Cure for Insufficient Hormones

Posted by Atim (Kampala, Uganda) on 10/19/2006

i need to find cure for insuffiecient hormones. i have a hypo plastic uterus. Am seeking remedies for my treatment.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Atim: Take some vitamin b complex, but especially vitamin B5, it helps the body to produce certain adrenal hormones naturally and should give you some help. For me I often have adrenal exhaustion, sleeping too much and was greatly helped especially when I take 500 mg/day (not everyday) of vitamin B5. Adrenal problems can be seen when we get moonface and our stomach get larger and larger, this is a sign of lack of adrenal being naturally produced. The other thing is virus, fungus, and especially heavy metals seems to destroy glandular functions in producing hormones.

Oil chelation or oil pulling, by swishing the mouth of one tablespoon of sunflower oil or olive oil in the morning, will help full some of the heavy metals out, where it becomes milky white when done long enough and will cleanse your system. Heavy metals are frequently water soluble.