Mother with Colon Cancer, Has Spread to Liver and Lungs

Posted by P. on 01/07/2009

hi. i live in england and aim desperately seeking some advice. My mum's doctors don't haven't really given her any advice so i decided to search elsewhere. my mum has colon cancer, which has spread to her liver and lungs. She has lost lots of weight, it's horrible to see (cachexia).

I give her barley grass, oxygen elements max drops, alkaline water drops. i am trying to make her body more alkaline and with more oxygen (hence the 'drops').

She has also cut out most sugar and reduced her carbs. she eats mainly low GI foods and is eating healthy foods now, such as more veg. She is having less sat fats, less refined carbs, not too much dairy or meats.

the tablets we have are: omega 3 tablets, proteolytic enzymes, blue-green algae tablets, calcium & vit d tablets. I also give her Acidophilus Bifidus complex tablets. she also has Betaine HCl tablets. we have used Astragalus tablets to help her immune system. She now takes Ultra Ceps tablets and has used Cell Rejuvenate drops. She doesn't take all these tablets at the same time. We alternate after a few weeks. I have just purchased Holy Tea to try help get rid of some toxins etc.

She has diarrhhoea, regularly and goes to the loo, 4/5 times on some days. I have also ordered "Barley Power" tablets from America and will soon try the Budwig diet.

She has had 8 lots of chemo in 2 cycles. The 1st lot, shrunk the cancer in her liver and lungs. The 2nd lot shrunk her cancer in her liver a bit, but i know that's normal.


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A good remedy against cachexia is vitamin B50 or B complex at 50 mg each taken between 2 or 3 times a day. Most of the sanguinaria tinctures given in drops 2-3 taken 3 or 4 times a day will reduce or digest most of the tumors. The key to prevent spread is BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) 1500 mg a day. Whenever a body cannot consume b complex it is given by tubes or using straws. In an extreme case, it's given rectally.