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Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 07/06/2011

Hi Ted, I've been reading your cancer cure statements on Earth clinic's websites and wanted to ask for your advice. I've been hearing positives and negatives about DSMO, especially of the use by people with liver cancer (which can swell into the stomach or other sensitive regions) and diabetics. My grandmother is 73 years old, approx 110 lbs. She is suffering from three years of colon cancer metastasized to the liver. The colon cancer has been taken away through surgery, but the cancer in the liver has formed into numerous tumors throughout her liver. She has exhausted all chemo options and about two months ago, she went through a radiation process which put radioactive capsules with chemo in them through a major artery going to the left side of her liver to help stifle tumor growth...we are still waiting to see if this worked and doctors have. After that procedure, she's had a hard time recovering and since then has been in a weak state mentally and physically and hasn't been able to eat in a while, so she has had massive weight loss and is experiencing the symptoms of malnutrition (weakness, fatigue, disorientation, forgetfulness, staring/unresponsive) and so we admitted her to the hospital to get a TPN and stomach tube to give her food. the doctors that did the radioactive treatment said that she's too weak to get the right side done and have basically given up and started her with Hospice to make her comfortable for the next step of life... But thanks to the feeding tube, we can at least treat the malnutrition aspect of the illness which is giving her strength to fight the cancer and we're happy that she's been more alert and having some conversation. Me and my sister started adding liquid vit C (1000mg) to her feeding tube about 3 times a day (want to work up to 8 times eventually and add other nutrients). Is this enough? She also has thrush on her tongue and the doctors are trying to treat it with nystatin, but we've also been putting a 200 billion count pro biotic in the vit c mix, to try to help that...but we had to stop that last night since they gave her another round of antibiotics to treat an infection she got from either the feeding tube outlet or the port that they were using for the TPN (this is the port that she's had for a long time that they administered her chemo through - so the doctors think it's that).

As far as following the cancer diet, we begged the doctors to give her a formula with NO sugar, but they refuse....the TPN and feeding tube formulas both contain dextrose I believe..i'm not sure how much at the moment...they say that this is counteracted with insulin (since she's also diabetic), which doesn't make sense to me since the formula is made to order they say...why add the sugar!?

So once she gets home, we will have more control of what to feed her...what kind of diet do you suggest for her? I have also been reading information on various websites especially this one about the protocal 2000 method which seems to use calcium and sulfur elements. Here's the link: Now I'm confused on what she she use.

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DMSO for some caused liver to swell, true, but aloe very added to DMSO will prevent such swelling. The appetite is prevented by Hydrochloric acid concentrated at 4 drops per glass and digestive enzymes. The more frequent is given, the better the appetite pattern. All foods must be ketogenic diet, with is no sugar, that includes dextrin, maltodextrins, etc. There is exception for xylitol, but NO aspartame, companies keep adding this and that caused diabetes. The liver support is mostly B complex B50, and is given only a week. The long term Bs, are B6, B2, B12, but it is B3 she needs the most, niacinamide, not niacin.
You can add vitamin C ascorbic acid only, every hour until her conditions improve. The liver needs vitamin C to support liver function. Vitamin B3 is the 250, ten times a day, is another one. Selenium yeast 200 mg twice to three times a day, usually 200 mcg twice a day, these three supplements are required in high amount, and the digestive enzymes and Hydrochloric acid, or betaine Hydrochloric acid are the key to get out of cachexia. Which is the focus.


Anonymous replies to Ted "Thank you Ted for the information. My grandmother actually passed away July 22nd, but we just found out that her brother may have bone cancer so we're still waiting on the test results and may have to use your regime on him.

I thought about having him drink the juice from fruit and vegetables, but I think that the only way to make it taste better is the fruit and since you say not to eat sugar, I suppose this remedy wouldn't work? I usually add limes and lemons to the juice to make it palatable."

Ted responds to Anonymous: "Carrot juice and green apple juice (freshly squeeze) have some properties of anticancer although the hypoglycemic effect will last about 2 weeks, this will be just fine. Bone cancer you need strontium chloride or strontium carbonate, from my experience these two worked just fine, but needs Lugol's iodine as much as possible. The lysine, threonine and green tea extract or tannic acid prevents the cancer from metastasis. Preventing the cancer from metastasis is easiest to do, all you have to take is these and it will stopped in three days, if you follow the protocol, which is lysine 1/3 teaspoon (you need a little bit more in bone cancer), threonine (1/4 teaspoon), hourly for four hours, in the morning and in evening hourly for four hours. This is done for at least 3 days. It's really easy to stop metastatic cancer, but there is rules, no sugar and no vegetable oils, especially sugar from fructose and ribose. The one thing is some people will have swells and some chilling effect on the first or second days as the body tries to fend off the invading virus that causing the cancer. Most cancer I seen is viral but there are fungus (aspergillis), the fungus aspergillis is easily killed with hydrogen peroxide, but not viral type cancer in preventing cancer metastasis. You don't need tests for this but if you do, I always get this pattern anyway. Besides lysine and threonine alone will work against cancer viral and cancer fungus. Most bone cancer may need vitamin K2, vitamin D3, magnesium, borax, and perhaps sodium silicate too.

Homeopathy has silica compounds in all homeopathic solutions and that's why they work, it stabilizes them, but then not all homeopathy solutions work when they are added to lactose sugar, because silica, boron found in them are rather limited.

Since bone cancers results varies on location, such as leg bone cancer is furthest from the body, you really need a topical solutions to reduce it. The best solution I can come up with (that work the best) is DMSO 60%, castor oil 20%, clove oil 5%, aloe vera oil 5%, lugols 10%, should do just fine.