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Need Natural Cure for Hypothyriodism

Posted by Bazzy (Bristol, UK) on 10/19/2006

hypothyriodism - have u got a natural cure for this condition? cheers bazzy

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Bazzy: I am trying to find the cause hypothyroidism or its opposite hyperthyroidism, whenever I come to this topic, it has always been people with heavy metals in their system being too high which is causing the problems, especially, cadmium, copper and other free radical heavy metals. And for some reason or another mycoplasma, fungus, nanobacteria have a habit of fluorishing them at the same time suppressing both immune and thyroid functions.

Along with the added fluoride and chlorine in the drinking water, since they are both halogens they also compete against the iodine your thyroid needs.

It is therefore important to neutralized both the chlorine and the fluoride found in your drinking water. The last time I heard, the entire UK water is now fluoridated, and possibly chlorinated. So this might be causing the iodine deficiency that bought on the hypothroid condition. While increased iodine might help the amount of chlorine and fluoride ingested daily is not going to help.

Therefore you need to reduce the chlorine by getting dechlorinator and remove them from your drinking water. A couple of drops (10 drops) of 10% sodium thiosulfate per lite should help and 1/16- 1/8 teaspoon of borax per liter should prevent the fluoride from further accumulating in your body.

The other issue is the increasing amounts of heavy metals you need to reduce. The simplest way is to do two things. One is to eat chinese parsley along with food or on empty stomach so it will remove the heavy metals from your body. The second way is to do oil chelation, since most vegetable oils are well know in soaking up heavy metals anyway, it might as well be used as a mouthwash to remove the heavy metals. The method is simple, just take one tablespoon of sunflower oil or olive oil and swish around in your mouth long enough for it to become white and spit it out. Most heavy metals will get dissolve in that and the saliva recirculated should be at least reduce of heavy metals by at least 1/20 of the amount each time you do it. It is often done once in the morning and once before bedtime. Taking plenty of cod liver oil and fish oils, such as 500 mg a day will reduce the heavy metals also.

It also important to take some lecithin when you eat food, so the fat emulsifier ability will allow the heavy metals to be water soluble and the body can rid of itself via the feces.

What else can the body remove of toxic substance intefering with glandular functions? Most people have high chemical toxicity which tends to accumulate in the liver and since it is oil soluble the body have no way of getting rid of it. One way is to take hydrogen peroxide 3% about 5-6 drops per glass of drinking water. My skin cleared up within a matter of weeks following this regimen and improved my liver function by removal of chemical that has been in my body for so long. The other possibility is to do some breathing ozone maybe once a week to detoxify them too.

Once the body is removed of most of the toxic substance the best ways to raise the iodine level is to take kelp and seaweed regularly. Drinking water with added 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt per liter of water will help since a small amount of sea salt does contain minerals. As for me I only used a local sea salt. The quality of sea salt is easy to see, it is aways wet looking and it is wet, and the color is never white, always gray or very light brown.

Taking borax, interestingly enough will help the body balance the magnesium and calcium ratio, but it is still necessary for you to take some magnesium supplements. In a very few case, sometimes taking chlorophyll supplements help thyroid condition which I suspect might have some metals chelating properties also.

Because of the nanobac and mycoplasma that seems to fluorish in presence of heavy metals, killing them directly through taking some zinc acetate I found have always helped. In once case a person is having the chills, but without the fever. This is unusual, normally the body's temperature should rise, but it didn't and this strange disease is common in Europe but not recognized as of yet by many people.

In this instance I found it helpful to take 50 mg of zinc acetate, plus 250 mg of Mangesium chloride or magnesium citrate and some fulvic acid. If you can't find fulvic acid as suitable sea salt added, maybe 1/2 teaspoon should stop the strange Chill disease that is getting contagious lately. I have as yet to know what that bug is, what I do know is this bug blocks the body's metabolism from heating up necessary to kill them as well as blocking the immune functions necessary to kill them too. I call this an intelligent superbugs. I think the bugs are learning or is it bioengineered?

P.S. One more thing, it is important for you to take some vitamin B complex, of 100 mg. for most of them, but most importantly to take larger than usual dose for vitamin B5, such as 250 mg. For some reason or another the B5 also helps stabilize the body's hormonal system especially that of the adrenal gland naturally, instead of hormone supplements. It has helped my many times whenever I am low on energy. However, the benefits of taking B5, the form which I take is panthenol, rather than calcium panthenol, seems to take effect the very next day, so you need to observe your energy level the very next day.

Replied by Focused On A Cure
Staten Island, New York

I read somewhere that Kelp helps with hypothyroidism. After my mother passed away I went into depression and from that point on I thought I was dying. I couldn't get off the couch, my muscles ache to the point I thought I had cancer of the skin and my shins felt like they were deteriorating daily. My joints were in agonizing pain and I always felt like my brain was in a compass of water with no light at the end of the tunnel. I was constantly irritated and I was sweating as if someone was ringing me out from my feet up and if that wasn't enough I felt like someone pushed the microwave button on high inside my body while the outside was clammy and sweaty. Finally after all the tests for my thyroid and they all came back normal I thought to myself this thing is playing games. So I had to wait till I was at my dire worst to pick myself up and drive myself to the hospital where they were able to draw blood. I do not suggest anyone driving anywhere if they feel the way I did, which was totally foolish. Sure enough my Doctor came back the next day with an answer and a much needed prescription rushed to my pharmacist that my thyroid was in fact shutting down. I still do not feel well and I've gained a tremendous amount of weight, I do not wish this problem on my worst enemy. I am sure there are other illnesses that top this one but this illness has a chain of effects towards other vital organs. I also thought it was an ongoing problem with menopause so you can understand I didn't know whether to cry or wind my watch.

Questions were, how much vitamin B to take.. Do I take magnesium, Calcium, and Iodine since this is suppose to help the thyroid, and if our bodies caused the thyroid to shut down.. There HAS got to be a reverse button. The pancreas thing totally upsets me along with bad liver functions.. And to top it all off I have a totally bum stomach and high acid levels. Right now the only alternative is to go back to the gym and try to heal my body naturally along with eating less but proper because lately it has now cause my hypoglycemia to kick in full blast... So my body is on turbo without me doing a thing and you would think I would be a size 4... NOT... I struggle with this daily and I do not like the side effects this has on me and my body.. And the depression it causes.. As if women don't have enough troubles between menstruating, child bearing, menopause and God knows what else. So I'm thinking weight loss is where I should begin but if you have any other suggestions... By golly feel free to let me know because the signs I'm seeing now are "Dead End" Thanks

Replied by Pauli
Fresno, Ca

Focused on a Cure, it sounds like you were hit with the loss of your mother (and the necessary grieving of that) and greater than usual menopausal hormonal disturbances at the same time. I know all of that is really scary. Ted gives such great information on the hypothyroid issue and using some of his advice has helped me a lot, but I will just comment on the menopause part.

My menopausal hormone changes caused many unusual and scary problems that doctors did not see as related--quick-descending deep depressions and food binges (mercifully these were brief), states of mental confusion that were so upsetting they caused depression, other body systems going haywire, like debilitating whole-body pain, inflammation, weakness and fatigue (I had been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and Lupus in the past although I don't really have much in the way of symptoms of Lupus). Anyway, all of these problems were alleviated by taking some supplements for menopause; first I took Dong Quai, later I found an over-the-counter product called Estroven tablets and used it for many years, now I use some creams from a company called Life-Flo (one cream for Estrogen and another combination one, Progesta-Care Complete which contains Progesterone/ Pregnenolone/ 7 keto DHEA). The Estroven (tablets) was a wonderful soy-based product with added B-6, Vitamin E, and other good things to help with sleep, etc. , but they changed the formula and added a lot of other vitamins and iodine; then I had a slow-building negative reaction to the new "improved" product (woke up every morning feeling like every cell in my body was on fire) and had to stop taking it. But, the creams are wonderful too, and I use them now and supplement the other vitamins.

I think Ted's advice is very good about not taking too much of the vitamins and relaxing a bit on the frequency. This helps too, when you have a negative reaction to something, to know which is the culprit. Also, to heal, one must attend to the basics: plenty of good air, deep breathing (especially while giving the muscles a good slow stretch), enough exercise to work up a sweat every day--these alone will give one much better sleep; simplify the diet, real food without added chemicals (try not to eat anything in the market that comes in a box). Most of us need to cut way down on prepared sugary foods and unhealthy fats which are so omnipresent, and both of which squirrel bodily systems. Once in a while I like to do a fruit or vegetable semi-fast for 3 days; it restores my energy and I feel like my body resets to normal. For me, simplifying has always been the best route. I have sympathy for your grief--when my parents died I felt orphaned even though I was in my fifties. I wish you the best in your healing.

Replied by Ryan
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I have begun a sort of regiment to cure my hypothyroidism, or at least I hope I've begun to get it sorted. Here's what I'm currently doing.

5 drops of 2.2% Lugol's Iodine in water daily, sometimes with ACV. The bottle recommends a maximum number of 4 drops every other day, so I'm a little concerned about going up to 20 drops as a chart posted above mentioned to do so in order to obtain 50mcg? Obviously that was for 2% so it wouldn't be 20, but more like 18/19 drops. That still worries me. Not sure if that should be done daily, as I don't want to kill my thyroid, just fix it.

I've also been taking 3 tablespoons of coconut oil/day, and taking 200mcg of selenium a day as well.

I was taking arginine for quite sometime, but feel like I might've overdone that and backed off that completely.

As far as my synthyroid dosage goes, I'm on 100mcg/day from my doctor. I had bloods done this past friday, and I'm hoping a little progress will show. I know I've been feeling better here and there, and it's kind of like my symptoms have switched between hypo and hyper-thyroidism. It also feels like my synthroid works for maybe a couple hours after taking it until my shoulders get that dull tired weighted achey feeling in them, and I lose all motivation. I try not to mix coffee or milk within the first couple hours of the dosage, so I don't feel that is the problem.

If anyone has any insight, tips, or other ways to try and fix this disease, I'd greatly appreciate it. I've been a depressed mess for the past year, at the cost of a relationship. I'm a 27 year old male, so I would like to enjoy my youth a little, but this disease is putting a damper on things. Any help would be greatly appreciated.