Non-responsive Genital Herpes

Posted by L (Berkeley, CA) on 01/19/2008

I am writing about severe, non-responsive, apparently untreatable genital herpes. I have had herpes for tweny years. It was never a huge problem till two years ago when I came down with a painful outbreak with swollen genital glands, which have continued to this day. No anti-viral or natural remedy has had any effect. I have had continuous outbreaks while on anti-viral medications. I have also been in a state of constant outbreak for the past two months,so painful that I cannot stand it. At first I though BHT was working, but it didn't. I am on daily:
BHT 3,150 mg
Lysine 3000 mg
Zinc, 50 mg
Vit C w/bioflav 2000mg
Vit A 24,000 IU
Vit E 1600 IU
Selenium 200 mg
B50 2 per day
Vit B1 1000mg
Ted's Apple Cider Vinegar recipe
Applied topically:
Hydrogine Peroxide
Black tea

I am in terrible pain; please help me if you can. Many thanks

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn

To L from Berkley, Ca.' 1/19/08 Increase your l lysine to 2000 mgs (2 grams) 4 times a day and see if your herpes problem improves- if not, you probably have something else along with it & hopefully can find a good GU doctor to solve your problem

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Certain supplements missing for genital herpes are olive leaf extract, mannose, turmeric, cranberry, raspberry and xylitol. Topical application is also not used, but in practice I used topical application a lot, if it is required to do so, more so in many cases than the use of supplements as my main focus.

The local topical applications I used is the 5%-10% magnesium chloride mixed with 2-5% xylitol, to the area. Or I may try to add some milk of magnesia to make it more alkaline to easier kill them, by adding a 5% solution of 5%-10% milk of magnesia solution to the topical application also. I may apply this every 30 minutes to the area for an entire day, thereafter I may apply just 3-5 times a day. It should be noted that some zinc should be added to be much more effective, but adding the zinc where it doesn't cause stinging is important. For me a 1% zinc acetate added to original solution is preferred, but if a zinc chloride, a much stronger stinging sensation is felt and I can't use a 1% concentration. Both zinc and magnesium applied topically, at least for me, were most effective for me.

Certain supplements I may take that helps is raspberry 1/2 to 1 cup/day (it has ellagic acid - antiviral), with plenty of water, olive leaf extract 3x times a day , 1 teaspoon 3 times a day turmeric, and some 1/2 cup cranberry juice (contains mannose and prevents viruses from attaching to healthy cells). The cranberry juice has mannose which prevents virus from attaching to healthy cells, but xylitol may work on that instances too such as 1/2 teaspoon of xylitol in 1/2 glass of water 4 times a day.

Calcium if it is added into any supplements may defeat its purpose as it seems to cause viral proliferation. Therefore I would read the labels. Whenever I do take lysine, it won't work. What did work for me was the lysine and arginine taken together along with zinc. I never heard of lysine working with herpes if taken alone, but it does work when arginine is taken together. Personally citrulline, also an amino acid, may work better than just the arginine as citrulline in my opinion is a stronger form of arginine in the body and hence exerts a more antiviral effects.

I generally don't try to do many remedies at once during the beginning stages, but will concentrate on the few and try them separately and see which ones work best together, as certain supplements may actually make the conditions worse. However, alkalization, zinc, turmeric, arginine & lysine, olive leaf extract do work consistently well for me. However, most of my "cures" come from the use of topical application. Of course people's skin sensitivity varies. I did use magnesium chloride 10% solution with a small amount of milk of magnesia applied topically every 30 minutes for at least 6 hours followed by next day 3-5 applications a day to be quite helpful. Adding some zinc to the solution is quite critical to the success, but it's difficult to calculate the exact concentration of zinc, depending on the kinds of zinc I used. Assuming I used zinc acetate a 1% would, do while a zinc chloride a 0.5% solution would do. The problem about this is that it causes stinging problem whenever zinc is added, and hence a lower concentration is needed until the stinging is gone.

Another remedy I have found to be fairly effective, but I personally do not like it as it causes nausea is what the internet calls "stabilized oxygen" when in fact it is actually chlorine dioxide, often made of 25% sodium chlorite solution that can be mixed with some water, applied topically. Some people reported succeses both taken internally and used topically. However I don't use this since they cause nausea, and too much causes vomiting, and hence I don't use it. I prefer a much milder remedy than a remedy too strong for me. However it is worth the mention for your information.

Replied by Shelby
Newburgh, Indiana

I agree with Ted.

Olive leaf consistently builds up in the system and lesser problems with herpes, definitely. Also I try to remain consistent with my intake of licorice root, as well as zapping regularly with a hand held zapper.

I did not realize the benefits of raspberry and cranberry, two things I absolutely love, but ceased to have because of the preliminary viral attacks, which occured regardless of what I ate, so I will go back to those. I have only had this a year and a half, but I am now at the point where I can eat most anything I want, save sugar, peanuts and mushrooms.

Also, stabilized allicin, although somewhat expensive and slow working, has killed various outbreaks to the point of them never returning. I purchase the capsules, mix them with oil or water, oil stays longer, and put them on the sores until they are gone.

Perhaps your body has built up resistance to these other suppliments and you need a break from them. Detox with fresh vegetables, making sure you are flushing your system with a bowel movement at least once a day. I don't recommend any more suppliments, but natural foods which are easier for the body to break down and process. Spinach, green peppers, and cabbage will do this most effectively, along with an apple every day.

Good luck!