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Stronger Remedy Available?

Posted by Stefiana (Saskatoon, Canada) on 09/25/2007

Ted, please help me: I recently developed very dry, itchy, flaky skin on my eyelids, cheeks, jaw line, neck, and scalp; as well as hair loss, since the birth of my baby 6 months ago. I don't know if it's Eczema or Dermatitis? And I don't know whats causing it. The doctors I have been to have prescribed all sorts of hydrocortisone creams, but they don't work. I tried ACV for about 3 days but stopped because of the negative results I got- it didn't help like I hoped it would. The ACV took away the itch on my face but my scalp is still itchy, it burned the skin on my face and eyelids- my facial skin is now very red and painful, and even more dry and flaky than it was before- like extremely flaky and dry. My eyelid is also swollen. I look like I have had boiling water thrown on my face! It's horrible, my skin hurts like crazy!! It might help you to know that I am breastfeeding, I don't eat carrots or carrot juice, I like to stay out of the sun, and I stopped taking prenatal vitamins once my baby was born. I suffered from eczema as a child on my arms and legs but it was never on my face or scalp.. Ted: What can I do/take to get my skin back to normal?? My face needs some serious moisture! What can I use to moisturize my face? Do you think that coconut oil will work for me??

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Stefiana: ACV alone won't work, whenever dry skin occurs, it is usually acidosis and lack of magnesium and certain dietary oils are lacking.

Hence, a simple remedy a more stronger one, might have been 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar plus 1/2 tablespoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day. If that was already tried, with the baking soda of course, but doesn't work, then just the 1/2 tablespoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water twice a day might be a more workable one.

The remedy of dry skin that has helped is evening primrose oil, 1000 mg and 1000 mg of flaxseed oil, some vitamin A 25,000 i.u. fish oils from omega 3, and 1000 mg of cod liver oil, and 2000 i.u. of vitamin E. Those can be taken once every other day or every day for 5 days out of a week. It takes about 2 weeks to notice some change. This will at least resolve some problems of the dry skin. Most skin lotions, should help moisturized, but I prefer aloe vera oil and allantoin added. Vitamin E that works most effectively on the skin are not the ones that is designed for the skin (e.g. tocopheryl acetate). The one that has worked extremely well turns out to be the natural vitamin E in alpha tocopheryl that people take and those softgels can be cut opened and apply thinly to help with the skin drying too, at least it helps with skin repairs, critically with the aloe vera oil, that is added in skin lotion, in small amount. It should be noted that most commercial vitamin E skin lotion do not use natural vitamin E and those need to buy them separately where it is designed for taken internally that can help the most.

Replied by Skeena
British Columbia, BC

My question is: Is this contact dermatitis?

A few summers ago, my left foot got itchy but only around my baby toe. Cold helped, allergy pills and cortisone. Lived with it, like when fall came and socks and shoes were worn more. No diagnosis from my doctor, but the 1% cream worked and kept the symptoms at bay for a long time.

Now, itchies are back. In full gorse. Not around my toes, but around my heel and the sole of my foot. Red bumps in a swirly line, not really a patch. Although, it feels like under the skin it's a huge patch. This time, got a stronger cream - beta methadone. Seems to help, but then - bang, it flares up again!

Does this really sound like contact dermatitis? And only ever on one foot? Thank you.

Replied by Laura
Shawnee Ks, USA

so do I drink this or I just put this in my face?