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Need Natural Cure for Hypothyriodism

Posted by Richardj (Pretoria, South Africa) on 05/07/2011

This question is for Ted if he has a moment. I'm a 37 year old male and have the following symptoms:

1) Cold hands and feet, especially at nights

2) Irritability

3) High insulin levels - prediabetic

4) Very low sex drive

5) Severe bloating and indigestion beginning a few minutes after a meal and lasting for several hours

6) Reduced appetite. cant get hungry until late morning

7) Severe sneezing allergies to pollen, especially early in the mornings.

8) not satisfying sleep - always feel I could sleep more but cant. Mind racing as soon as my eyes open

9) Constant shaking legs

I have been reading a lot of posts on earthclinic and decided to try some things. I started taking:

1) Ashwaganda for my adrenals

2) ACV for the acidity

3) Magnesium 600mgs a day

4) selenium 200micrograms per day

5) zinc picolinate 50mg per day

2) Iodine: 1 drop of lugols once a day. I tried 2 drops in one day and felt like my head was going to explode. I have noticed an immediate difference to my sleep at night (i can get more than usual) and slight decrease in allergies. I do feel more nauseas than usual. My hands and feet are definately warmer than usual and I love this. my sex drive has really picked up and so has the strength of my erections so I'm very excited that the iodine has impacted this aspect of my life after spending much money on many other herbs.

One very worrying side effect of taking the lugols is that my symptoms of high insulin have returned with a vengeance. I have severe thirst and have to urinate very frequently (every hour or 2)

My question is should I continue taking lugols? I tried kelp and wakame seaweed and that seems to have helped with reducing the high insulin but will it be just as effective as lugols?

Anythign else you can recommend to cure

I did the iodine patch test and the yellow had vanished in about 5 hours.

Your advice is very much appreciated and thank you for helping so many people with so many of their problems on here. this website empowers the human being to take control of his/her health instead of handing it over to someone who professes to know everything based on a qualification when he could very well be very wrong about his diagnosis.


Replied by Diamond
Salisbury, Ma.usa

Richard; I too have the same problems, and yes I would say go with the kelp/seaweed I do, just see how things work out for you. I'm quite sure it cannot be any worse than what doctors had me on. It's great that you shared your information because it was very hard for me to find thyroid suppliment in natural vitamins & after many searches I did find what I needed to know, I'm quite sure this info. Will be a great help for others as well. I found the cold hands and feet were from poor circulation(bad blood flow) and the kelp/seaweed will help with this problem. Also eat loads of and as many greens as possible its great for the blood circulation. I also found that millions of people with low thyroid gain larger amounts of weight, and as for myself I have hyperthyroid where I was jumpy, too active and never could put on a pound of weight until my thyroid was treated. I learned about a great juice drink, its great for cleaning the system, I use apple cider fresh ground garlic, use the liquid only(I strain my garlic 1st) use a small amount of real lemon juice only once, and its a great cooling cleansing drink. I drink the cider and garlic all day with out the lemon// lemon is one of the best cleansers but tends to lower your blood if used too often.

Thank you for sharing, good luck.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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There are two things you can do. The lugol's should be half strength or one fourth strength and do one drop of that. Another way is to take wakame and kelp. The prediabetic is best treated with N acetyl cysteine, but it cannot be the effervescent kind, as they contain aspartame. It must be in capsule form. N acetyl cysteine is taken about 1000 mg x 5 for at least three weeks to get the some results.

If you happen to be taking iodine take the vitamin C 1000 mg it reduces some of the side effects because iodine is oxidizing. Vitamin C is anti oxidants so it will neutralizing the effects.

For sleep just take 500 mg of niacinamide is usually works in most cases but the alkalizing sodium bicarbonate with some potassium will help sleep too. A simpler one is to try sodium bicarbonate 1/2 teaspoon before sleep being the simplest sleep formula and will help in some cases.


P.S. Zinc picolinate may make you jittery. Take zinc gluconate or zinc acetate.

Replied by Richardj
Pretoria, South Africa

Dear Ted,

Many thanks for your reply. I just want to confirm regarding the dosage of N acetyl cysteine. Did you say 5 x 1000mg? Thats 5 grams a day. Is that correct? I have looked on the internet and cant find anythign that says that it reduces the symptoms of high insulin levels. I actually found some negative press saying that it can damage the heart and lung muscles. I would love to find a cure for this condition as it makes me urinate up to 20 times per day and drink over 4 litres of water per day. Anything else I could take along with this? I read that vanadium, chromium, lipoic acid and panax ginseng are also good for this but I dont want to overdose on so many minerals. What do you think would be the most effective for this condition? PS: my sugar levels are in the normal range, its just the insulin levels that are very high. I also have numbness in my feet after excercising that lasts for about 3 minutes after I get off the stepper.

what can I do to help with the sex drive? I've tried borax (1/4 teaspoon to a litre of water) and ACV but I had absolutely no effect

many thanks for your help and advice.


Replied by Richardj
Pretoria, South Africa

Dear Ted,

Thank you very much for your reply on Earthclinic. I wrote a follow up email asking for some clarification regarding your recommendations and I can see you must be having your hands full replying to all the emails. If you have a moment, I would really appreciate your response to the question I posted. You can respond directly here if you like or on earth clinic.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The N Acetyl Cysteine is correct but they were intended for people to cure diabetes within a week or two. So it's not taken long for any length of time. However I do treat diabetes with this dose for a month or more and see no lung and heart problems. The N Acetyl Cysteine produces glutathione which helps break out mucus too. Most long term care patients need N acetyl cysteine of 2-5 grams a day just to control their breathing not to have mucus block off their breathing passages during their sleep. The other supplements that's might be needed is glycine and glutamine which helps further their synthesis of immune system. Also at this amounts it kills H1N1 effectively within on the average of 2 days maximum. One little known feature of N acetyl cysteine is it regenerates the pancreas beta cells with allows to produce insulin to control sugar.

As for your conditions the only known cure I know of reduces urine to normal levels is humic acid I used. I have cured a couple of people within a week. One Thai secretary had to pee every half an hour literally. I identify the cause as aspartame poisoning even if she did stop taking them over a year. The cure is humic acid powder 1/8 teaspoon until the conditions goes away.

As for your insulin being very high it could be a couple of things. I think the obvious is insulin insensitivity. But I have to look in further for this and you have to contact on that one because the causes are many. But I suggest you do at least the humic acid first.