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Dermatitis Around the Nose

Posted by DL on 08/12/2008

I started to take flax seed oil every day (sometimes 2-3 times a day) and I noticed that the dermatitis around my nose has all but disappeared. I don't think this is a permanent cure, but the oil has probably provided enough moisture to my skin that it doesn't flake. Anything else I can do for a permanent cure?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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For skin problems, a small amount (500 mg) evening primrose oil and fish oil would help, whenever they are needed. They contain different essential oils. An evening primrose oil contains GLA, a fish oil has Omega 3 type 2, but a flaxseed has omega 3 type 1. In research studies an omega 3 type 2 is generally more effective, and it seems women need more Evening Primrose oil for various skin condition. What is left over from the skin problem may have been some alkalization (ACV and baking soda, or lemon and baking soda), and vitamin A, mostly from eating some carrots.

Skin problems I take great notice, not because they look nice, but it indicates brain lipid peroxidation and other internal conditions that manifest externally before things get worse.