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Chemical Sensitivity

on 03/13/2008

A Reader writes that he has been in pain for better than a decade, experiencing stiffness and burning throughout his body, tingling, and gastrointestinal problems

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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This is a common condition that affects nearly everyone, but perhaps not as extreme as you do. The body is sensitive to most hydrocarbons. Carpets and tiles are high in hydrocarbon chemicals, some examples include benzene, methanol (neurotoxic), formaldehyde, kerosene, etc. The liver has no means to detoxify, especially when a person just happens to be taking tylenol (paracetemol), antibiotics (which causes the accumulation of heavy metals), metabolic acidosis, and most medications are not every kind to the liver and the kidneys. The best ways to detoxify for me to do the following remedy, to reduce neurotoxicity. The conditions explained below seems to be due to chemical toxins causing neurotoxicity, especially with vaccinations, which can accelerate autoimmune response, as well as other viral toxins and mycoplasm toxins which are neurodegenerative in nature, especially the mercury. Alkalizing remedy I used for neurotoxicity is this one: This one is what scientist call a Carbicarb, and it is neuroprotective, since it won't cause temporary acidosis in neuron cells' as it lowers the carbon dioxide pressure. 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda 1/4 ( or more such 1/2 later on) teaspoon of sodium carbonate in 1/2 glass of water taken about twice a day. It takes about two weeks at least, more like three weeks for the body to have sufficient alkalinity that's needed for detoxification, but they need to be continued always. I would seriously consider avoiding certain medications that are not liver friendly, especially the tylenol. A replacement, and I AM old fashion geezer, is I would take aspirin and dissolve them in a glass of water completely before taking them. If I THINK I needed a pain killer. The dilution of aspirin would NOT cause ulcer if it is prepared in low concentration and diluted in water. Let's take an extreme argument: would drinking aspirin, completely dissolved in a swimming pool of water cause ulcer? The reason for the ulcer is people want convenient and take them in tablet form. That form could burn the stomach, much like a magnfying glass which focuses on a small area of region causing burns, but if there is no magnifying glass, its not likely to cause any burns. I would also try to restore the liver function, which is to take N Acetyl Cysteine, 250 or 500 mg at least once a day. The N Acetyl Cysteine is a common antidote against liver damage caused by taking paracetamol (Tylenol) and interestingly the N Acetyl Cysteine removes or chelates out mercury, which are commonly added into the vaccination these days. I am assuming of course that vaccination also has mycoplasma and certain viruses and that has to be taken care of too, but not now. I would likely use the borax remedy and the zinc remedy to deal with that, but that's not important, the detoxification is. The body is a strange being in that if there is hydrocarbons, the body continually recirculates and accumulates. The body has no way of getting rid of this and it becomes more toxic the longer you live. This was explained to me in Anatomy and Physiology 101, when I was a student. Interestingly they neglected to mention how to rid of these substances. So I four remedies that does that: 1. The alkalizing remedy using the baking soda and sodium carbonate already mentioned. Alkalization works like a soap allowing the hydrocarbons to be removed from the body easily, usually through the kidneys. 2. Granulated lecithin, one tablespoon taken once a day. It's a fat emulsifer and hydrophobic hydrocarbons get tagged with this allowing it to be safely removed via the feces. 3. Hydrogen peroxide food grade, usually I would likely do this to my drinking water: I add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 30 drops of 3% H2O2 food grade in one liter of drinking water. It takes about two weeks to notice some improvement. What the hydrogen peroxide does to the body, chemically is interesting. It oxidizes them and most of these chemicals can and do get neutralize this way. In similar and different approach, I can briefly ozonate my room and smell some ozone and this will go to rapidly in the bloodstream to neutralize many of the toxic chemicals that is circulated or continually recirculated causing auto toxicity. 4. Sodium thiosulfate 10% solution I will do later, say a month later after I managed to detoxify most of them by hydrogen peroxide, but these I will continue a couple of more months and alternate maybe 3 hours apart at least with sodium thiosulfate. The sodium thiosulfate solution 10% I will add 10-30 drops per glass of water, for example, usually taken in the evening hours, and perhaps more later one once the laxative effect in some people wears off after a couple of dose and perhaps increase the dose to about one crystal (lenghtwise) in a 1/2 or 1 glass of water in the evening up to 5 or more later. The sodium thiosulfate will reduce the toxic chemical by reduction. Sulfur related detoxification includes MSM, DMSO can also be considered. However the ones with the least problem is MSM, but I think sodium thiosulfate are a lot easier to use than MSM, but most sulfur compounds are great in detoxification because sulfur also attaches to toxic mercury and other substances too. The pain can generally be relieved with MSM and other sulfur compoundsl 5. The fifth and most important is the taking of L-Glutathione, which can be 250 mg taken about 3 or 4 times a day. I once have these autotoxicity of hydrocarbon intolerance as a child, but I didn't have all these supplements, instead I chose to take vitamin C sodium ascorbate about 1000 mg and baking soda teaspoon. That was taken for a week and most conditions are gone, but still I don't like the benzene or hydrocarbon fuels, but it was not nearly bad now. It's usually liver toxicity that's the problem However, liver problem is just one small aspect, it's combined with metabolic acidosis and an opportunistic pathogens that causes the acid reflux which makes this case an interesting one. The metabolic acidosis in this case is that hydrocarbon exposure, such as carbon tetrachloride, benzene, kerosine, and other hydrocarbon chemicals interesting the more toxic ones are found in military use and those can really kill or cause neurodegenerative disorders. That said certain supplements AFTER the detoxification is needed, such as two of my favorite smart drugs which were used together, but taken only 4 days out of 7, which is hydergine (1-2 mg) and Nootropil (800 mg) taken together, should allow recovery in leaps and bounds, provided of course heavy metals and hydrocarbonas and liver functions was restored first. Lecithin can restore some neural functions as it acts as a myelin sheaths, but so does the vitamin C in a way. Long term alkalization should restore the acid reflux, the spirulina chlorella supplements taken once every two days should remove the heavy metals, and the hydrogen peroxide should rid of most, about 80% of the chemical toxins in the body. During detoxification especially on the third week, especially on the fourth week, I believe in at least begin to take some vitamin B complex. But the vitamin B complex I prefer is the B50 or B100, where B1 is in the form of thiamine mononitrate, B3 niacinamide, and B6 pyridoxine phosphate if at all possible. However in the event of a hydrocarbon autotoxicity, I may need to take a lot more folate, often named folic acid vitamin B9 a lot more than usual, such as 100-200 mg, if they do have it in that form and not the mcg dose. Folic acid I used it as a detoxification this is why larger dose are needed. During that same time (fourth week) I will take magnesium citrate, or magnesium gluconate 500 mg a day. As to the pain that depends on where it is. If it is in the joints usually a borax remedies help, but if it's in the stomach area like an acid reflux, than alkalizing would do. But if it is Morgellon's then it's always the borax and baking soda remedy as the prime supplements I used. This is just the basic to get some of the recovery. The condition is a liver problem, acid reflux pathogen, mycoplasma fungus (I used 1/4 teaspoon of borax in one liter of drinking water), and neuro degenerative disorders (vitamin C, smart drugs, perhaps 5-HTP, tryptophan, B complex, L glutamine, and a host of others). Whatever the problems detoxification of the chemicals, alkalization, liver restoration is the primary consider. This then is closely followed by neural supporting supplements to allow recovery, and perhaps amino acid supplements if at all possible be taken any time would help at least balance the amino acid which is usually important for neural recovery.