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Cervical Cancer Detection Options at Home?

Posted by Glenda on 03/14/2007

Ted, I cannot thank you enough for all your knowledge you have imparted in your emails. A long time ago i read about a self at home test for cancer: collect your first morning urine, in a hard plastic clear cup, place a tissue over it, and let it stand for 8 hours, then place it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, examine the cup, if it shows a waxy ring on inside circumference, then a possibiltiy exists one has a cancer in his system. Have you heard of this? Are you aware of any home procedures or self administered tests one can apply to see the possibilities of cancer in one's own body? Best, Glenda

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Glenda: Actually the Africans have a way of curing ovarian or cervical cancer by putting plain vinegar applied topically. When vinegar contacts cancer cells, it turns to white, and somewhat waxy substances too. Actually those white waxy substances are viral coating being dissolved. Cancer usually is a viral issue, and it has several weaknesses, acetates, acetic acid, fat emulsifiers, many of these dissolves waxy coating protecting them and killing them.

You can do a similar "cancer tests" using vinegar.

People are beginning to discover that alkalizing is actually the first steps toward killing the virus by increasing the oxygen and at the same time reducing free radicals as the body becomes more alkalized. There is a whole range of alkaline buffers that the body can use as a defense mechanism against cancer such as citrates (lemon + baking soda), malates and acetates (apple cider vinegar plus baking soda), bicarbonates (in form of potassium and sodium).

Replied by Lisa
Colorado Springs, Co, Usa

Ted, I have a mango-sized hard lump in my tummy but have no pain or other symptoms that might tell me if it is cancerous or not. Do you know of a way to identify if a person truly has cancer? Is there such a way? If not, what is the best way to find out if cancer is present? (Is the only way to go to a conventional medical doctor?)