Outbreak of Virus by Drinking Flavoured Seltzer Waters

Posted by Anonymous on 06/18/2007

Hi, I read your wonderful website info on herpes. Thanks for sharing the wealth of information on this topic. I've found my doctors know very little on the topic except for writing an RX. Here's one I haven't heard ANYWHERE but by me. I can get an outbreak of this virus by drinkiing those seltzer waters that come flavored (you know, orange, berry (esp.) and others). Am I alone in this? Just wondering.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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It might be that certain ingredients such as sweeteners rather than flavoring was what triggered the herpes outbreak, such as aspartame. Usually orange oil, licorice oil have antiviral properties, BUT not aspartame hidden in the ingredients that might trigger them.

It also depends on the active ingredient labels of the product, some are actually quite good. What I would stay away like the plague is when they started adding aspartame and paracetamol (acetaminophen). The aspartame breaks down into toxic substances such as formaldehyde, which lowers the immune system and indirectly supports viral growth.

Paracetamol causes damages to the liver function (sometimes the kidney), which is essential in detoxification, leading to autotoxification (self poisoning), which lowers immune system and supports the viral growth.

Certain formulas do have antiviral capabilities, where aspirin dissolves virus, and are synergistic with both vitamin C and zinc. A very popular anti cold formula actually took advantage of this fact, along with the bicarbonates, where the body's need for alkalinity rises dramatically to kill the virus.

In my own experience (it saved my own sister's life), is that aspirin and certain amount of caffeine, raises the body's metabolism to fight off the virus. If it hadn't been for that she would not be alive today as she was inflicted with a terrible pneumonia as a child. Of course that was 1965, today, we can use other suitable substitute that can raise the metabolism besides just the caffeine such as sodium malate (baking soda reacted with malic acid, or apple cider vinegar with baking soda). In case you might wonder if is aspirin safe, in event of a Reye's Syndrome. My own observation is aspirin is totally useless and get worse if you eat sweets, fruit juices, and cakes. So I might be off on this, but there are some growing literature that Reye's is not the issue because of aspirin use. It may either be an unidentified hepatitis A, or a metabolic disorder (fructose intolerance), which also displays a Reye's syndrome. Therefore, such syndrome may in fact be non-existent disease after all, but it is due to other conditions that normal routine procedures overlooked (e.g. hepatitis, chicken pox, malaria, fructose intolerance). In other some other cases' Reye Syndrome is displayed without aspirin use, but from outbreak of influenza B and H1N1. Obviously, an outbreak of these kind, often happens in school due to popular use of soda pop and high sugar products. Therefore a seltzer should obviously not contain sugar or even artificial sugar.

Certain green tea also denatures the viral protein (tannin), aspirin dissolves it, and baking soda just burns them with alkalinity and oxygen.

Therefore, it is not the product, it is the ingredient that I would stay away from. So read the labels, not the brand.