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Complications After Bypass Surgery

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 11/27/2011

my fiance had bypass surgery back in march of this year and had 4 hernias repaired in june. they removed one of the veins from his right leg and after the surgery the area swelled up and got very tight. they extracted some of the fluid, but has almost all come back. also since the surgery in march his body temp has steadily gone down, sometimes as low as 94.2. recently he has been having pains in left side that seem to start from the abdomen and radiate up to his neck. he has a tight feeling near base of his ribcage on the left. he has had numerous cardiac checks and everything is fine. he has also been trying to treat candida. i was thinking it could be lymphatic related or possibly kidney problems, but not sure.

any help you offer would be greatly appreciated. thanks

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The surgeons actually should not have removed the veins as it leads to complications of lymphadema, because those veins prevent the swelling. If it has nowhere to go without the veins, the blood swells in the legs.

The only way to alleviate this the easiest is to thin the blood with common supplements such as potassium citrate, taurine, mannitol, are the common ones I use. Diuretics also help, such as dichlorothiazide. The dose I use even for non-lymphadema is 1/4 teaspoon of taurine, mannitol and potassium citrate, taken such as twice a day. (Mainly to resolved constipation, that can lead to swelling). But these you do not need all of them, but they work the same, potassium by driving excess sodium, mannitol by reducing excess pressure, taurine by correcting and balancing, and reducing the osmotic pressure. And potassium is a diuretic to some extent, because it is citrate, it thins the blood to some extent by alkalization of the citrate too. One thing that you have to be aware of is chlorinated water or even MMS, causes edema in people who are susceptible to it, and to neutralized it before a shower is to take one rice grain of sodium thiosulfate, orally as this will neutralize the chlorine by converting into harmless salts. Other causative agents are cadmium found in chocolates, and shellfish also does that by raising high blood pressure.

Then to reduce it physically to encourage blood flow back, you have to strap cloth around the legs including the toes from bottom to top. There are others that also help but they produce side effects. This includes courmarin, since it is taken in large amounts.

As to low body temperature I have found low dose lithium and Lugols' solution raises body temperature if it is caused by hypothyroidism, lithium is a little known supplement needed by thyroid too, it has the effect of increasing body temperature and has diuretic properties, but lugol's has the effect on some people in raising blood pressure. Low dose lithium is around 1 to 5 mg. a day at early evening. But increasing dosage of Lugol's may also caused edema or lymphadema if taken in large dosage in some people.

Candida is helped by mentioned potassium citrate. As to kidney problems the common remedy is ginger tea, assam tea, and threonine. These really work.