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Posted by S. (USA) on 10/10/2010

Dear Ted,

My grandsons' mother has stage IV cervical cancer, she had her thyroid removed several years ago and has had colitis for many years. She went through radiation and chemo last winter but it got worse and when they tried to operate a week and a half ago they found it had spread too much, she is very thin and on morphine.

I wrote to Vincent Gammill and his response was: “The single best tool that I know of for SCC cervical cancer is benzaldehyde in cyclodextrin. Other tools with merit include tannic acid and lupeol.”

I purchased the tannic acid at a wine making shop and will mix it with equal parts sorbitol, xylitol or erythritol depending on which is available at the health food store. I also got Saw Palmetto, which from what I could find is a good source of lupeol. I still haven't figured out how on earth I could get the benzaldehyde in cyclodextrin (I assume that would be beta-cyclodextrin-benzaldehyde or CDBA), so will go with the other for now. I am also getting her many of the other supplements you mention on the earthclinic site.

I told her if I were her I would cut out sugar and do a low carb diet, but I'm not sure what she should eat with the colitis as she has problems with vegetables.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear S. Chemotherapy and conventional cancer treatment are between 2 to 4% successful in treatment of cancer, while this number is much larger when treated with alternative natural methods, usually by a factor of 5 to 10. The treatment time to get improvement in alternative is also much faster, usually between 3 days to maximum of two weeks. The second thing you need to know is a blood sugar below 90 mg/dL is close to 97% if they are equal or below this level. Most standard blood sugar considered "normal" is 100 to 110 mg/dL. Unfortunately this is not really standard, They keep increasing the numbers, as more people are diabetic and obese. Hence standards are naturally "lifted". A long time ago, a good blood sugar is 80 to 90 mg/dL. Therefore I used this figure. The other thing is doctors use a 12 hour blood glucose fasting. I don't. I use it to test blood sugar averages, hence is taken after meals 1 hour. This is because cancer tend to metastasizes NOTICEABLY AFTER 2 hour eating something, with high sugar intake such as bananas, yogurt (the one's with the sugar), coconut milk, etc.
If she has difficulty eating vegetables, there is vegetable juice, made from broccolli (they block estrogen that promotes cancer), cabbages, carrot, onion and green apples, being my favorite. It is freshly prepared for the juices and taken throughout the day.

As for benzaldehyde with cyclodextrin, it is a 70% cyclodextrin mix with benzaldehyde, or a 50/50 mix, where we use 1/16 teaspoon which is roughly 1 drops equivalent and taken with meals throughout the day. I wouldn't worry about the beta cyclodextrin, for all practical purposes. The active component is the benzaldehyde, the other parts simply helps assimilate and helps reduce some irritation with the use of benzaldehyde, which is found in almonds and apricot anyway.

I told her if I were her I would cut out sugar and do a low carb diet, but I'm not sure what she should eat with the colitis as she has problems with vegetables.

A low carb and low protein diet is the main focus here, so we can use vegetable juice, apples, carrots, onions, for example instead. Vegetable issues maybe from the fibers and hard to eat, so a juice is prepared. At least initially. It's most important to add potassium citrate small amounts to displace sodium in cancer cells, as well as addition of malic acid (in apples, or pure malic acid). The amount is only 1/8 teaspoon once or twice a day. it is essential that lysine amino acid and glutamine amino acid is added, at 1/2 teaspoon powder at least taken 3 times a day, ideally 4 to 5 times a day, if need be. This increases immune system against cancer and tends to double the white blood cell count.

As for tannic acid, sorbitol alone would do fine. There is something easier then benzaldehyde if their taste are too strong, such as d limonene or orange peel or or lemon peel oil, which is actually d limonene and has some anticancer properties. It is most important for a person who has thyroid remove and most cancer IV (to take thyroid supplements and lugol's solution 1/4 strength at least 1 to 2 drops once for twice a day. It is also important that digestive enzymes, no calcium is taken with meals three times a day and plus one more before sleep. It will digest the cance cells. Absolutely no calcium supplements is used.

There is a lot of disinformation on cancer lately, one was to promote the use of peppers, which unfortunately tends to worsen the condition. You can't use this. They actually make books that covers curing cancer just by reducing stress only. The focus are too narrow and don't work. A holistic approach is vital. Potassium is needed, especially those which supports the Kreb's cycle, as in potassium acetate, malate, citrate kinds. These "switches" from glycolysis to aerobic. I am increasingly using more malates. A potassium malte is prepared with a reaction of potassium carbonate with a malic acid. This reduces cellular hypoxia, and then it switches to non glycolysis. A gluconate form of potassium is an "oxidized" glucose form, which is seen as a waste product by cancer and hence is not use, and can be safely added in the form of potassium gluconate or magnesium gluconate also. THe gluconate blocks the cancer glycolysis, a fermentative processes.

Most important of all in cancer remedy (at least Ted's remedy) is to measure blood sugar levels with some electronic devices that measures that, at least at below normal blood sugar level as in 100 to 105, but I prefer 90 mg/dL, as this one is better studied, at having 97% survivability. Hence sugar in foods, at least glucose, can be added, if need be at below 2% in a water, to help energy after a detox, vomiting, or diarrhea. Magnesium chloride is what I used to encourage a diarrhea or laxative effect in place of the more popular but difficult to use coffee enemas, which averages about 20 drops three times a day. If weakness after diarrhea or bowel movement is quite possible to add glucose, one level teaspoon per 250 cc of water, and drink only 1/3 of it, then wait perhaps 30 minuts and drink another 1/3 of that, to give energy. But at low concentration, of below or equal 2% it gives too little opportunity to feed cancer and not drink the entire contents at one time and taken gradually only to help if weakness is seen after a diarrhea, I believe this is the safest way to consume them, for the time being.


Replied by Susan
Sydney, N.s.w Australia

Hi Ted, can you please simplify the cervical cancer protocol I found it very confusing. I would realy appreciate it so so much.

Thank you yours kindly, Susan.

Replied by Pebble
Atlanta, Ga

Hi, my mom has been diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer. Years ago she had her thyroid removed, although being very active and thin until her 50s, after the thyroid issues she couldn't lose weight. She is 69. The doctors recommend radiotherapy followed by chemotherapy. I would very much appreciate if you could suggest supplements. Thanks,

Replied by Mike62
Denver, CO

Pebble: For the thyroid she can try desiccated porcine thyroid glandular. Many people have recovered from everything under the twinkling stars going raw paleo. She can eat raw grass fed hamburger, raw pastured eggs, desiccated liver, colostrum, and non denatured whey. Paleo requires low carbs. This can be explained by cellular biologists. For vegetable she can take barley grass juice powder. Supplements she can take are skate liver oil, unrefined sea salt, and CBD oil. Take 1/2ml every 10 days from 1oz bottle cherry flavored 1500mg CBD oil. This company makes theirs from the flowers of organically grown Canadian hemp.