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Needle-like Pains in Toes and Fingers

Posted by Mary (Logansport, Louisiana) on 09/16/2008

I recently found a bone spur on top of my foot. The poditrist didnt want to operate and gave me mexicam to take before that was low dose steroids. The pain went away from the spur. But my feet hurt so bad. My knees get fluid and I stiffen up when I sit down. My toes and fingers at times have pains like needles sticking in them. My hands go to sleep at night. Also during the day when driving or just sitting still. I hurt so bad today but this afternoon when I did number 2, it was like acidity, brownish, then I felt better all over but I have like infection feelings in my feet and my backbones. The doc said osteoarthirtis. I just dont believe this, cause he said that without getting any x-rays.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Mary:
The needle like pains in toes and fingers are a circulatory problem. In some instances blood sugar is high also which worsens the circulatory condition. The common remedy used to restore the needle like pain, which is indeed a common ailment is B1 100 mg, B6 100 mg, plus vitamin B complex in the form of B50. The other two supplements that are supportive of circulatory condition are granulated lecithin taken 30 minutes before meal, often once a day is the minimum. Granulated lecithin is considered an emulsified fats and by dissolving fats, it will restore the circulatory system reducing the blood circulation issues. The other is chromium polynicotinate usually 1000 mcg per day, or other similar chromium might be o.k. also. The chromium will help reduce blood sugar which is responsible for reduce blood circulation. The reason is the higher the blood sugar in excess often reduced blood circulation and suppresses immune system. High blood sugar is also acid forming reducing the body's blood oxygen. Finally it helps to take 2 tablespoon of lemon juice plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1 glass of water twice a day. Alkalizing increases the oxygen as alkalization drives out carbon dioxide more readily and hence the gas is then replaced with oxygen instead. As to the condition of bone spurs, is that bone growth occurs when there is fungus like deep inthe bone and this disturbs normal bone growth. To discourage them, the common remedy is magnesium citrate and alkalization remedy and perhaps kelp supplements, which has trace organic arsenic that tends to discourage fungal growth.