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Treatment for Heart Bypass Recovery, Kidneys

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 09/03/2011

Dear Ted, I am writing to you to request a treatment plan for my father. He had a heart by-pass 20 years ago and has had frequent angioplasties and angiographs after 10 years of having had the bypass.

These treatments have been quite successful in opening up blockages however he still has 2 blockages in his arteries that have not been able to be unblocked due to their location. He developed diabetes and high blood pressure after his bypass and due to the poor level of control he has now been told that he has severe impaired kidney function that may need dialysis in 18 months.

My request to you is for help in devising a treatment plan for him using natural methods for the following ailments.

1: Opening up heart valves and preventing future blockages. (I have read on the earth clinic site and other places about a medicine using one part lemon, one part ginger, one part garlic, one part acv and honey. You have also mentioned Aspirin frequently in your posts to help prevent clots etc.)

2: Lower and maintain diabetes and blood pressure levels (would the above medicine aid in lowering both these conditions as well as unclog arteries? Or do you have any other suggestions. You have also stated that laxatives help). He also has high cholesterol. Would the treatments also help with this?

3: Restore and maintain kidney function to prevent dialysis and further damage. (You have mentioned baking soda frequently and vitamin D4 and B1 therapy)

Please tell me the treatments you feel suited and the dosage. I am sure you will be aware of any that will negate each others effects (e.g acid content in acv being negated by baking soda etc etc).

I have some knowledge of the treatments but I am not certain of the dosages and the timings that they have to be taken. Please also tell me of any special diet for people with the conditions my father has. I have read somewhere about a high-fat low-carb low-protein diet to reverse kidney disease.

I am eagerly awaiting your reply and hope that you can help me.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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First we have to find out possible causes to the condition. You mentioned that he developed diabetes and high blood pressure after the operation. I have seen that also, it seems certain viruses cause pancreatitis and that leads to lower insulin levels and diabetes. When you have diabetes, the solubility of the calcium is increased 20 fold, and with the presence of nanobacteria and combination of calcium, it causes additional arteriosclerosis. The pancreatitis is commonly caused by a virus, and easily eliminated in most cases with an antiviral remedy, primarily lysine, zinc, selenium and threonine.

1: Opening up heart valves and preventing future blockages.

I usually employ only tetrasodium EDTA, in opening blockages, but my doses are low, a 30-40% tetra EDTA solution, given 20 drops twice a day, mixed with 1 cup of water will help chelate out the calcium that caused the blockages. There is a possibility of trans fatty acid and vegetable oil (found in high amounts and linked to arteriosclerosis), and the possibility of nanobacteria causing the buildup of it also. There are two ways I can go about killing nanobacteria, the first one is tetracycline HCl taken 500 mg before sleep, that implies no food is taken at least 2 hours during this time taken once before sleep. Another way I do is to prepare a 5% Gallium nitrate, and give them in drops such as 20 drops twice a day. It's a conservative dose. But I would usually do tetracycline HCL and tetrasodium EDTA. CoQ10 ubiquinone or ubiquinol is taken 400 mg a day to help the heart muscles, also I discovered that allopurinol also improves heart functions by protecting the endothelial tissues from damage, which also controls blood pressure over time, but the one reason that allopurinol stands out (and CoQ10) is it allows regular heart beat, in other words normalizes heart function.

2: Lower and maintain diabetes and blood pressure levels (would the above medicine aid in lowering both these conditions as well as unclog arteries?)

Diabetes is best handled with lysine if it is caused by pancreatitis, but the best remedy for diabetes by far would be Alpha lipoic acid 200 mg x 3. This would actually reverse diabetes. The unclogging of arteries is mentioned in 1). As far as blood pressure medicine, well there are no current alternatives to treating them to be low enough to be satisfactory, except the meds in hospital, but alternative medicine has the effect of lowering blood pressure down and keeping it down to a new level. Things that work are potassium citrate, magnesium citrate, CoQ10, quercetin, and possibly baking soda. The apple cider vinegar and distilled vinegar, from the acetic acid contents dissolves the fat, but if any more needs to get cholesterol down it would have to be a mixture of granulated lecithin with lemon oil.

The potassium citrate is often taken 1/4 teaspoon and 1/8 teaspoon magnesium citrate, twice a day after meals. It helps to get the sodium/potassium ratio stabilized, and that is quickly done with CoQ10 and taurine. Vegetable oils have to be avoided since trans fatty acid is the source of cholesterol in humans, it makes it worse if you have chlorinated water or chlorinated showers, as chlorine destroys the endothelial which controls the blood pressure. The idea is to restore endothelial function and mitochondrial function, such as quercetin 400 mg, red wine extract 100 mg are part of it. The best thing to control blood pressure is the old fashioned diuretics.

In general Kidney functions are impaired because we are unable to control the blood sugar and hypertension, if we can that will be preventable. The blood sugar is best controlled also with granulated lecithin usually you need more, which is 1/4 teaspoon x 3 times a day, chromium chloride, 1 mg. I don't like forms of chlorine that act like excitotoxins, such as chromium picolinate, I prefer brewer's yeast.

As to the diet, its actually not quite correct, in research studies, chronic kidney functions is due to lack of ESSENTIAL AMINO ACID, and too much non-essential amino acid. You need high quality protein especially essential amino acid, such as found in whey protein as the source, or soy protein. As far as diets high in carbs you don't need that since he's diabetic. The fats you will need just the normal not too much of that, it's the vegetarian diets with high quality proteins you need to get him on, such as amino supplements without sugar or artificial sugar.

Allopurinol is usually taken at least 100 mg in evening and in morning as it helps restore many functions of the kidney, heart and muscle pain, most people know it as a uric acid reducing drug, but allopurinol does a lot more. There are some reports of kidney functions restored in Thailand with assam tea, and I know that diuretic white tea helps reduce blood sugar. You might give a look at those.