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Cure to Remove Calcium Deposits From Blood Vessels

Posted by Bryan (Lansing, MI) on 07/25/2006

Hello. I came on your site doing a search for removing calcium deposits from blood vessels. I've had chest pains and did a CT angiogram which showed extensive and dangerous calcium deposits in coronary arteries, aortic valve and aorta. However, I'm losing calcium from my bones and now have osteoporosis. (Male, 73, run 2 to 13 miles, only meds are eyedrops for glaucoma). I've tried magnesium but it gives me irregular pulse. Noted your EDTA. Have appt with nutritionist Thursday. Any ideas on why my calcium is leaving my bones (IF that is the cause of osteo) and going to my soft tissue? Thyroid is iffy but endo says basically normal. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Bryan: Calcium leaves the bones only when your pH of your body is slightly acid cause the calcium to leave the body and gets everywhere but the bones. It is the same story as you put bones in vinegar, the calcium will be completely removed from the bones.

Therefore, to solve this problem take a fair amount of citric acid + baking soda, at 1/4 teaspoon each mixed with water at least twice a day. With sufficient buffer the calcium won't leave the body and what is in the body the citrates will remove it. To return the body to normal quicker, taking B complex will help, especiall B6. Vitamin Bs work together with magnesium and this is why you have trouble with the use of it. You must take both.

Chickens don't get heart disease because for one thing their drinking water is dechlorinated, but our water is chlorinated. Get a dechlorinator from Pet shops that sells aquarium fishes and put a couple of drops it in your water. Removal of chlorine will prevent calcium carbonate from sticking on to the coronary walls as sodium thiosulfate causes greater solubility of calcium also. Chlorine have a tendency to cause the settling of calcium carbonate, this has been my observations as thiosulfates have a weak chelation capabilities too. Taking EDTA alone will not work as well as you take baking soda together. They work synergistically.

Replied by Debra
Brisbane, Australia

I have copper toxicity, apparently that can leach ca from your bones. I also have osteoperosis and had it at only 35. Also apparently complete exhaustion is another theory. I have found sodium thiosulfate difficult to get but edta more difficult. Was using suppositories but they are in calcium disodium - didnt want to put anymore ca in my body. Mg and lemon juice is supposed to put ca back into your bones but I am poisoned with mg as well. Apparently there are 52 forms of edta and not all are good. Theres plenty sprouting the dangers of edta but theyre usually selling something else. Ive never heard anyone who has actually done edta IVs say anything but good things about it. But I cant get a doctor to give them to me because Im too sick with other autoimmune illnesses. Good luck.