Baby with Constipation

Posted by Ron on 06/28/2008

My sister has a baby boy and after 6 months is starting to eat food, and with that has become constipated for the past 6 days, I hope you have some insight on this problem, I don't know what to suggest or do. Let me know what you think. Thanks in advance.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Basically a very small pinch of sea salt and baking soda will help reduce constipation. Sometimes the digestive system if it lacks potassium can lead to constipation also.

Another possibility is a tiny pinch (such as 1/16 teaspoon of each) of potassium bicarbonate and baking soda mixed in a food will help too.

I have found that potassium bicarbonate or potassium citrate normalizes bowel movements and reduced the constipation. However, I can't quite possibly cover every factor causing constipation. One little known cause is dried foods, fried foods, for example can lead to constipation in babies. This is why baby foods are soup like in nature. We know quite a great deal about health aspect, but people don't reflect on what they have experienced. Interestingly common table salt leads to constipation, while sea salt doesn't. The reason may have been the additives such as aluminum silicate that's added in common table salt. This is why sea salt is generally substituted for common table salt. Lack of carbonates, which are poorly absorbed (calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate) pulls liquids towards the gut instead of drying. Fiber rich foods are poorly absorb and pulls moisture to some extent, and if digested food is not dry because there were plenty of liquids, then constipation won't occur.

The cause of constipation is usually acid forming food and lack of electrolyte imbalances. While popularly, lack of fibers in food leads to constipation, it's not the only factor that leads to constipation. Hence, baking soda, potassium bicarbonate, and fiber foods are most helpful.

It's important to realize that baby foods are generally soft and mushed up which prevents constipation. A baby won't have many teeth to chew on and hence a well chopped up food, with plenty of water added to the food will also help reduce constipation.

In the adult world, we eat too fast, don't chew enough. This leads to constipation too. But our own bad habits of eating acid forming foods, lack of bicarbonates, lack of potassium, don't drink enough water during eating are also the other cause. The differences between a baby and adults are few, the babies have fewer teeth and can't chew, while some adults are in a hurry. So the constipation is for different reasons, but the results are the same.

Perhaps gelatin or agar may also maintain proper moisture of the gut and prevent drying and hence, enough lubrication exists that it won't cause constipation. Since coconut oil is poorly absorbed, adding a tiny amount of coconut oil will act as intestinal lubricant to prevent constipation.