Ted's Remedy Feedback

Posted by Scott (Busan, South Korea) on 04/13/2010


this is question for Ted. I am wondering if he believes that 50-50 mixture of lavender and teatree essential oils would be effective against older keloid scars--2-20 years. I have used this mixture to great effect with small, emergent keloids. I don't know about the older ones, as I am sure it must take much longer. I also would like to know what he believes is the best treatment regimine--how often should the oil mixture be applied, whether soaking a gauze or cotton ball and leaving it taped in place overnight would be adviseable and so on.

Whatever feedback he might be able to give would be most appreciated. Thank you.



Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Scott: The tea tree and lavender won't work for old keloids. It works better if it is taped on with cotton using the mixture. For old keloids, the best formula that I can come up with is 20% salicylic acid with 10% aloe vera oil (for healing - if cannot find maybe olive oil). The oil will dissolve the salicylic acid and you add this with 70% base cream or any other creams, then it is to be applied to the area and cover up with appropriate gauze or cotton swap with tape. Deep keloids scars may take awhile.