Only Temporary Relief?

Posted by Peter on 04/25/2007

I'm facing constipated for ages. After reading the "PH material" on, i decided to try the lemon baking soda formula. It worked good to some extent but due to unsatisfacory results I switched to simple baking soda 1/2 teaspoon twice a day. It also worked good to some extent. I tried that for about a month. After almost a month, the formula's effectiveness started to reduce & constipation started getting more worse. I tried Milk of Magnesia but it causes diarreha. During the whole process, I drank a lot of water & tried to avoid oily foods, sweets & white bread. I tried the purest form of baking soda available which I bought from Harold's Food Store. Please give some feedback on as why the baking soda is working right? & what should be my course of action to get rid of constipation? Peter

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Peter: Yes, sometimes baking soda won't work for some people with a life long constipation. It works more for most people with infrequent constipation, such as me. However, I have found some cases this may not work and I have narrowed down to certain causes which became normal (no more constipation) after identifying the culprit:

1. Hormonal imbalance (lack of DHEA - DHEA supplements have helped in that instances)

2. Low salt to bicarbonate ratios. Some people whose diet is already low on salt for a long time started taking bicarbonates. The condition did not improve as the body is already depleted of the sea salt. The remedy for that one is 90% sea salt and 10% baking soda is used instead. Sea salt is usually recommended because of micromineral imbalances which leads to constipation. This means there is lack of alkaline elements, (magnesium, calcium, potassium, etc.)

3. Eating a heavy meals before sleep or eating high fat meals then sleeping within 4 hours after eating.

4. Stray magnetic fields disturbance can cause long term constipation. This comes from radio near the bed within 1-2 meters, spring beds (which destroy's the body's natural magnetic fields), and the bed directions goes in conflict with the natural magnetic fields. The condition is often improve by sleeping away from harmful electromagnetic radiations, and the bed position (the head) faces north).

Personally I had one incident when sodium bicarbonate didn't work for me also. Which I resolved by taking DHEA supplements, going on fasting, removing magnetic fields from the bed, and try adding some sea salt (very small amount) and temporarily stoping baking soda.

There is a criticial salt : baking soda ratio that is important. If the body is already low on salt (from drinking too much water), baking soda should not be taken everyday.

Just try taking it less frequently once the body has enough of it. For example take it once every 3 days or spacing the dose apart. Also be aware that the body needs 90% sea salt and 10% can be baking soda. To restore to normalcy, I just stop whatever I am eating, and go on a one day fast, drinking just water, with a tiny pinch of sea salt.