Is There Any Remedy for Keloid Scar on Ear

Posted by jennifer (Stockton, CA) on 09/21/2006

Hello My 16 year old son had reconstructive ear surgery 3 years ago about 6 months later he developed a very large Keloid scar that will not go away. He has been taken to a famous HMO here which they have been injecting steroids into the keloid to keep it minimal. Now after 3 years they decide to cut it out. I feel uncomfortable with them taking it out due to the high possibility it will come back. Is there anything you recommend? thank you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Jennifer: Most keloid scars are a body's reaction to a viral infection/nanobac under the skin as a result of unsanitary conditions during surgery. Without going into the mistakes they make using the wrong kind of antiseptic, let us just focus on the treatment.

Buy 100% lavender oil and 100% tea tree oil mixed at 50 - 50 ratio and apply on the keloid scar. It should noticeably reduce within a couple of hours.

Of course, while you wait finding those aromatherapy oils, sometimes I find it extremely useful to reach for pure vinegar first. Apply vinegar every 20 - 30 minutes for about at least 5 application. You should notice a reduction in keloid scar, within a couple of hours. If not then just try lavender and tea tree oil.

If the above does not work, it means the keloid scars are fungus in nature that are somewhat resistant to the acid treatment, then a strong alkaline, such as potassium carbonate solution maybe 20-30% might be helpful, but you should mix this with possibly a some 3% hydrogen peroxide solution at 50% of the mix.

I could explain more difficult formulations using copper chloride solution, but you will end up having too much trouble as it is finding the needed supplies.

During treatment he should take plenty of vitamin C and if you can get fulvic acid, to be taken internally and applied to skin, should also help.

The skin reaction is also made worse whenever he has a zinc deficiency, in which case supplementation of zinc acetate, zinc gluconate or zinc citrate is the preferred form. I am doubtful they have zinc chloride but this is acceptable also. Do not use other kinds of zinc. The preferred dose is about 50 mg. Taking some manganese sulfate may complement his healing as well as taking oatmeal daily or twice daily on an empty stomach should help with healing. If the suggestion is right most keloid should disapper in a matter of a month or so, but you should see improvements within an hour or a couple of hours. If not, then you must have to switch to other forms of treatment.

Most of the suggestions here should apply for a majority of keloids. This is just my opinion, of course.