Mother with Massive Colon Tumor (part 2)

Posted by Y. on 05/08/2009

Dear Ted, I hope this finds you and your family in the best of health. I'm extremely grateful to you for all your selfless assistance. And I'm amazed by the straight logic of your approach. It cuts straight through the web of lies.

I was able to get three 1oz bottles of 40% bloodroot from the USA, purchased from Ojibwa to be exact. I had it sent overnight express, and began to ease my mother into the full dosage and schedule that you prescribed within 48 hours. I watched for any signs of serious upset after beginning with five drops, and raised the dose to ten drops, five times a day.

From her very first time I noticed that she experienced sharp pains right at the point of the tumor, in the cecum, by the ileum. I took this as an indication of medicinal action, and not toxicity. Her intense pains continued, but no other alarming signs. Incidentally, after her first day of the full dosage, she experienced far less pain through the night. And for the first time in over three months her stool was closer to solid. The tumor was measured at 8 x 8 cm, effectively blocking the colon; swollen glands were also found in the area. We did not go back to the hospital for any further tests, particularly since they were pressuring her to go in for immediate surgery, and although she refused to sign papers permitting them to operate immediately if they found malignancy, we decided to forge ahead with the bloodroot, and forgo all the tests. All the other substances you prescribed are still in transit. But I've had her on very strong cinnamon tea, which she has enjoyed. There isn't much she's been able to digest. But her appetite seems to be better after a few days on the bloodroot and cinnamon, with bicarbonate of soda and apple cider vinegar, cornmeal, and no gluten.

I have a few serious questions to ask you:

1) How long should I continue to give my mother the bloodroot?
2) Will there be any signs to watch for that indicate success and healing?
3) How many drops of the fungicide should I administer, and how many times per day, precisely how, and for how long a duration of time?

Thank you very much, Ted. Again, I am extremely grateful to you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Y:

Thanks, most other websites has an lot of lies, and the remedy I posted are tried and tested, and the approach is straightforward, without resorting to the kitchen sink approach, which generally can work against you.

1) How long should I continue to give my mother the bloodroot?

It's taken as long as the tumor is no longer there. Usually it can be seen, felt when massaging whether tumor is there or not. Tumor leads to constipation. The average time taken for bloodroot to have an effect in removing most tumors is only about 2 weeks. Thereafter we take it as an only as needed basis whenever there is a tumor coming back again.

2) Will there be any signs to watch for that indicate success and healing?

The key is normal bowel movement and no pain. Magnesium helps too. Lack of appetite is low hydrochloric acid. I used 35% Hydrochloric acid in a dropper bottle, 5 drops per glass of water, taken during or after meals. If loss of appetite, it's taken before meal. Most people I know seems to liked it so much, they took between 10-15 drops per glass. The hydrochloric acid works in digesting the tumor also, but not as significant as a bloodroot, but hydrochloric acid drops is the only known remedy (along with vitamin B complex, in particular B6 hydrochloride) that is reverses the cachexia, which is the loss of appetite experienced in many cancer victims. The theory is very simple. If the hydrochloric acid is depleted it is used to fight off or digest the tumor, so the body is lacking, then it causes the body to loose appetite. It works like hydrazine sulfate as in cachexia, but without the fancy chemical names, where just restoring the body's normal electrolytes and hydrochloric acid will do the trick. This is an important remedy.

3) How many drops of the fungicide should I administer, and how many times per day, precisely how, and for how long a duration of time?

The fungicide, as in the ones I have tested only is the Amistar which contains azoxystrobin, works fairly fast, the drops it usually between 2-4 drops 4 times a day in 1/2 glass or 1 glass of water. It works well for liver cancer, and kidney cancer, but it is lower acting on the tumor of the intestines, but it does work too, although not as well as sanguinaria.

A clove tea works fine too, like cinnamon tea. As a tip, in case of emergencies, I where immediate attention is required, a clove shots, which is like 2-5 drops of clove oil mixed with beer also works also if the person is weak or cancer becomes somewhat metastatic. To prevent metastatic, it's unavoidable to use BHT to stop the metastasis. Usually the first dose of 1500 mg does it, but I prefer to use 2 dose, as in 1500 mg x 2.


p.s. Thanks for the feedback and sorry about late response. Domestic problems here is preventing my access to the computer."

05/13/2009: Y. writes, "Dear Ted, I forgot to mention that my mother's original pain (that drove her to the hospital) is now GONE.. She has a bit of pain that is localized at the site of the tumor.. some headaches now after taking the drops... But she looks like a NEW person, much better, and FAR BETTER mood... She has been (she was) incredibly irritable.. She still feels weak, a bit, but I think that will improve with increased attention to her recuperation.. I'd say we have just under one more week of the bloodroot to do... More later, and as always, THANK YOU, from the depth of our heart (my mother's too! Especially my mother--she asks for you all the time!)"

05/13/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies, "I am very happy to hear of improvement in massive tumor and usually the tumor goes away mostly within the second week, there will small localized tumor I am sure at that stage and tumor generally shrinks very quickly with just drops of bloodroot tincture by 50% within 3-4 days and small pockets on the second or third week. I have also explored the use of fungicide as well using the azostrobins that seems to have a broader impact should cancer goes to the kidney, pancreas and other surround areas and is effectively suppressed within 1 day. The irritation or improved psychological well being after the bloodroot is due to reduced toxicity of the tumor which generates that, and when those are reduced the irritation felt by the person is also reduced. In fact in most psychologically distressed people its very much due to the toxins that caused the problem rather than the person itself. With that in mind, a gamut of remedy I have developed just to deal with that problems alone.

In any case some alkalization especially of potassium citrate, baking soda, at 1/2 teaspoon in 1/2 glass of water on empty stomach each may further helped in reduction of tumor size, taken twice or three times a day. Potassium citrate are generally antifungal and hence anti cancer in general also and does reduce some pain.

It has to be emphasized that weakness comes after a meal in cancer people and if at least 4 or 5 drops of hydrochloric acid (it's usually sold in a chemical or scientific supplly store, either internet or from even a school supply store - science department as a concentrated HCl) will very quickly increase the energy level in matter of minutes, at the very least. The 4 or 5 drops is usually added in a full glass of water, and drank through a straw quickly enough, and drank of any convenience of any amount a person fells comfortable with. The Hydrochloric aid works like the body's batteries, much like a car battery, and you can definitely feel the sudden vitalization after taking this, more more than vinegar, apple cider vinegar, or other electrolytes.

The other remedy to help with the weaknesses is the methylene blue, whose concentration is 0.1%. The methylene blue sold in aquarium are frequently 1% so it has to be dilute by 9 volumes of water, whereby only 3 drops twice a day also helps increase the body's energy level.

If the body's energy level is increase, either hydrochloric acid or methylene blue or both, the body's immune response is also increased. Practically speaking if Hydrochloric aicd can't be obtain, then a vitamin B6, pyridxoine hydrochloride, between 100-500 mg, plus thiamine hydrochloride B1 250-500, and some B50 to help balance ouf the rest of the vitamin Bs should be a good substitute. Also vitamin C is helpful in healing of the intestinal condition is important. Tumor cancer of the intestines most common problems that needs to be monitored is appetite, constipation, and energy level after eating. Exposure to chlorinated showers during bath must be avoided, as cancer is induced this way from chlorine exposure. To prevent this sort of problem I may have to prepare a sodium thiosulfate 10% solution, or just buy a bag of sodium thiosulfate crystals, then dilute them to a dropper bottle with distilled water. And take a couple of drops initially, so the body could initially get used to it and detox himself. In any case once the body is detoxed, and has gotten used to it after a day, a larger dose can be taken BEFORE taking a bath, such as one rice grain crystals of sodium thiosulfate dissolved in a 1/2 glass of water.

It should be noted that tumors regress significantly and at the time I hadn't been able to obtain the bloodroot, a very frequent dose of sea salt, 1/2 teaspoon in 1/2 glass of water taken 4 times a day helps a lot also. At least there was less agressiveness of tumor. Whichever is done, bloodroot tincture is the one that is most responsible fro the tumor reduction in size very quickly.

I am sure this brief description of massive intestinal tumor is not detailed enough as I would like, but some understanding of these is essential as cancer cachexia is one of those things that there is no cure that's announced by the officials, but these regularly are cured with just hydrochloric acid drops dissolved in a glass of water, or any vitamin Bs with hydrochloric acid attached, as in thiaminine hydrochloride, or pryidoxine hydrochloride, or both, or even with the vitamin B complex. Interestingly if the person cannot even open their mouth to take these sort of tablets a straw with a drops of HCl dissolved in a glass of water, the person will find it to their satisfaction. Even in a worse case scenaria where a person absolutely refuse to intake any liquids, the same solution with similar concentration can be taken from an enema is also possible too, or even a very weak solution is also applied to the skin every 5 minutes about 3 or 4 times.

Mind you I have to repeat that a person must avoid milk, yogurt, mushroom, potatoes, undergound plants (as in peanuts) most fermented products must be avoided, otherwise the cancer comes back in full force and needs to be reminded constantly. In theory, corn meal may have some antifungal properties, but that I have to do further tests and observation. A corn meal powder, gluten free is taken directly 1 teaspoon once a day or twice a day may reduce fungal toxins that initiate the tumor by suppressing harmful fungus that tends to grow in the intestinal area and in a few cases, reduced gases and flatulence is seen on taking corn meal powder, but this observation needs to be still explored.


Replied by Jacinto
S. C., San Cristobal, Dominican Republic

Dear Y:

I'm almost starting a cancer treament with one of my relatives. I'm going to use, if it is the will of God, azoxystrobin and bloodroot. I saw you are using these two remedies for your mother. Is your mother having some progress? Which of these remedies is giving the best results? Are you using both of them at the same time? How do you use the azoxystrobin (Do you have it in powder or in liquid form) Do you have something about this experience you would like to share? Thanks for your appreciated comments.


Replied by Serlinia

Dear Ted,

I have a friend who has colon cancer she's been on chemotherapy lately and her doctor stopped giving her medecines. Her tumor spreads to other parts of her body. She wants to try natural cure. I suggested she takes moringa powder capsule and power 7. It is a combination of 7 herbs powder form, garlic, cinnamon, turmeric, mustard, nutmeg, cayenne, and moringa. Also , she has alkaline capsules drop in mineral water which makes her water turned to ph 9. I'm I giving her the natural remedy to help her colon cancer ? Where can I order bloodroot tincture ? Thank you so much Ted!