How Much Magnesium and Boron to Restore Calcium, Combat Flouride?

Posted by Jennifer (Chicago, IL) on 09/07/2006

Just wanted to thank Ted for the great advice, and ask how much magnesium and boron to take to restore calcium balance and combat flouride?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Jennifer: Common dose for magnesium is between 100 - 250 mg. per day usually in form of magnesium chloride. Of course commercially magnesium gluconate and magnesium citrate would be o.k. It is necessary to take them in powdered form if you can get it. If not then take a tablet and grind them. It is quite common that most supplements do not dissolved even in your stomach.

Boron of about 25-50 mg. per day are reasonable dose. Since boron supplements are not available, I just use USP grade borax and the amount of 25 mg is like a dipping your finger in borax about an inch. This is roughly the amount. Small pinch is approximately 25 mg.

Hormone balancing is an important issue. New research is that many people over 30 have adrenal exhaustion issue or that adrenal does not produce the required amount. The side effect from lack of adrenal exhaustion is obvious, your face becomes round moon face and the body becomes round and the body becomes easily inflammed.

This is an adrenal problem. A good vitamin that will restore this is Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid). The ones I take is the panthenol form. Laboratory rats removed of adrenal glands usually get tired 50% faster, but when taking B5, they perform the same amount the work as those of normal rats without adrenal glands not removed.

Thymus is the other organ that shrinks with age. One of the biggest secret why thymus shrinks with age is the environmental toxins, mostly from pseudoestrogenic compounds found in many plastic products, dioxin, insecticide, etc. Indole 3 carbinol will detox this. You can get this from eating partially cooked brocolli or fresh cabbage. If you can find a supplement, this will help. Today, most people no longer die of a natural death, they die from pneumonia, cancer, heart disease, for example. For some reason, most seem to die from an immune suppression or immune disorder.

Therefore, this is one key glandular hormones relating to thymus you need to protect. Taking vaccination often will shrink your thymus greatly. Getting chest X rays will shrink your thymus by almost half. Exposure to microwave radiation from CRT computer screens, and microwave oven will do it too. As you can see a lot of environmental insults are just killing our immune system which protects us against diseases. I read somewhere that animals that are immunized often will have a much shorter lifespan then an unimmunized one. It is probable to be applicable to humans too, but who will want to admit this? Human medicine is a lucrative business.

Replied by Leah
Hervey Bay, Qld

Ted, I thought there was a big difference in synthetic hormones and bio-identical hormones. Bio-identical hormones are a replica of the hormones produced by the body and therefore i thought were a natural substance. Do you not agree with bio-identical hormones either? I have been taking or applying i should say, a bio-identical progesterone and natural vit.e oil to the inside of my mouth where it is easily absorbed. I would appreciate your comments.