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Elevated Tsh and Antibodies

Posted by D on 10/29/2008

Hi Ted. How are you? I hope very well! It is a longtime I haven't written to you. But I have thought (and talked) a lot about you and earthclinic. I am back in the USA. I had been in Europe to visit my family the whole summer. I have been very sick there. I was so busy in the last months that I thought I was dying! I finished my Ph.D. in May while taking care of my two children all by myself. It was insane. The day after I deposited my dissertation (probably my adrenaline stopped sustaining me) I just collapsed. It was May15th. After that I felt horrible. The blood tests showed that my Thyroid was producing almost no hormone at all. The doctors insisted strongly, almost ordered me that I took the hormone substitute. I refused and I was left to my resources. I didn't even had the energy to write you. Thank to the always merciful God that never puts on our shoulders too much weight my brother arrived to help me take care of the children. I started taking tons of supplements, and since my stomach had an hard time digesting all the pills I started opening the capsules and mixing it with water. It turned out it was a bad idea. I guess I messed up my stomach so bad that for months I would get often into gastric crisis: if I ate someting just a little heavy I would get very bad heart problems (my heart skipping beats and being totally messy) and I would feel like fainting. I had to stop taking all the supplements. Often I couldn't eat at all for 1 or 2 days. Once I had to stop eating for almost 4 days while keeping breastfeeding all the time. It was a nightmare. Then I got several heat strokes. The first one during my graduation (I was several hours undert he sun with a heavy gown and cap) after that the heat stroke were recurrent and frequent with tremendous headache and vomiting etc. Then I felt depressed and always fatigued. But still I refused totake the synthetic hormone. Now I am better, I started feeling better again in August, with some set backs once in a while. My tests look better, but a month ago I still had an elevated TSH and a lot of antibodies for the thyroid. As soon as I got in the states though I felt worse, and my thyroid started looking swollen again. I have the fluoride filter in the faucet but maybe it is not working enough and I will drink the borax. Do you think if the definition "cosmetic grade borax" means that is pure enough for internal use? Another question, I have read that there is aparticularly ugly flu this season, called the"australian", with 3 brand new viruses. I felt like crying when I read that. Here flus are monstruous. And I can't take anymore of being constantly sick. It is horrible the idea of being sickall by myself with two sick children to cure. I bought the BHT as you suggested should I take it when the flu strikes, at the first symptoms or later? Thank you so much Ted for being there for us!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I had an entire family fell victim to hypothyroidism, the cause is quite simple: the shower produces chlorine and fluorine which displaces iodine completely. People get headaches and high blood pressure after they shower. Most pastas, bread, white flour are processed with bromine, which displaces iodine. The remedy was relatively simple, 10 kelp supplement x 250 mg, taken once every three days, and tyrosine amino acid supplements.

The heat stroke is a deficiency of vitamin C, magnesium, sea salt and water. In nursing mothers, most deficiency is going to be the iodine, magnesium, vitamin C and b complex. Sometimes trace mineral come to play sea salt will eventually help most of that 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt per 1 liter of drinking water. Most borax in my opinion are ok such as those mentioned since only a small amount is used and its temporarily anyway. I however prefer B.P., or USP or food grade borax.

New York environment is not really healthy with all the chlorine, fluorine and bromine. 90% of medication is actually acid forming and they are generally halogens of non-iodine too that reduces the body's iodine again.

A hormone replacement causes the body's own glandular function to become atrophy. Sometimes a hormone only a small amounts help the body reboot in producing its own hormone. However, if they are used as replacement, the body reduces its ability to produce hormone and is at the mercy of conventional medicine. How that works is simple, when excess amount of synthetic hormones or injected hormone is introduced into the body the brain sense a sudden spikes and orders a shut down that can last for weeks even after the hormone replacement is not used. I had one case of a person injecting some sort of adrenal hormone which caused a complete shut down. Generally speaking a thyroids stops to function because of all the chlorinated showers we have. In Thailand, I have a tank of water, so the chlorine evaporates, besides I can add a dechlorinator and shower by just pouring a water from the tank directly. That's at least how the third world country uses it so it is least effected by excessive chlorine toxicity. In one cases a woman became obese, but a man became very thing, but both had a love for swimming where the pools are heavily chlorinated. In both conditions they had hypothyroidism from the chlorinated water.


10/29/2008: D replies, "I have a question. Do you know a web site where I can get food grade disodium EDTA or tetrasodium EDTA? I have an hard time finding them."

11/21/2008: D replies, "Two links:



In the second link there is mostly calcium disodium EDTA and I don't know if it is right. The magnesium EDTA doesn't look food grade. I asked one seller of Disodium EDTA (no calcium no magnesium but just disodium) and he told me that the one he sells is "technical grade" maybe it is all right anyway. Ted should know. Thank you so much! This substance is precious I wish it were easier to find."

11/22/2008: Ted replies, "Yes. Either disodium EDTA or magnesium EDTA would be fine.

Disodium EDTA is available at technical grade, reagent grade, analytical grade, laboratory grade, USP grade, Personally most of the issue of contamination is due to heavy metals, which is why different grades are used. However since EDTA chelates out metals, the description of different grades is not a major issue anyway. So in practice I don't really worry about the grade. I often buy food grade, but it is not available I may buy other grades. Right now I am presently investigating the use of 0.1% concentration methylene blue (often sold in aquarium shops for fishes) for CFS and hypothyroidism. Fungus seems to be the initiating factor and this is an antifungal remedy. It's safety can be seen by the fact that this methylene blue 0.1% concentration taken at 3 drops 3 or 4 times a day have normalized one person with CFS and hypothyroidism, from past exposure of fungus as the cause. To test its safetiness, the remedy is used against malaria and Parkinson's disease. In fact it is one of the very few supplements out there, besides carnosine, that exceeds the Hayflick limit, which is like a sound barrier that no one can live beyond this age. It's an antiaging medicine, and this fact is reflected in the patent here - although I used this for tuberculosis, skin infections, and to reduce chronic fatigue and weight loss (along with taurine):