Right and Left Shoulders, Fungus or Keloids?

Posted by Y on 05/12/2008

Dear Ted, I am sorry to keep writing you like this but I find you really know about skin conditions and since you are an expert, maybe you might be the only one in 10 years who was able to help my case. I have sent you the pictures of my left and right shoulders they are HORRIBLE. I am ashamed that I have to show this to you but you mentioned it sounded like a fungus infection and maybe you have seen already something similar to what I am sending in these pictures. I hve been to dermatologists and doctors all over Montreal, Canada and they either don't know what it is or they say they are Keloids. What is your opinion? Thank you so much for putting up with all my e-mails! :-)

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I am very pleased you sent me the pictures! The pictures you do sent me appears not to be keloids, but a viral in nature. Virus and certain bacteria, grows in a familiar magnetic or energy flow patterns, and do not become "keloids". Topical application of zinc chloride 2% solution with 5% magnesium chloride might have help as it is strongly antiviral. Once the viral is up, eliminating them is slow and gradual, but most improvement may noticed in a couple of days. It should be noted that supplements of zinc gluconate 50 mg are needed per day, plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda 3 times a day in 1/2 glass of water and 500 mg of magnesium gluconate is at least needed. Those are the basis, and please keep me informed, even though my email is overloaded.

P.S. Your photos of keloids are quite bad, which is an understatement and I believe very strongly they need attention. The horizontal patterns on the keloids obviously indicates it's a pathogen form of keloids, quite possibly viral. It should be noted that when I grow bacteria and viruses the form certain patterns so they can grow easily along the energy path. This just doesn't happen in the thin air and scars don't form for no reason. It's viral in nature or at the very least a bacteria in nature and the mentioned remedy is one place to start. Looking forward to your feedback. It needs special attention.