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Magnesium Supplement

Posted by Methuselah on 08/01/2006

I took some magnesium citrate powder right away. I had done some sweating outside today and I was feeling tired-- the kind of sweating that could not have any negative impact on me just a few years ago! But I felt better right away after taking the magnesium supplement.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Yes, magnesium citrate is quite bioavailable. Magnesium chloride also. The secret is its solubility. You cannot do this with magnesium oxide since they don't dissolve and therefore do not go into your blood stream. This is the same with magnesium carbonate. You can tell. Just put it in a glass of water, they will settle on the bottom.

It takes about 30 -45 minutes for the therapeutic effects after you take magnesium. Yes, I have gone so far as to time how long it takes before you can feel it. I have tested many people here in Bangkok, but only in the form of magnesium citrate or magnesium chloride. Bangkok don't have magnesium citrate, so I guess magnesium chloride will do. The advantage of magnesium citrate is two things: it buffers your pH to alkaline and it puts magnesium where your body needs the most: the muscle.

Here is a tip: if you have muscle pain that refuses to go away. A 500 mg dose of magnesium citrate will get almost all the pain out the next day. Let me in on a secret to predicting heart attacks and heart disease. Before people get them, there will be a warning signs. The body, brilliant in its design, will deplete the magnesium from the back, arms and legs before it reaches the heart. So if you have a long term muscle pain and magnesium is depleted, given enough time the heart will be effected. Another way to tell if you are magnesium is depleted is hot weather, and muscle twitching, or nightmare shock such as falling down from a tower. These are just simple signs of magnesium deficiency and by paying attention to these little things, you have a good chance to avoid heart attack. When muscle in heart twitches, just like you have in your arms and legs, it will soon reach the heart, given enough time. Mother nature always warns us, we just don't pay attention. In the States, while I was in High School, way back in the early 1970s no one ever heard about magnesium or even find a good magnesium supplements, for conditions of heat exhaustion for example. Therefore, if you cannot find it, take plenty of sunflower seeds. They are high in magnesium. It just takes a longer time for the body to absorb them and notice the effects -- at least 24-72 hours before you can feel it. The reason is simple, sunflower seeds are not water soluble that much so the body takes somewhat more effort to make use of it.