Treatments Helping, But Constipated

Posted by Tina (Bergen Co., NJ) on 07/08/2007

Hi Ted, ACV + baking soda + water has helped my bad acid' reflux (I seem to also have a hiatal hernia), but it has caused me to, first, become jittery and then very tired and dry-mouthed and constipated. It also helped me with my bad low back pain and allergies. (Bragg's brand) Sea salt used mainly in cooking, but also a bit in water a few times, also seemed to dehydrate me and leave me constipated. Clove oil made me very tired and constipated. Aloe vera juice made my mouth dry and also contributed to constipation.(George's brand) Even molasses left me tired and constipated. Even just baking soda and water seems to dehydrate me. Lastly, oil pulling using VCO, less than 1 Tbsp once per day for last 3 days along with alkalizing with 1/2 tsp baking soda before oil pulling and then again before bed, has also left me constipated and dry mouthed. I suffered from constipation in the past, but have not had problems for last 6-9 months or so because I've improved my diet (less sugar, processed food; I've never eaten much fried food). Please note that I've been fairly conservative with everything listed above. I tried these things separately to some degree and in small amounts (1/4 - 1/2 tsp ACV per day; 1/2 tsp aloe juice per day; 1-2 drops of clove oil per day - used clove oil alone, with no other therapies; 1/2 tsp baking soda before bed and before breakfast) I've lost several pounds unintentionally. The ACV and aloe juice seem to have a strong stimulant effect on me that reminds me of Sudafed/pseudoephedrine, which I haven't taken in years. Sudafed constipated me just like this. Magnesium doesn't seem to help, as I've tried dissolved pills with only a little success, molasses with no success, and prune juice with only a little success. Also, the "glow" from various therapies only lasts for one day. Then I'm left looking tired, albeit with less back pain, reflux, and allergies. Reflux/hernia is still my most pressing issue. thanks!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Tina: In event whatever you are doing caused you to become constipated, may have something to do with the delicate mineral imbalances and electrolytes imbalances.

One final one is a hormonal imbalance which manifests itself with lack of iodine and therefore some few tests I think can get you to the bottom of this. These are the tests that's needed:

1. Getting a pocket pH meter to measure the urinary pH.
2. Checking on blood sugar
3. Checking hair mineral analysis.
4. Hormone levels.

Those can reveal the exact cause as to what's causing the problem.

One other thing you did not try, is the potassium bicarbonate, which if the body's already low on that, can also lead to dehydration as well because the delicate electrolytes that should be observed. One other simple remedy that you did not mention is the whole whole freshly squeezed lime (8 teaspoon) plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, since the lime has higher levels of potassium. My guess is the dehydration issue has more to do with adrenal glandular functions and glandular imbalance. Therefore a vitamin B complex (two or three times a week) plus 500 mg of B5 and perhaps DHEA 12.5 mg once every other day may restore the constipation problems, in event of adrenal exhaustion or lack of adrenal functions.

Usually dehydration/hydration is governed by alkalinity, blood sugar problems, electrolyte imbalance, mineral imbalance or glandular functions. Most of the Western diet seems to go in to the acidity issue and most remedies usually deals with excess blood sugar and electrolyte imbalance (with exception of potassium which may exists more in the lime/bicarbonate remedies) and sea salt (if you measure it's pH should exceed 7.5) will deal with micromineral imbalances. What the remedy here is lacking appears to be glandular issues and the lack iodine problem, where the iodine foot painting could cover.

But for those people who are older, a glandular function (and hence iodine foot painting and kelp) is also indicated, since glandular functions are either imbalance or lacking due to free radicals, and glandular exhaustion.