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Burning, Itching Skin Solution?

Posted by A Reader (Lancaster, PA)

I am reading all the feedback, but most of it seems to be about dandruff. I dont have dandruff but have been told by doctors that I have seborrheic dermatitis on my face, it is very itchy and sometimes burns. I have been using head & shoulders and scrubbing the suds into my face. This seems to help the itch, but my skin is now so dry, it is cracking and peeling like a bad sunburn. I have tried ACV also, as a topical and drinking it, to no avail. Any moisturizer I try burns my face even more. Is there a moisturizer without alcohol, I think this is what is burning my skin. I am currently using jasons 98% aloe vera and it burns like mad. help!!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
383 posts

Try washing your face in baking soda or borax, this will reduce the burning. Try using vitamin E on face instead of aloe vera. The product you are using that causing the burning might have to do with the fragrance they have added. If nothing works, use fulvic acid. As to get your face to have enough moisture, glycerine mixed with borax might do the trick too.

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Replied by Wat
Digby, Nova Scotia
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Well... Whatever the burning itching face and neck thing is. It burned even more with the borax baking soda fix, had to wash it off and cool down with coconut oil, any other suggestions...