Any Suggestion for Balancing Estrogen and Testosterone

Posted by Patti (LaPorte, TX) on 09/09/2006

I would like to see if anyone has a suggestion for balancing estrogen and testosterone associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome? My doctor put me on Spironolactone about a year ago and while it has helped allot, I am concerned about the possible side affects including tumors.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Patti: Vitamin B complex, plus extra large dose of vitamin B5 (panthenol - my favorite, but pantothenic acid is o.k. too) and B8 Inositol. The preferred dose for B5 is about 500-1000 mg. It allows the body to naturally produce its own hormone, such as adrenal hormones, as in DHEA, the mother of all hormones and this should correct itself. B8 Inositol should help too, in about a similar dose as B5. I often tell my colleagues that B5 is a great adrenal hormone subsitute without the need to take the hormone supplements. Well, at least for me, Niacinamide B3, Pantothenic Acid B5 and Inositol B8 gives me a lot of energy. However, magnesium and B6 is also important in balancing hormones indirectly too.

Replied by Debra
Brisbane, Australia

HELP! IM DESPERATE..... this is not a life, its hell all day long, the longest, most agonising death you can imagine, every day, for decades, Im in crisis all day every day, running for my life, severely allergic, dirt, grass, trees - severe reaction, very bad mcs so if anybody comes anywhere near me severe body pain, become very weak, often fall down, knives in my stomach, immediate migraine, one small exposure affects me for 4 hours or more, cant go into shops, buildings, peoples homes or cars. My home made me so sick I abandoned that years ago. Diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, went to a support group meeting and passed out. I cant go near people or into buildings. I have been living in an old well taken care of car and mostly outside for over 3 years the pain is SO........ bad when I go inside. cfs, mcs people offered me a room but even in their places at best I would fall down with the worst case of the flu and couldnt move or (Im sure it was the paint on their walls) it would burn my nerves so I was screaming in pain.

It seems to attack the nerves inside my nose first, then my whole face, head caves in, like knives, being stabbed in the head, then lights up all the other nerves in my body and Im screaming in pain. Sometimes it feels like a plastic bag over my brain. At other times like Im standing in a fire, all my tissue is being burnt. At other times a deep ache, like Im being sliced open with a severe stinging on top of that. If I go to the beach or bay it is like being inside a building which is can't breathe, head caves in, seeing double, cant read, very nauseas, feel severely ill HELP!

Food allergies as a child undiagnosed and untreated. Had never heard of anything like food allergies & had disinterested parents. Im 49. 17 yrs ago contracted ross river, glandular fever, barvon forest, kept on working, pushed on through, I dont get sick but the pain was unbearable. Took 10 yrs for fibromyalgia diagnosis, the key then was seratonin so trialled all the antidepressants. Of course, only 1/2 tab would cripple me in pain for days. Used to be locked up, muscles like concrete, physio at the pain clinic said I had the worst bound up thorasic she'd ever seen but life got much worse when the chemical sensitivities kicked in 5 years ago. Cant understand how dumb I am for not recognising how much worse the pain was when I ate.

Ive tried different diets, supplements, herbs, fms drugs, my hormone count is nil so to supplement hormones - everything made me ILL!!! as ill as ill as you could ever feel THE PAIN! Anything that passes by my lips, it seems like all food and inhalants....

Hair analysis says ca, mg, most metals poisoning my tissues, sulfur, zinc, c, e, efas deficient, anemic due to cu poisoning. Blood levels show high lead, ca. Brain scan shows very advanced calcium blocked arteries & depression of course & small aneurism.
I have a lot of trouble breathing but its the smell of everything.... if it blocks my nose and caves in my head it seems to tell every nerve in my body. The fatigue is unbearable and indescribable but of course I cant sleep because of the pain. Theres not much I can eat.
My adrenals have failed. I dont make any cortisol. New test results back, cortisol, acth, dhea too low to measure, thyroid is going OK now, no testerone, progesterone, estrogen.

I take MS contin - just 1 a day, I hate drugs but Id jump off a bridge, & I have to take the cortisol to replace what Im not making which hasnt done a lot to help & asthma med. to try to make up for my deficiencies Take B, C, E, zinc, iron, enzymes, probiotics, b6, p5p, selenium, My doctor is suggesting brain inflammation is responsible for the wrong gating information about all the smells etc and pushing me to take lyrica to slow down the nerve impulses. Of course, it put me in great pain.

Someone is trying to sell me angiogrim, 1 doctor as I say the lyrica, another doctor trying to give me EDTA IVs.

Ive been doing all your remedies, only just found out where to get the H2O2, but with no results yet. I had also read b5 should help so tried that for the INTENSE symptoms in the morning and on dark.Im sorry this is long. Any suggestion would be very welcome.

Replied by Tina
Sylvania, Ohio, Usa

I have read that doing a liver/galbladder flush twice monthly with start to eliminate allergies. It may take months to be noticable.