Zinc and Magnesium Solution

Posted by Glenda (Minneapolis, MN) on 05/16/2008

Question for Ted. This site is amazing. Thank you. My question is how do you get a 5% solution of zinc and magnesium? Are you using liquid zinc and magnesium and diluting it? Or can you disolve zinc and magnesium in H2O. I'm dying to try this for herpes, but don't know how to get from tablet to solution in the right amounts. thanks.

Replied by Tracey
Gainesville, FL

I was wondering the same thing, and how to get it. Also does anyone think the Abreva would do anything for a genital outbreak?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I am sure a lot of people out there knows thousands of times more than me, but they simply don't post. It becomes some sort of trade secret and they make money, which is fine, but I don't make a living from that. I make a living killing computer viruses and other mundane work. lol.

Magnesium chloride and zinc chloride is obtained from chemical suppliers. Locally in Thailand it's very easy to obtain here, but then this is true of India and China.

In the States everything seems to be protected by law so people can be completely dependent on the System. If you have trouble obtaining magnesium chloride, then perhaps magnesium citrate might do. Sometimes I even obtain them from a science school supply store, and got myself a lab grade, and sometimes a USP grade.

Because I constantly update my information as I find better cures or better remedy that works, and I don't have as many trials as I would like too, since people I contact is too few to ven bother. Doctors have the upper hand there, but they are doing it all wrong in finding the proper remedy. That alone requires a long thesis. I might as well post the newer information in this posting.

The best remedy that I found that works better than the best commercial genital herpes remedy that I know of (I won't mention names here, but you can ask!) is a duo combination, more like two of each. The remedy is as follows:

1. Sodium chlorite 25% plus citric acid 10% (or malic acid 10% or just plain vinegar). Is applied in a 4 to 1 ratio, when counting the drops. So 4 drops of sodium chlorite 25% solution is reacted with say 1 drop of 10% citric acid solution. Mixture is applied topically to the area ever one or two hours then it is applied much further apart such as every 4 to 6 hours apart. A chlorinate bleach seems to work too, but the commercial products here is way too alkaline for use. There's no brandname Clorox in Thailand for me to test, or at least is not available where I live. Hence, a generic sodium chlorite 25% would do. In practice they seem to work equally well. But I need some more tests. Jim Humble's MMS uses the non standard 28% sodium chlorite, but the industry standard is 25%, perhaps from a marketing point of view it makes sense to make it non-industry standard with your own special language such as "MMS". That way it guarantees people to buy your brand.

2. A copper acylcovir cream. Acylovir pills are way too expensive and doesn't work well or you need to take a lot of it, and still with larger dose works weak. What I know for sure is you're completely broke very quickly after taking for 1 weeks of acylovir, your entire month's salary is completely gone - at least from Thailand, perhaps it's cheaper in U.S, I don't know. Research has found out a newer form, a copper acyclovir that works 20 or 30 times more powerful then ordinary acyclovir. This I have modified to be used in a more cheaper version of acyclovir cream, mixed with a 5% copper chloride solution drops to the cream. The copper chloride solution will react with acylcovir cream to get a copper acylcovir. It's mixed in equal portions. This is applied after the sodium chlorite (a.k.a. MMS) so that it's killing effect is much more pronounced. It's applied every 4-6 hours a day, at least. Frequency seems to be the critical components in killing.

Mine you this strain of genital herpes was found to be resistant of zinc and magnesium and hence this is the best remedy that I can come up with. As to the MMS of Jim Humble, it didn't work as well, unless it was applied with a copper acyclovir also.

Some research indicates lugol's solution (more painful) or a milder form more like timed release of using betadine solution, an iodine solution mixed with PVP (polyvinylpovidone), or it can mixed with other forms of thickeners, it will work the same, such as carboxylmethylcellulose, or other food thickeners such as gelatin. The iodine is antiviral, however a more powerful one is the lithium iodide and iodine trichloride. However, while research has shown to work very well and the scabs dried up after a couple of days, and gone for most people after the second week, my case that I have experience was a tough one. It was somewhat responsive to the iodine, lithium iodide, guanine hydochloride, and even betadine solutions. However, for general genital herpes, I think Betadine and or a more painful lugol's solution will work fine, if it isn't then I would go for a very powerful ones mentioned here.

Taking some zinc and magnesium supplements help, as is some kelp, but the effects in killing off the genital herpes is slight. There is a theory in the research world that if you flush out all the genital herpes, it won't come back again. Well I did that sort of experiment using the Thai herbs mixture called "Ya Keow" which is available in most Thai drug stores as a cure for Chicken Pox. It works by flushing out the viruses so they can come out an play, so they will no longer have a bird's nest hiding someplace to come back and attack you. What I can promise is you will have some of the worse genital herpes in your entire life. Suppose you get 2-3 spots of breakout, this stuff will flush out something like 20-30 spots all at once and then you apply the Double Duo formula mentioned. You may not be able to work for weeks doing this method, but there's a good chance it won't come back again. My genital herpes friend living in Thailand is trying to challenge me by eating bad food, such as chocolate, coffee, tea, ice cream, and some of the worse imaginable foods (along with cheese) just to prove I am wrong. So far so good but still not coming back according to the regularity of the herpes breakout, which has roughly 6-8 weeks cycle. Other supplements that can be taken includes 1500 mg of BHT which may reduce some hidden viruses, but it's direct effect in genital herpes reduction is limited.

I hope this helps, and sorry for the change in the remedy. I try to update as much as I can with new information and experiments.


Replied by Joe
Las Vegas, USA

Where can you buy "Ya Keow" in the USA- thanks