extremely painful.

My left ankle started up as well a couple of days ago. I can barely apply any pressure when walking on my left leg, knee and ankle very sore. The cramp/knot has lodged in there and won't release. Also since taking the baking soda treatment, (I use 80% mineral Sea Salt on foods) my RIGHT hand, fingers very swollen. HOW CAN I MAKE ALL THIS GO AWAY. Please advise. I am female, 55 yrs. old, and yes I am drinking r/o water. (I am the one who wrote the article about IBS and Cortisol a couple of weeks ago). I am IBS free now, but these random jabbing cramps, jumping all over the place in a circle, are something that I just can't figure out. I had floating kidney surgery 5 yrs ago. I always had/have trouble holding my water. I have extremely dark circles under my eyes always and allergies to mold and cats. I have two cats, I will not give them up. I do not sneeze, nor watery eyes, this is what the allergy test revealed, but I do not feel anything with them around. I AM affected by mold. Could all this be from the ice cream poisoning?

Pre-Op at hospital revealed that my blood pressure was up and I had low grade fever (prior to my doing these cures 4 days ago). They do not sell urine ph testing kits in Canada, but I will get some online.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The cramps and sudden pain, appears to be a fungus like problem, such as mycoplasma like organism that exists and sometimes cause pain around the joints. The one remedy I found to be helpful in reduction was the alkalization and antifungal remedy using the borax. Further more circulatory problems especially extremities, and possible muscle twitching and tinnitus is an indication of lack of magnesium and vitamin B complex. Quite often tinnitus can be cause from taking too much aspirin, excess heavy metals, the body's fungus in the system is high and this is indicated by lowered tolerance to moldy environments. Hence, using H2O2 3% sprays or used as disinfectants in the house will reduce this problem. Taking H2O2 3% drops such as between 3- 10 drops in 1 glass of water will also reduce that moldy allergies. But most interesting of all are the three additional remedies that can reduce the fungus problems (and other similar organism) in the blood that causes pains, especially the joints from using the 1/4 teaspoon (some may prefer 1/8 teaspoon) of borax in 1 liter of drinking water. The borax is antifungal. Certain supplements I found useful against similar condition and can be combined with borax remedies, are obviously baking soda should always be considered, but vitamin D3 20,000 i.u. taken for a couple of weeks, and vitamin K2 about 250-500 mcg, which has immune raising properties and are also antifungal. It is worthy to mentioned that adding some xylitol such as 1/8 teaspoon in 1/2 glass of water taken three times a day reduces the pain too. Xylitol prevents mycobacterium from attaching itself near the joints (source comes from our breathing it) and muscle area which shoots up now and then, to loosen up and get killed. Therefore a xylitol (1/8 teaspoon), borax (between 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon) and some drops of hydrogen peroxide 3% (usually 10-30 drops) per liter of drinking water will help. Low grade fever is a common conditions of living in a moldy environments, but it has a tendency to raise the blood heavy metals higher, and hence taking spirulina and chlorella supplements helps remove the heavy metals. Lauric acid content in the coconut oil that you mentioned on the mouth area is that lauric acid has antifungal and some antiviral properties but usually are poorly absorbed, but can do wonders for those with a fungus problem or mycobacterium that might exist in the mouth area too. Cracking lips might be a common sign of riboflavin deficiency and this is why B2, or just taken together with the vitamin B complex and magnesium are usually most synergistic. Yes there is something in those ice cream from modern manufacturing process, not necessarily a healthy one, but these very same processes also creates problem from eating white flour, vegetable oils, margarine, and bread. Usually the best way is to switch over from eating bread and white flour to rice and oatmeal. Rice and oatmeal are high in silicon which causes the body to be much more resistant against fungus and moldy issue. Yes, adding sea salts added to all drinking water will reduce some allergies such as fungus and moldy environment, but the body must always be sufficiently alkalized, borax, xylitol, magnesium and vitamin B complex are further needed to reduce the pain, while the chelation using chlorella/spirulina will reduce the free heavy metal buildup which reduces the body's immune system.