Undiagnosed, Complete Loss of Appetite

Posted by Zeina (Dubai, UAE) on 02/20/2009

Dear TED, I lost all HOPES and still have the bigest hope (GOD).

Since I am a regular reader of EC I trust you a lot and now I have also hope THAT YOU CAN HELP ME SO PLEASE TED ANSWER MY REQUEST!!

Since August 2008 (I was still breastfeeding my 18 months old baby) and 2 days before my menstrual period I started to wake up with low energy, loss of appetite, depressed, fatigue, nervousness and short temper, these symptoms lasts 2 days and disappeared once I get my menstrual cycle.

This event came back to me on the next month (September 2008) but skipped (October). In November the same day of my menstruation (but few hours earlier) I felt little head aches and low energy and then very weak, and the next day all the previous symptoms came just this time it hits me a big time (emotionally) because doctors after I went to hospital for check up told me that all tests are fine (CBC and glucose and theroid hormones etc...) and I told them it might be PMS (premenstrual syndrome) the said maybe not because I still have my symptoms during the period, so they I was shocked and felt hopeless and my emotional state remains the same for 2 10 days and the worst was my appetite which was completely gone (12 years ago I would loose my appetite when I am nervous or stressed out..and I knew that I couldn't this time recover because doctors didn't know what's wrong and they said maybe stress and before all these events I was happily living with my husband and kids (I AM 36 years old)so no way for emotional reason!

Since that time TED I stopped breastfeeding then I was in very bad state of mind (anxious mainly) like waiting when these bad symptoms will be back and YES it came back and started to come but last days of my period (after i stopped breastfeeding).

I went to my Gynecologist and told me sure it is some HORMONAL ISSUE and she did gave me some hormones test to do it during my menstrual cycle and I did it but came normal!

Now I am struggeling from loss of appetite, I mean I can stay whole day without being able to put any food or drink any thing and now I am writing after one week of loss of appetite!!!

I believe that it is some hormonal issue but how to point it I don't know! but my appetite is very much affected and any thing could trigger this loss and I am scared to death that I will not accept the food and I will develope any eating disorder.

The the biggest fear is to be skinny and get some deasese bcause of malnutrition then I will feel very guilty.

It sounds I am scared yes? because I am TED, I want to believe that it is a hormonal issue rather than think it's just me freaking out because I imagine if I get older and had any sikness I should be strong and able to fight not starve myself and die :(

TED PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE I want you to tell me what to do to have my appetite back, mind you that I take multivitamin and fish oil and sometime I take ACV for nausea also I take magnesium and calcium/D and I try my best to put anything in my mouth to be able to take the supplements..even I purchased a protein shake but couldn't drink it !!!

Tell me what can I do for my appetite and also give me any suggestion to not have malnutrition and how can I get the protein???!! also is there anyway to get caloric supplement?


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Sorry for late response and things come up the last minute here in Bangkok.

In any event your conditions seems most likely a nutrition deficiency. It happened during breastfeeding as you mentioned. Therefore a couple B12 injections would help plus a vitamin B 50 for a week or so should restore the condition. A vitamin C sodium ascorbate 500-1000 mg, a magnesium supplements 500 mg,, are the most important once. Most of the energy should be return within the day.

A loss of appetite and a very weakness is also an electrolyte imbalance, a common one if the mother is breastfeeding. Since one of the electrolyte was mentioned which is the magnesium, Two more is needed, which is potassium and sodium, from a baking soda and potassium remedy. That's 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day. If just alkalization was used, then it takes about a week before a major appetite will come as a result of alkalization.

An amino acid imbalance causes mood swings and instability. Therefore amino acid supplements are taken once a day. Vitamin D is traditionally needed by mothers nd the dose is often estimated to be 2000-2500 i.u., preferably D3 or D2 if D3 can't be found.

In any event the appetite should be restored with a b complex and alkalization from baking soda and potassium. The vitamin C is important one too. Mothers frequently have water soluble vitamins deficiency as it is used up quickly during breast feeding as well as electrolytes. B12 and magnesium should restore the energy level that is needed. To restore some mineral imbalance I think drinking 1/4 teaspoon of good sea salt in one liter of drinking water should help.

These are the major remedies I used for mother who are breastfeeding and reported appetite loss and weakness. You can notice restoration of energy especially in the morning with plenty of magnesium supplements the very next day. Electrolyte and sea salt also restores energy level fairly quickly if that is lacking, almost within minutes. The electrolytes are sold in many drug stores as a oral rehydration. If that can't be found most sports drink will do.


Replied by Zeina
Dubai, UAE

TED thank you !! I just saw your reply but many things has happened with me during this period of time! By the way, I use to land in hospital for an IV and electolite and B12 also magnesium where checked and was normal! After I wrote you email next day I went to homeopath and told me that I might have candida but couldn't believe what I heard and went to GP who told me it is postpartum anxiety!

It make sense to me because I started to get flash-back pictures, when I was pregnant I use to feel suddenly light head and about faling or loosing control, also sometimes without any reason I feel the blood how it's runing in my vains! like agitating sensation! but always I blamed the hormones and didn't worry about it.

Anyway this doctor (he's americain) he prescribed me anti-anxiety (zoloft) but for 3 and half weeks this med killed my appetite and made me experience the real feelings of anxiety :(

Stopped it and went to other homeopath AND HERE I GOT HELP!and i told him I just stopped zoloft and my nervous system is in a big mess!

He think it could be some hormonal issue at that time but lead to stomach disturbance so I was ginven probiotic and enzymes, also couple of herbal and homepathic meds to restore the nervous system health. Also he believes that I need to detox and put me on healthy diet for over 4 weeks.

I feel better now but got leg muscles pain(specially calf)I don't know if it's from herbal meds and my body feels like need to press it to relieve itchy like feeling even in my head (anxiety?).

Also he stoped from all synthetic supplements and gave me spirulina.

Well I am better but still need to improve my nervous system IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTION because sometimes I experience some nervousness and agitation also from time to time I feel anxious (nervous anxiety) from this bad experience I had over these several months. I still don't know how all of this has happened but thanks God for everything!

I truly trust you and need your advice!