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Menopause Contributes to Acid Tongue

Posted by Jody (Paris, France) on 10/28/2006

Hi Ted, Are you a doctor? I will try the sodium bicarbonate cure. I have heard that menopause contributes to acid tongue. iI am taking calcium supplements for bone density. Any suggestions there? I came off antibiotics and as a yogi brush my tongue, the brush kept in peroxide, ouf. Is this a digestive problem? The Italians have sodium bicarbonate that they take after meals. Om shanti,

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Jody: Yours may or may not be an acid tongue.

Menopause may contribute to acid tongue and hot flashes, but the cure is usually simple. Taking plenty of vitamin E often helps and this will stabilize the hormones. Often menopause is made worse after antibiotics since they tend to increase heavy metals. Heavy metals create free radicals and they tend to attack the glandular systems first. Therefore oil pulling or taking some lecithin will help the body remove excess heavy metals, thus reducing the menopause and the heavy metals attacking the glandular systems.

People get their tongue burned if the toothbrush is kept in a hydrogen peroxide. So before use rinse with water.

After taking off antibiotics, heavy metals in the body will increase, this may also contribute to fungus problem and they tend to cause acid tongue problems too.

The Italians take baking soda to help them with indigestion problem when taken after eating, especially to prevent constipation.

You see when the food passes through the stomach, the stomach needs to produce acid to digest them. However, once the food goes into the intestines, the intestines need to neutralize the acid food, by creating bicarbonates. If the body does not have sufficient bicarbonates, it causes constipation and bad smell of fecal odor, indicating that the food gets undigested and bacterial growth worsens. To prevent this problem, taking baking soda after a meal is passed through the stomach is recommended. The body must somehow find the bicarbonate, and you should at least help or assist your body.

Therefore, follow the Italians. They know what they are doing. This is a practice that has been done even by me for quite sometime while I was studying Anatomy and Physiology 101 on how the digestive process works three decades ago.

So this idea is not new, even gastroenterologists know this is an important part of our digestive process. Bicarbonates take a very important part in many of our physiological process to attain equilibrium.