Alternative Meds for Colon Cancer

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 10/08/2011

Hi Ted, Just found the site of Earth Clinic folk remedies. My dad was diagnosed with colon cancer with mets to liver on June of 2010. Could not start chemo due to insurance problems. During July and Dec of 2010. I read up on alternative meds. I started him on Essiac Tea and also B17. His CEA in JUNE of 2010 was 495. Before Chemo in Dec 2010 it was 184. He started Avastin chemo thru the port and i was still giving him Essiac Tea and apricot seeds with carrot juice daily. In March of 2011 his CEA was down to 40.00. In May 1, 2011 he had a bowel perforation and had to have a colostomy. Doctor said his tumor did the perforation that it shrunk and made a hole. Well in June of 2011 his CEA level went down to 36.6. Oncologist started him on Xeloda this August of 2011. I stopped the essiac tea and put him on Protocel 50 in August of 2011. His CEA level went up to 146 this Aug of 2011. He recently had a intestinal blockage and it cleared on its own at the hospital. he was throwing up green bile and also his stool was green. He was discharged the 27 of Aug 2011. He was still feeling nauseated and would throw up but not green stuff. His bowels are back to normal and color. He has not been throwing up but still feels nauseated on and off. i am still giving him Protocel, and will start xeloda treatment again the end of Oct or Nov. My question is: Can i still give protocel 50 with Xeloda pills and also should i start the apricot seeds and also what about taking Essiac Tea.

He will have another CEA done this Monday 10 of Sept 2011. What alternative meds should i continue with Xeloda and what would you recommend. Please when you have time. Let me know your thoughts on this.

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The Protocel actually don't work when you compare it to Essiac tea and apricot seeds or even Lugols. The protocel makes people nauseate and it doesn't help their appetite in stage 3 and stage 4 people. It works fine in stage 1 or maximum of stage 2. He needs more like milk thistle, B50, and digestive enzyme, and especially vitamin C every hour (ascorbic acid only) for 10 hours at 500 mg each, should be ok within the day, and a vitamin B3 500 mg given at night with melatonin 20 mg. I don't recommend my clients to use protocel in general because the electrical charge are low negative numbers and this can be a problem, as it supports certain cancer cell growth and may cause certain cases CEA to go up. I see too many death to support Protocel.