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Terrible Pain in Left Side After Getting Struck by Lightening As a Child

Posted by S.H. on 06/09/2008

Hi Ted!

I'm one of the readers on Earth Clinic that has chronic sinus for more than 24 yrs. At the moment I use ACV, Soda, fresh garlic cloove and honey but I see a lot of change especially my skin plus I nomore sneeze in the morning, my eyes and ears are no longer itching, cellulite also start to disappears. Its wonderful as I did not use this for a month yet. Another problem that bothering me is that I was stuck by the lightening when I was 9 yrs and left me having electricity movement on the left side of my back, before the movement use to start only when it is rainning but from two years to date it starts to move most all the time. I cant also not hold tight my left foot it is terrible paining inside. My whole left side incuding my arm and leg is also weaker then the other. Hopefully u will get something that could ease my pain.

May God Bless and add to your knowledge and research you run a wonderful site. Keep on with challenging ideas!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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It appears the lightning cause neural damages and possibly the brain, therefore certain supplements and certain medicine may be worth trying. Whether or not they work will take about a week or sowhether to continue the supplements or not. In any event, neural growth is needed, and perhaps rebuilding of myelin sheaths. Therefore 1000 mg of fish oil containing EPA, and DHA Omega 3 is most helpful usually it's taken once a day, one tablespoonful of granulated lecithin on empty stomach three times a day, vitamin B50 (or B complex where most are 50 mg each) usually taken once every other day, evening primrose oil 1000 mg taken every two days, reduction of vegetable oils used in cooking, avoid wheat products, avoid all artificial sugar, especially aspartame - since it damages the neural growth. If there is aloe vera oil or just aloe vera supplements this helps regeneration too. Low dose lithium usually lithium citrate 2.5-5 mg is helpful.

A month's of supplementation should notice some improvement, if not another medicine that seems to support neural growth is naltrexone low dose, about 2.5-4.5 mg may help. However, I believe in non-medicine and may pursue, a sea salt- carbicarb remedy better.

The sea salt carbicarb remedy (or ORMUSdrinks) is 1/4 teaspoon of each for baking soda, sodium carbonate and sea salt in 1/2 glass of water used as a drinking water throughout the day, but should be kept overnight before use, and also shake before using..

It seems to improve neural transmission or at least normalize it through monoatomic elements found in trace amounts in the sea salt that is often activated whenever the mix is done and kept overnight in a plastic container or glass container. The reason why this is used is because I tested it and seems to do a good job in many general conditions. Apparently when this is taken, b complex and other supplements work a lot better. I suspect the reason for the miracles of Dr. Batmanhelidj, Your Body Cries for Water is the sea salt that contains monoatomic element is responsible for many of the healing effects (as is magnesium and trace minerals too), but he failed to noticed that these can be activated further in an alkaline solution such as baking soda and especially sodium carbonate, which causes intracellular communication and accelerates healing process.

If none of the remedies are working, it would seem that nerve transmission are impaired physically and perhaps, in this case, accupuncture might be one remedy I will look into, when all else fails.

Finally, one dark horse supplement is that whenever lightning strikes certain nerves get pinched from muscle tightening near the spinal column or other areas. In this case 500 mg of magnesium citrate or magnesium gluconate are usually taken everyday for a month to notice improvement. This is synergistic with b complex and the pinching nerves should reduce. Magnesium causes relaxation of muscles and reduce pinching of the nerves. Take my cases for example, I can have a sudden jerk and pain from the nerves too, but it was gone if I took magnesium and b complex for a couple of days and it was gone too. Of course I didn't get stuck by a lightning, but the pain and symptoms are somewhat familiar, where getting struck is a more severe one.


6/11/2008: S.H. replies, "Hi Ted! Thank you very much for the beneficial information on lightening cures it gaves a lot in my knowledge. Once as you were talking about nerves, I have a small lump at the back of my neck on top of my left main lymph. I will go to the pharmacist or homeopathics to look for the medicine you adviced me to use. In the mean time can I continue taking apple cider and baking soda for chronic sinuses or I need to stop for a while? Least but not last my I wish you a healthy longevity life full of blessed knowledge and strengths for further researches!"

6/11/2008: Ted replies, "ACV with baking soda is anti-inflammatory so it also helps.

I think lymph massage, skin brushing, and clearing lymph also helps. Obstructed lymph might be cleared by reducing some blockages such as certain aromatherapy where small amounts of camphor is mixed with suitable carrier oils in the area of obstruction can also help too, along with accupunctures too.

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn

To S.H. who was struck by lightning at age 9 and has continuing pain Hi SH, That statement that pain used to occur only when it rained sounds like you may be having some post traumatic arthritis pain. The best thing I have taken (and still am) for that is MSM (methylsulfonylmethane). Why don't you google MSM and see if you want to try it. Everyone I have told about it who tried say they can tell a big difference after taking it. Before I started taking it, when it rained my Rt. hip felt like someone was slamming it with a sledge hammer and I'd almost fall with every step. I used to order mine out of a lab in Florida, but now I find the same MSM crystals at our local co-op in 2 1/2 pound container for $13.95 (a little more than half what I used to pay for a 2 pound container. It is labeled for horses & dog dosages, but the only difference is the label on the container. The one I ordered from in Florida at first shipped it with animal dosage label, but I got to ordering so much of it for my friends and myself that they started putting a human dosage (l tsp. 3 times per day) labels on the container. The rest of the label was exactly the same.