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Hives and Hypothyroidism

Posted by N (India) on 12/23/2007

I am suffering from hives (also called urticaria) from the past 1.5 years and have read somewhere recently that Acv+ bi-carb soda+ water drink (thrice a day), iodine painting of heels (3 days continuously) and oil pulling (daily) aid in the cure of hives. I am on thyroxin supplements from the past 5 months as I also suffer from hypothyroidism. I take thyroxin tablets on empty stomach once in the morning everyday. Doctors say my hives could be the result of my underactive thyroid. Can you tell me which is the best way to combine the treatments for hives and hypothyroidism so as not to negate the effects of each other? I read that ACV actually dilutes the affects of thyroid supplements. Am new to Acv and have been following the below routine: 1 Thyroxin tablets on empty stomach upon rising 2 20 min later 2 tbsp Acv+ 1/4 tsp bi-carb soda+ 1 glass of water mix twice a day (morning 20 min after I take the thyroxin tablet and evening at around 6 pm) for 3 days of a week continuously. The next 4 days I give a break. 3 30 min hence, breakfast. 4 Evening at around 6 pm (that is when I am back from office) do oil pulling (I am unable not pull oil early in the morn, neither can I swish for more than 6 min!) and follow it up with the acv drink. I have finished 2 courses of the acv drink - First course on 9th, 10th and 11th of Dec07 Second course on 15th, 16th and 17th of Dec07 I have finished 1 course of the iodine painting - I painted betadine (povidide iodine) on my heels for 3 days now starting from 14th of Dec07. Is my routine right (except the oil pulling par of course!). Appreciate your help.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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It should be noted that iodine painting is the one that caused hives. The iodine chemically prevents bacteria, or other microbes from forming colonies, and are released into the bloodstream releasing more toxins. Hence, using three times a day in a row is excessive for some, and in many people seemed to caused acne, as the microbes are once no longer attaches itself to the tissues are released in the bloodstream, which ends up on the skin pores causing either acne or hives.

Therefore, if hives is peculiarly heavy, I would forego the use of iodine and use seaweed or kelp supplements instead, but instead of using three days continuously, which is not good, should either be done iodine painting with a 3 day break, which means for example one on Monday and another on Thursday. If iodine painting is too strong, then, once a week iodine painting or kelp supplements taken one on Monday and another on Thursday. The body needs a break so that it can remove the microbes out of the bloodstream.

To aid in faster removal, I believe 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 3-6 drops of 3% H2O2 taken in the morning. The peroxide should help, AFTER the iodine painting was done say, 6 hours ago.

As to the hives, did you measure the urinary sugar? Usually its the sugar that caused the glandular functions from not working properly or prevent a regeneration of the glands, whenever the blood sugar is high than usual. I don't measure the blood sugar directly because it is invasive and blood infection is possible, so I used a brix refractometer to know, which the readings for a normal person is 2x, while a person with hives nearly always are above 3x with averages above 5x. In general, nearly everyone, usually in their 30s have higher than average blood sugar anyway. As a result the sugar reacts with the protein to from cross-linking, hence the protein gets glycated and becomes almost useless, more like denatured. Therefore to prevent the sugar from reacting with protein, hives won't occur as the body's immune system is stepped up since the glands proteins won't react with the high blood sugar present. I therefore used 1/4 teaspoon of borax in one liter drinking water to resolve the hives, skin allergies, and fungus related problem of the skin, which leads to extreme itchiness, usually of the foot since the blood circulation in the extremities are low.

If the hives tend to occur more frequently (due to) blood sugar (being a bit higher than normal), then a borax remedy seemed to help me, especially if taken for a couple of days (such as 3 days out of a week).

However, if hives were caused by certain supplements, I expect the cause are usually from the using continuous (3 days is too much!) in the use of iodine. Therefore in case of hives, I would at least consider temporarily discontinuing iodine, or perhaps, not use the iodine for three days in a a row, but only twice a week that is spaced about 3 days apart, such as Monday and Thursday, or use Kelp or seaweed supplements instead, but still using the same 3 day apart rule.

Applying vinegar to the area where a hives occur may in fact stop the hives too, but I prefer to use a simpler cheaper vinegar (apple cider vinegar where I lived is expensive).

Hypothyroidism exists when the body's glands cannot function or the cells cannot regenerate itself. There are a couple of factors that seemed also to bring other glandular imbalances, not just the thyroid. If the blood sugar are higher than average, not necessarily diabetic (that is an extreme circumstances), but more like hyperglycemia, most of the source of the problem came from high heavy metals, high fructose diet (too much corn syrup or fruit juices) and high fat diets, which prevents the glands from regenerating.

Over the past couple of weeks, I was trying to find ways to regenerate the glandular function. Iodine was one of it, but the body (especially if high blood sugar) and high toxemia (high microbial count in the blood stream), then glandular functions can be impaired. One commonly ignored facts, especially by me is the unusually high levels of pseudoestrogens found in nearly all canned foods, packaged foods, and certain plastic containers, are known to be high in bisphenol-A, which degrades to estrogen, and causes hormonal imbalances which reduces the thyroid and thymus, lowering the glandular function of the other ones, leading to hypothyroidism.

Some regeneration were shown from the use of ephedra (chinese called it ma huang), were shown to regenerate the glandular function. But a more safer one is just the B complex (B50 or B100) taken three times a week, plus in addition 200 mg of B1 and B3. These should help support glandular regeneration. It should be noted in major research they used far larger dose than I mentioned here up to 3000 mg, per day for a full year. I prefer a milder approach, albeit slow method.

I believe lowering blood sugar from B complex may also help to allow thyroid to work, but lower fat and fruit diets maybe needed too. Certain supplements along the way were seen helpful too, such as sodium vanadate, or vanadyl sulfate, where in rat studies, to normalize the sugar they use between 10-55 mg/kg. In my case, I thin the dose is too high, but I used sodium vanadate (technically they called it sodium metavanadate), about 100-200 mg/day for only a couple of day (3 days). Plus some borax remedy to prevent sugar from reacting with proteins, I have noticed on many occasions that general hormonal levels increased as borax were seen as protective against sugar's negative reaction to the body's glandular functions. Twice a week or once a week unsweetened cocoa chocolate bars used in cooking about a small square, which is about 1/2 tablespoon or 1 teaspoon are high in flavonoids seemed to also helped reduce the blood sugar and promote greater hormonal activity too. The key in my opinion (after a lot of trial and error) seems to be moderation and doing too much may backfire, but doing too little may defeat its purpose. It is this problem that I have in trying to find the best dose to make the remedy more effective, and it should be noted that human greed, taking too much of anything is the real problem, not too little.

In summary, reduce blood sugar through vanadium (others are acceptable too such as chromium, and manganese). If manganese deficiency, irritation, hair loss dandruff, are some of the signs I noticed that might indicate 50 mg of manganese sulfate (taken only a week, then stop) should generally be sufficient, or if you noticed slow improvements. Borax seems to help prevent sugar from reacting negatively with glandular functions, and reduced fats and fructose seems to caused it too. Also high heavy metals, especially from drinking wells in Bangladesh is high in arsenic, may also lead to dome thyroid problems too. Certain countries eat high cassava diet, which is high in thiocyanate, resulting in hypothyroidism too. On the other hand eating highly bleached food using (which is high in bromine) from white flour and white bread, will cause the body to rid of iodine too much also.